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Adsense Question

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by legoandfrogmom, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. legoandfrogmom New Member


    If you use adsense, can I ask do you get paid for ad VIEWS or just when they click on the ad?

    If you do get paid for page views alone, approximately how much do you get paid for each page view or ten page views, or what?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Converse Active Member


    Site owners get paid for clicks, and they are pretty good at figuring out when someone has cheated. -- more info

  3. particle1 New Member


    Adsense is PPC. There are alternatives out there that pay per impressions (CPM). I'm testing a few of these now on my own sites.

  4. tasha New Member


    Adsense is good if you are on a website with many users. This way the entire website gets paid and you receive a percentage if the reader clicks on your ad. You can change your settings with adsense on google to allow for more ad space and you might get some money out of 1 ad if you have 5. The best way to monetise your site is to add as many affiliate links as you possibly can without it looking like your site is an advertisement for ads. Each one gives you a percentage and another way to do it is to get as many users or subscribers as possible, so that you have lots of traffic in the hopes of a big company wanting to advertise on your page.

  5. Converse Active Member


    The ad that will show up first in your AdSense tower is the one that has bid the most. If you really want your sites to look less spammy, and cleaner, allot only one small space to AdSense, choose colors that blend in well with your site, and the one ad that shows up will be the one that has bid the most, and is consequently the one that you will get the best return from.

  6. jade870 New Member


    I have a question about Google AdSense , I recently did an application in regards to the advertisements I put on my blog. And I awaited the confirmation e-mail from Google AdSense. But when I got the e-mail that I was expecting it said that they were unable to process my application due to a broken link or my site being down. Then when I went back and looked I realize that the site that I had put my advertisements on with Google AdSense had been deleted. So now I am having a problem changing the URL in my Google AdSense account which is not really a count as of yet when I open my e-mail to this it takes me to eight update page with my old address that was on my old site. Is there anybody out there that understands what I'm trying to explain? If so how can I fix this this is been a problem for me for many weeks now. I would be open to any advise that anybody had on this particular matter.

  7. Converse Active Member


    After you log into your Google AdSense account, you should see a small icon that looks like a gear in the upper right side of the screen, between your email address and another icon that looks like a bell. Click on the gear icon. It will pop up a box with four options. Choose the one that says "settings" and click on it.

    You will then see a menu on the left side of the screen, which includes:

    Personal settings
    Site management

    Ad display

    Access and authorization

    Click on "Site management" and you will get to a page where you can add additional sites. Add you correct domain for your site. Then click the box to the left of the incorrect one, and click the "Remove" button.

  8. jade870 New Member


    Yes I understand that but the problem is when I try login into my Google AdSense account it takes me to a update page. SO I am thinking that that my AdSense account is not yet approved as of yet the only thing I can long into to and see is my Google account. I would be happy to send a screen shot of what this looks like and what I am talking about but I don't think that is allowed on this site here. When it takes me to the update page for Google AdSense there is no place to make any changes to anything.

  9. Converse Active Member


    Screen shots can be added to posts here if they are hosted elsewhere, but I wouldn't recommend it if it includes any sensitive information. You would click the "Image" icon and enter the link to the image. I think it will allow you to anyhow. It's possible that it will view a link to an image as a link and hold you to the 20-post minimum. I don't really know.


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