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Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by toradrake, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    I just read this article written by Frederick Vallaeys who monitored a focus group for Google and he had some interesting insights on adwords.

    1. Automation Fosters Creativity
    2. Sparse Data Is No Roadblock To Quantitative Account Management
    3. Shopping Ads Are a Different Beast
    4. Don’t Ignore The Power of Your Brand
    5. Manage Expectations
    Here is a link to the article.

    What I Learned In AdWords Can Help You

  2. Jason76 Member


    A person needs a large budget to use Adwords. In that case, a large startup is essential. However, the startup for Adwords is much less than what is needed to set up a McDonalds. Compare a couple of thousand dollars to half a million.

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  3. DirtRider New Member


    I gave them a go on my one site but as @Jason76 mentioned you really need to put a lot of cash into this if you want any real returns on it. So I suppose for a commercial business site you would be able to do so. As a hobbies and running personal sites you just not able to get any real value out of it at all, well as far as I experienced anyway.

    For us that are running on a fixed budget it sure is getting more difficult to get your site out there and possibly obtain a decent ranking so you able to get enough traffic coming to your site. It seems there really are short cuts for us other than trying to get a good core group together that will post relevant and interesting content to attract new members.

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  4. rabst New Member


    Maybe I'm a bit of an old-timer about this, but are you responders (@DirtRider & @Jason76 ) sure you're not thinking of AdSense?

    Back when I was trying to sca-- 'make money' with ads next to my content, AdWords was the name of the 'buying-end' of the deal (people wanted to buy ads for Google to distribute, they went to AdWords); AdSense was where we content-providers went to sign up FOR FREE to make money by adding some code to our blogs and sharing our audience with the paying advertisers.

    (I'm sure you know that; it's just that a) no one mentioned it and b) I wanted to make sure we know both sides of the coin.)

    It's similar to 'advertising on TV': you're not trying to "convince anyone of anything" so much as you're trying to 'be on people's minds when they think of the type of product (which you just happen to provide).'


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