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Affiliate Products or Sell Your Own

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by jdroc, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Scorp Member


    You're absolutely right, except, I don't think Fiverr is that popular. I mean, they are, but not that much.

    I often meet people that are trying or are making money online, and Fiverr is one of the things I mention when I'm asked stuff like, "How can I make money online?" or, "How can I make money fast?"

    And I've come to find out that a lot of people - who are actually in this MMO game - have never even heard of Fiverr. And even less about Fiverr alternatives/clones. And these are people you'd expect to know it. And then, what about All of the other people who work offline and stuff, you think they heard about it?

    Fiverr is popular, I agree with that, but not as much as one would think (based on my experience).

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  2. Billy New Member


    Hmmm...that's surprising. I know a short time ago Fiverr would have been considered a new site to most, but I thought that within the past 6 months or so that would have changed. I'm seeing them advertise a lot, and I'm pretty sure that they even have a commercial right now too. That's likely why they've increased their gigs from $5 to $5.50, so that they can afford their new advertising costs.

  3. Scorp Member


    They've increased their gigs? Seriously?

    I actually find it Ridiculous how much Fiverr takes for every gig. They take $1 out of $5, so that only leaves one with $4 of profit per gig. And on top of that, when you withdraw your money you also pay Paypal fees. They should at least have the courtesy to pay the Paypal fees, considering how much money they're stealing from you.

    I understand them taking a cut for their services, advertising, hosting, staff, etc. But to take 20% of your earnings, I find that unacceptable...

    Honestly, that's not to say that I won't use Fiverr one of these days to list some gigs and see if I can make some money on there, but that's just because there's so much traffic there.

    For example, I make my living with Transcription, so I'll probably create a transcription gig on there. But not so that I can keep on working from their platform, but so that I can hopefully get some clients and then after they buy a few of my gigs try to get them off of Fiverr and cooperate with them directly - effectively cutting out the middle man - Fiverr - and keeping all the profits to myself.

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  4. Billy New Member


    Yeah, I think it's a really greedy move. First of all, their name is Fiverr, not Fiverrfiftier, and secondly, I feel that it pisses a lot of people off, the sellers and the buyers. The buyers, because they are going through the ordering process assuming that it's $5.00 and then they find out all of a sudden that it's $5.50, and the sellers, because they weren't told about it either, and it will affect their business. I think that it would have been a better move to have sent out a heads up to the past buyers as well as the sellers, because as far as I know, no one had the faintest idea, until someone went to order and then complained. Maybe that's why Fiverr are offering so many promotions lately, because business has died down.

  5. Scorp Member


    Yeah exactly, Fiverr is five. Even though there are the higher paying add ons for gigs, you should be able to get a gig on Fiverr for Five dollars.

    Anyway, I just wanted to confirm this, it's $5.50 per gig. I was asked by a friend to buy a gig of his a few days ago so that I rate his gig after he completes it. Well, I paid $5.50 for this gig...

    I don't think business is dying down, I just think that they're getting greedy. I mean, supposedly they're spending that money to promote and advertise the site, which in return would, I guess, bring in more clients for sellers, and make more money for all.

    But, even if that's what they say, what's to say that a large amount of that money isn't just making profit for someone, whatever, the owners of Fiverr, shareholders, or whatever...

    Anyway, I don't like it, but I don't know what exactly they're doing with that money, so I can't really say much.

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  6. Billy New Member


    But, I could see this greedy move costing them business. I for one, dislike it when a company decides to, out of the blue, add an extra charge to something, especially when they call it a "processing fee", it's just an excuse to get more money, and I don't like that. Even if a business is good, a lot of the time, I will decide to go somewhere else, out of spite, and I could imagine others doing the same thing.

  7. Scorp Member


    @Billy I agree, I'm the same way.

    And especially in this case, I was already annoyed because I feel that taking $1 out of every $5 is too much. Why take so much? It's not like they have to really do anything...

    And on top of that, the sellers have to pay the Paypal fees when withdrawing money, so that cuts even more into people's profits.

    And now with this extra charge, surely some customers will go elsewhere to get their work done, so even less profit for the sellers.

    So yeah, Fiverr made a mistake there if you ask me. However, they know that they are the largest such marketplace on the internet, so basically they can do whatever they want to do, and there's not much anyone can do to change that.

    Maybe sellers and generally people that make money online should make like a union, and then boycott sites when they misbehave :D hahaha

  8. Billy New Member


    Totally. I'm hearing a lot about SEOClerks lately, before I don't think they were taken seriously, because Fiverr was the king, but I think because of this situation, SEOClerks could definitely become some good competition for them. I've heard some people say things like, "Who cares, it's only .50", but people don't like change, especially when it's done without warning. I think a lot of people may stop using Fiverr out of spite, the next time that I use a service like this I'll definitely be checking out SEOClerks.

  9. Scorp Member


    Honestly, I've never used any of these sites. Well, except Fiverr recently to help out a friend by buying his gig and leaving a positive rating/review.

    However, ever since I first read and learned about such sites, I've always known that when I eventually get into selling services on Fiverr, I'm going to go all-in and also create gigs on at least 5 other Fiverr clones - SEOClerks for example, and there are many others...

    I mean, I probably won't promote my gigs that I make on those other smaller Fiverr clones, but I will definitely try to promote my gigs from Fiverr and SEOClerks on forums, video sites, social media sites, etc.

    I mean, those smaller sites surely have their owners and members promoting them. So if I can catch any of that internal traffic, great. If not, I'll concentrate on Fiverr and SEOClerks, and see where it takes me.

    And about the change, I agree with you. But let's not forget the Constant Annoying changes that Facebook Keeps making all the goddamn time, and they still appear to be on top of the social media chain... haha

  10. Converse Active Member


    I can't imagine what someone could do for $5 that would be worth having.

  11. Scorp Member


    Well, there's quite a few things actually. If you go to Fiverr you can see all the gigs that are listed there and find out.

    I mean, it's true that a lot of it is low quality gigs. You just have to go through all the cr*p to get to the gold nuggets.

    For example, picture a transcription site that someone pays $60 for a 1 hour file. And then picture finding a good transcriber on Fiverr who delivers quality work and charges $5 for a 10 minute file.

    Where does that leave us? The client ends up paying $30 dollars (half) for the 1 hour file, and assuming he's found a quality transcription gig, he gets the same work done. Even if it's a bit lower quality than what the company produces, it still may be worth to save $30 and sit for 30 minutes and correct any little mistakes in the delivered transcription document.

  12. Billy New Member


    True, but when people need to open their wallet, it's different. I don't know if it's just me, but whenever people complain about Facebook, I laugh, because FB is a free site and they aren't forcing people to use it. People will complain about advertising, giving away information, etc, and I'll ask them why in the world would someone offer a free site or service if they weren't getting any benefit from it. Some people feel as though FB is like oxygen, where no one owns it, and it's free for everyone.

  13. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    The only downside to selling someone else's product is that you don't get all the money for it. Think about it, if you work for eBay or Amazon's program then they won't give you much money for it. If you get something made by a friend or another company, then they will also want money from it. The way I see it, the best thing that you can do is making something of your own. That way you just have to pay for the materials that you are making. That's why people on Etsy are able to make good money I have seen. They don't have to share their money that they make so far as I know.


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