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An Example that Shows Why I Like Bing: Bing Rewards!

Discussion in 'Bing' started by rabst, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    Bing Rewards is a program in which users receive credits in exchange for-using Bing to search the web, -using the Bing Rewards dashboard as their browser's homepage, -doing small tasks suggested on the dashboard & inviting others to join Bing Rewards (which I will do if you send me a message saying you'd like to be invited).

    Today on their dashboard, I found out that it's National Poetry Month. From earlier surfing, I remembered that it's also Occupational Therapy Month. So I searched for 'occupational therapy poetry,' and found out about the National Association for Poetry Therapy.

    Thank you Bing!

  2. Converse Active Member


    I've been using Bing for years, and feel that they have gotten better while Google has gotten worse. I search for a living, seeking sites to add to web directories that I work for, and Bing does very well for me.

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  3. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have also heard about that program. And I think that is where they are getting a lot of their users from. It's good that they are doing that because I don't think that you would ever seen Google doing that. I think that Google might have lost a lot of users just from this. I know that I would switch if I started to use that. I'm a huge fan of Google, so I don't know if I would switch. It is something that would be worth looking into though.

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  4. rabst New Member


    There's also the added 'incentive' that if you join via invite (and participate enough to 'become a Silver member'), you help the inviter. ;)

  5. maverick New Member


    Apart from the Bing rewards, these things are all known and you can get them even on Google. About the rewards, that is aspect that catched be a bit, what are they? Rewards in money or some sort of gift cards like the ones you get on Amazon? Can you explain it a bit more for example in how many time you can reach the goal of winning an awards? Thanks.

  6. rabst New Member


    Well, I'm currently working on 'earning credits for sweepstakes entries (chances to win a video-game system). I've also earned plenty of credits towards 'donations of Microsoft Surface tablets to local public-schools) You can also 'search' (preferably Bing ;)) for "Bing Rewards rewards" (or something) and see what else they offer ... chances to win a trip to Microsoft HQ, -win a classroom-full of Microsoft Surface equipment, -win a $500 gift-card from Target, -win a device from AT&T, -win a video-game package, points in popular hotel/airline loyalty-programs, an Applebee's gift-card, a Bing/Microsoft gift-card, an Amazon gift-card, etc.

  7. maverick New Member


    Well, quite good rewards there I would say but all concering the Microsoft brand so I don't really know if I would join the program too acknowledging this. Event ough the AT&T device attracts me pretty much. I guess I should "bing" some informations about this then instead of using Google :p By the way I stay with the idea that Google offers a service far better than what Bings offers..

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