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Are we seeing the end of Yahoo?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by Sly14Cat, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Sly14Cat New Member


    It seems that Yahoo doesn't really care to promote their engine anymore. Ever since they acquired Tumblr, it seems to have taken the stage and even their own CEO said that they're hoping to go into new directions if I recall correctly. It seems that Yahoo doesn't really care to be in the search engine market. Do you think they'll just cut off the engine all together?

  2. Converse Active Member


    I've just replied to another of your threads, on a similar subject, so I won't repeat myself. Yahoo search is still one of the top three search engines, although they are not an entirely independent search engine since they also use Bing results, ending their long-term relationship with Google a while ago.

    They have followed Google's lead in adding search personalization to their search results, which is the chief reason why I no longer use Google. I earn my living doing searches on every topic under the sun, so when Google tries to decide what I'm looking for rather than letting me decide what I'm looking for, the results are never helpful.

    Some time back, I read that they were planning on re-entering the search industry in full force but, other than switching search partners, trading Google for Bing, I haven't seen that.

  3. Rainman New Member


    More than 700 Million people visit Yahoo sites in one month. Since there is a default Yahoo search box on each of those pages a Yahoo user looking for something on Yahoo's sites will use the provided search box to find what they are looking for. Even if only 10% of their visitors use the search box, that's still a huge number. And then there's something else . . .

    Yahoo outbid Google so they can be Firefox's default search engine in the U.S. Would they spend that cash if . . .

  4. CyberGal New Member


    I don't see Yahoo going anywhere, even though it's not as big as Google. The stats basically speak for themselves. I personally use Swag Bucks, which is powered by Yahoo, for almost all of my searches. That tends to speak volumes considering that I'm a freelance writer who does a lot of research daily. I know I can't be the only one who's tired of the way that Google acts. To me they seem to think they can take over the Internet and I personally hate monopolies. That's a whole other subject though LOL

  5. Mockingbird New Member


    I do truly believe that Yahoo is gearing up for something great, something other sites will be trying to copy. But like all big changes it seems to be unfolding gradually and I for one am totally okay with that. Just because yahoo is evolving to me says that there chance of being a long term success is really great. Yahoo has been around since 1994 I do not think they are going away anytime soon.

    What I do think is when TV becomes even more internet based Yahoo could play a huge role. Not sure how but it is a hunch. I like to believe they are just sitting back and watching whats unfolding waiting to launch something new.

  6. Converse Active Member


    For the past few years, there have been rumors -- and I think some overtures -- about Yahoo buying AOL. I don't know what advantage either of these companies could bring to the other but, given that Yahoo has chosen to close its own web directory, for which people were paying $300 a year, that wouldn't bode well for DMOZ, which has been a drain on AOL, given its total lack of monetization. True, DMOZ probably isn't requiring more than one full-time paid staff member, if that, but it earns its parent company zero income. My guess is that if Yahoo were ever to acquire AOL, DMOZ would soon be gone.

  7. Billy New Member


    Wow, I had no idea that they had so many users. I always forget about Yahoo, I only think about Google and Bing. But yeah, I think their best bet for getting some good traffic is to make their engine the default one and hope that people are either too lazy to change it or don't know any better.

  8. Converse Active Member


    Or perhaps to improve their search results so that they truly are better. It shouldn't be hard to improve upon Google, since Google is more interested in marketing itself than in improving its results.

  9. toradrake Member


    As everyone else said here, Yahoo is one of the top three used search engines on the net with 700 million users. They are currently branching out to improve and market their search engine through other means such as linking up with Mozilla, for instance. I don't believe that Yahoo will go anywhere soon. I don't believe they will ever go head to head with Google ever again, but they most likely will not lose their top 3 position anytime soon either.

  10. Billy New Member


    True, Google are getting out of hand. To be honest, the main reason that I use Google is because I'm an SEOer and it's the one that gives me the best return.

  11. LitoLawless New Member


    I would hope that we are seeing the end of Yahoo! It's had a pretty good run. I remember when Yahoo was pretty big and it would be the go-to search engine. Google came along and just took them out. I feel like Yahoo is the Blockbuster in a world of Netflix and Hulu. Everytime that I hear that someone still has a yahoo email I'm just in shock. Yahoo is also plagued with ads and there is a lot of things going on on their home page. Google knows that less is more, and you can tell with what Google does with it's homepage. If you couldn't tell, I'm an avid Google user. It is by far the best search engine out there.

  12. starlight22 New Member


    I really don't think it will be the end of Yahoo at least not now and hopefully not later in the future either. I'm always on Yahoo reading the different stories and searching. I also like looking at Yahoo Answers because it's fun along with other great activities like Yahoo games and all that. We don't know what will happen in the future so lets enjoy Yahoo while it's still around.

  13. Converse Active Member


    Do you, for some reason, imagine that a lack of competition makes for a better product?

  14. xTinx New Member


    If retaining the search engine doesn't affect overall operations, then I think Yahoo won't mind that they're lagging behind Google, which has already reached economies of scale status. Yahoo knows they cannot beat Google in the search engine department that's why they have explanded their scope to include a wide variety of features including news bits, a Flickr plugin and whatnot. When it comes to reporting the latest and hottest news, they're better than Google.

  15. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have to say that I think we are. I remember going there all the time, but I just don't anymore. There is so many other places that I could go where I could get the things that I want online. I also believe that they don't want to waste all the money on keeping a search engine up, they know that there are others out there. And what's the point of sinking a ton of money into making a good one, when they could lose money?

  16. rabst New Member


    It looks more like they are positioning 'Search' as another less-important feature.

    Oh, that doesn't make it less-useful (and I'm sure that sales-etc. will still focus on search-engine-optimization as a big way to get customers). I guess there comes a time when you decide it's more-important to focus on making history rather than just -monitoring it.

    (Maybe that's the reason I focus more on forum-discussions than I do on linguistics (grammar, word-development & -history).)

  17. Jason76 Member


    Isn't Yahoo and Bing owned by the same company? I know that the BingAds keyword tool gives data from both Yahoo and Bing. Therefore, I'm assuming Microsoft took over Tumblr.

  18. rabst New Member


    No, what you're seeing is the result of a deal the two companies signed in which Microsoft 'covers' about 30% of Yahoo's stock (they're both 'publicly traded,' so neither "who owns what" nor "what owns who" is so simple as that :confused: though it appears that The Vanguard Group figures prominently in both).

    So no ... and (the public traders being the owners of publicly-traded companies) yes ;)


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