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Best Local Directory Plugin For Wordpress?

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by OhioTom76, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. OhioTom76 New Member


    I'm curious if any of you have any recommendations for a local directory plugin for Wordpress. One of the sites I am working on, I was considering creating thousands of pages for each state and city across the US. I scraped all this data from another web site, and was intending to bulk create pages for all these via some bulk spreadsheets was going to import via another Wordpress plugin, but I'm starting to re-think this strategy and wonder if I am better off going with some free or commercial plugin for Wordpress to handle the directory. What really got me thinking about this approach instead was that some of my competitors are allowing local businesses to list their services on these hyper local pages. I don't want to be doing all this manually, but would instead like some sort of formal directory script that can let users sign up and add their own listings.

    While the focus of my site will be generating leads in this particular niche, I figure that by letting the local business owners contribute to these pages will help with their SEO rankings overall. So it's still a win-win for me. If people convert online from my site, I get a commission, but if they call a local business owner listed on that page instead, even if I don't get a commission from it, those listings would make my pages look more legit and less like doorway/spam pages.

    Any ones in particular any of you would recommend? Preferably I would love something that came preloaded with all the US state, country, city and zip code data already in it - Google Maps integration would be even better.


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