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Best Way To Monetize a 'Small' Site?

Discussion in 'Monetizing' started by Rainman, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. ducklord Member


    @Scorp Damn, yeah, you're right, if what you get is as low as that, it ain't worth it. So, I guess I should be happy that my own blog (that now approaches 10.000 posts - but, damn, was I an idiot, 99% were "news") used to bring me around $1 per month, and that in Greece.

    @SimplySidy Heh, I've got an idea for a site that would be awesome for both India and Greece and their respective audiences. And that 'cause, from what I've seen in some of your movies and what I live everyday over here, our people both like to occasionally team up and - verbally - "fight" over stuff. So, here it is, for anyone else to steal it: VERSUS. :-D

    Yep, it's as simple as it sounds: users grouping, creating "teams" as they like, and "battling for dominance" over whatever the heck their "team" is about. The winner's the one with the more "Likes" (so you "force" them to actually "Like" your page on Facebook as well ;-) ).

    Hey! Maybe it could work globally and we'd both be millionaires, if we somehow managed to pull it off! But how the heck can you create a system where visitors are allowed to create pages and content easily? How do you create the "battle logic" behind it, that counts "likes" and shows winners and losers? Damn, I'm a noob in PHP... :-(

  2. toradrake Member


    OOOOOO..... don't count me out of that one. I will be the US operative on that. LOL US is known to argue... even when we don't know what we are arguing about.... or is that just me? LOL

  3. ducklord Member


    @toradrake Well, I'm at a point in my life when my contacts are approaching zero as far as anything-tech goes, so, it's up to you (no, not just YOU, the general "you" of whomever joins us) to find teh peopelz needed for the project.

    I've got high hopes in all of you, my children. Go forth and multiply. Bring more to the family. Let our house expand. The spice must flow. Or something. :-D

  4. SimplySidy Member


    @ducklord - with initial things being readied, am sure we would go ahead with our tasks. Just need a few days to catch up on my health. Winters and arthritis:eek: dont go that well:oops:

  5. Scorp Member


    Hey man, I'm also at that point where tech-wise I have no people. Actually, make money online-wise I have no people. We should really get on skype and keep in touch. I mean, you seem to know a lot, I seem to know a little something, we can help each other out maybe... also considering that we seem to be into a lot of the same things - wordpress, plugins, social media and automation - we could probably help each other out. Plus, we both speak both of the same languages hahaha :D

    I'm not in the habit of sharing my skype online, I'm a bit paranoid, but add me if you want -> dekatoma

  6. sklauda1 New Member


    Adsense is probably the best you are going to get, but they have strict guidelines. There are affiliate programs but they are usually for small businesses and won't get you much.

  7. ducklord Member


    @Scorp Well, you can find me on Skype with what you see me here: ducklord :)
    "I'm the one with the plastic face and glasses", if I remember my avatar there correctly. That's what you get when you properly use the "plastic wrap" filter of Photoshop with one real, dark photo of your face wearing sunglasses :-D

    And yep, I'm economically bust, unemployed, trying to find micro-jobs here and there to manage, and that was all thanks to my former work going belly up and me getting into some projects with people that had high hopes for those very projects but no intention to actually work to make them happen. I worked my ass off for almost 5 years with virtually no results, in the meantime losing touch with every and all of my other connections (and many-many friends). I'd given up on any kind of "networking", and yet, here I am, already having three comrades from here wanting to start new projects with me. Thanks dudes (and dudette :-D ).

    I've already talked before with @SimplySidy about some of them, and I guess he wouldn't have a problem to expand to include more people in them. As I mentioned to him, I'm aiming for the creation of some kind of "web peoples collective", providing their services and offering their knowledge to people who need them, while under the same virtual roof, a same common "name". I'd registered Uncensored.gr in the past for this reason, but if you don't like it, I'm open to suggestions. I like the sound of "uncensored media" or "uncensored content", though, since it shows we're (ok, "we'll be") good at what we do, not accepting limits, offering proper content, services and solutions to people "who deal with the web".

    So, let's start doing... things... :-D

  8. toradrake Member


    And they say I've got issues. LMAO

    Just throw me a few bones to naw on... I have a tendency to lose my attention span from time to time. Trying to make a dollar to buy some government cheese here at the moment. LOL

    Question.... am I the only geek not on Skype??? Personally I prefer the IM's over Skype, funny thing is... I don't have an IM anymore either. LOL anyone know of a really good one to grab?

  9. ducklord Member


    @toradrake Well, Firefox has added a new video chat solution that supposedly only needs itself, Firefox, to run, so we can try that. I don't know if it supports group calls though, and now we seem to have become a team. Like the A-Team, I mentioned to SimplySidy elsewhere :-D

    Maybe we should do some kind of Hangout. Me, with my Greek pronounciation, he coming from India, Scorp from - if I remember correctly - Serbia... I bet we'll all end up looking at one another, not talking, banging on our keyboards to make sense of what each other says :p

  10. toradrake Member


    oooo ooo oooo I wanna be Murdock! ROTFLMAO... we getting code names...

    OK I'm in tears laughing now... because I just pictured us doing just that. Maybe it would be better if we stick to typing our messages rather then vocally talking because there is huge margin of misunderstanding when dealing with various accents that can get in the way. I had that happen once when I was talking to some people in Australia... they loved my accent and I loved theirs... but we had a heck of a time understanding one another. It was pretty hilarious. Heck I did not even know I had an accent until then. I have been told I have a cross between a Southern Belle, Mid-Western, British accent... LOL

  11. SimplySidy Member


    On the contrary, I feel it homely. In fact when we (me and @ducklord) had the only conversation between us, it never felt like I was chatting with a stranger with a different accent. In fact, I loved his accent - quite clear and much better. I have gotten used to listening to different people from the world and many a times, it is nicer feeling.

    Oh, btw, what code names does our murdock have for the rest of the team... just curious and looking forward to knowing the team.

    Health is improving slowly (winters and arthritis you know). Hope to get online from Monday on Skype for work, friends and all :)

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2015
  12. toradrake Member


    ROTF You are SO Face. DuckLord would have to be Hannibal. Scorp... Barracus (aka Bad Attitude)..... this is so sad I know all their names. I need a life. LOL

  13. ducklord Member


    Heh, yeah, I guess we ARE a bit like'em!

    And to just think that when I mentioned it I had THIS in mind:

    I mean, really, if you haven't watched The IT Crowd, do yourself a favor and do it now. Like, NOW. You can't call yourself a geek without having seen the adventures of Roy and Moss! And remember: "Vista...Is...Death..."! Literally. You'll know what I mean when you watch the show :-D

  14. Scorp Member


    @ducklord All right, added you just now. Yeah, I recognize the profile picture.

    Well, I'm economically bust too, doing micro-jobs and things like that, mostly getting by with transcription though.

    About the domain, it's not that I don't like it, but when targeting international crowds/traffic you have to go with a .com domain, you just have to. Even a .net or a .org domain wouldn't be acceptable for a really serious project. That's just what I think, correct me if I'm wrong everyone.

    @toradrake haha oh man you gave me a flashback. You say:

    "Trying to make a dollar to buy some government cheese here at the moment."

    So I'm reminded of: "I'm tryin to make a dollar out of 15 cents, it's hard to be legit and still pay the rent." - Tupac :D

    Now, as far as talking on Skype you guys, I have no problem with that. The disadvantage with it though is that all the little details that will be said, well, many will be forgotten. But if things are typed then anyone of us can always go back and re-read the conversation and get reminded of what was forgotten...

    And the accents, haha, I grew up in a Greek-speaking multicultural island. In other words, there's no accent of English I haven't heard in real-life and had conversations with, it simply doesn't exist. So I got no problems as far as that goes. And yes, me is Serbian :)

    Barracus (aka Bad Attitude) - Oh I like that, Barracus, where does that come from? I have a bad attitude? I never knew... I really don't though, or maybe I do, well, anywaaaaay... let me just write that down in my little black book... vengeful scorpions haha :p

  15. toradrake Member


    OK OK I guess I have no choice. I concede... you want to look at my ugly mug.. that's yall's damage. Don't expect me to pretty up for you guys or anything. I roll out of bed and that is what you see. LOL

  16. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Ads sense might be a good way to or an affiliate program might also be another option. I have heard that a lot of people are doing that now. And for the most part, it seems like it is working. So, those would be the best ways that you could make money if they are an option. I don't know how big the site you are talking about is, but it might be something that is worth looking into.


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