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Bing Rewards Vs. Qmee Rewards

Discussion in 'Bing' started by rabst, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. rabst New Member


    I've been a fan/member of Microsoft's Bing Rewards (earning reward-credits ... mostly for 'Microsoft-equipment to donate to schools' and 'sweepstakes entries') for a few months now, but just today Danielle Davidson introduced me to QMee---a 'meta-search engine' (single site that uses multiple search-engines ... and Bing is ONE of the engines QMee uses) that splits its revenues with users ... i.e. earn cash by searching QMee!

    ... I just joined QMee (but the referral-ID in the link is still the one that 'invited' me), and it seems like I can use BOTH rewards-programs! (I downloaded their add-on ... all that the QMee-button tells me is 'how much I've got in my piggybank" from clicking their programming.)

    I think it's better to earn 'stuff' than 'cash' (sure, you can GET stuff with cash; but I think the cash is worth more if you can get stuff for FREE!)

    Think you can convince me that QMee's cash-rewards are worth DROPPING my Bing-membership for?

  2. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    That would be a great way to just make some good money! I mean you will be able to earn double the amount that you would have before. So, that's not a bad idea. I have been able to cash out once, I did it around $1 just to see if I was able to The best part is that I'm pretty sure you can cash out at any amount that you want. I mean if you spend enough time searching up stuff I'm sure that you will make way more money with Qmee then you would with Bing. They just don't seem like they are giving away a lot of money from their Bing Rewards.

  3. rabst New Member


    Didn't I say that? "earning reward-credits ... mostly for 'Microsoft-equipment to donate to schools' and 'sweepstakes entries' ...
    it's better to earn 'stuff' than 'cash' (sure, you can GET stuff with cash; but I think the cash is worth more if you can get stuff for FREE!)"

    So it's not "double the money," it's 'the money' from one & FREE STUFF from the other!

  4. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Oh, okay I read that wrong. I always thought that you just made money with Bing, but you could also get free stuff from it. So either way you are still making some good profit from both sites. It would be good to stick with both since you are able to benefit from both of them.

  5. rabst New Member


    Google is the one that you 'could make' (can still make? I don't keep up with it) money from ... something about 'a referral-code you put in links to their searches' earning you a percentage of their AdSense revenue ... Or Something Like That. Or Not.

    If I cared how you can place a Custom Search Engine on your site to provide users with web search, earning revenue from relevant ads on the search results page, choosing the content your users search, customizing the look and feel, monetizing the search results page and easily adding AdSense for search to your site, I could look-up (on Bing, earning with Bing Rewards AND QMee) "AdSense with Google Searches" or something.

  6. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have heard that Ad sense is a good way to make some money. Then I have also heard that it's hard to make money with. Some people have said that it's hard because you have to get people to click on those ads. I know that I'm not one to click on ads so it makes me wonder how many people are actually clicking these links on other peoples web pages.

  7. rabst New Member


    I remember (wayyyy back in the first decade of the twenty-first century) how 'links' were pretty-much THE way to open pages online---'putting an address in the URL-bar' was for nerds:rolleyes:

    'Hyperlinks' (text-or-pictures you click to open new webpages) are actually nearer to an original meaning of "h@cks"---that was originally the activity of Australian trail-guides who 'cut away the bush' to get you through the Outback, just like hyperlinks today h@ck away the searching-and-remembering-nerdy-things :p

    That's what we all want to think when we see hyperlinks---"Hmm, that might be cool. If I click that hyperlink, they'll take me straight to what I hope to explore further!"

  8. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    It's funny to think about that. I mean look how far we have come now. The internet is changing all the time. I feel like everything that I go online there is always something different. It's not a bad thing that it's changing so fast though, I do have to say.


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