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Brilliant Directories Review

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by supercarbon, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Hi Khalid,

    Please email again sales[at]brilliantdirectories[dot]com - looks like your packet was sent out with your username and password. You can go to our website and click on the LOGIN link in the top-right corner and input your login credentials to gain access to your directory website.

    Please email sales[at]brilliantdirectories[dot]com if you still need assistance logging in. Thank you

    Brilliant Directories

  2. Hi @Khalid Pervaiz,

    We just wanted to follow up and make sure you were taken care of. Were you able to login successfully?

  3. tnycman New Member


    Well, it seems that posting stopped for whatever reason.. So did you guys signed up successfully and how is it going so far ?
    I was wondering if i can get the free promotion :)

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  4. Hi there @tnycman!

    Glad to see your participation in this thread.

    The promotion for a free full license is over, but we do have a 14 day Free Trial that you can use to test building your directory website idea.

    Here's a link to start a free 14 day trial - there is no credit card required and you can always turn the free trial into your live website if the software is working well for your needs. You'll get an automated email at the end of the trial asking if you'd like to turn it into a live website.

    GO HERE: http://www.brilliantdirectories.com/freetrial

    We hope it works out for you and wish you great success!!

    The Brilliant Directories Team

  5. tnycman New Member


    Thanks for the offer, I think I'm going to pass on that.. I see no more feedback from others that initially posted..

    And the search continues......

  6. tnycman New Member


    is there anyone that tried Brilliant Directories ? I'm personally uncomfortable building a business where another company has full access to my files and everything else..
    Anyone can chime in with their experience ??

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  7. canadaone New Member


    I've been with them for a little over two years now. At first, things were a little rocky. I think they have two versions, the old version and the bootstrap version. They gave me a free upgrade to it and since then things have been much better.

    They have a small staff I think like 20 people or something, so its not like working with godaddy, but everyone I speak with seems to care. I've never had any issues with data and they do all of my backups for me. I wish they offered a free trial back when I was shopping around. It would have made my decision way more easy.

  8. tnycman New Member


    I really like what they offer, but lots of it seems to good to be true.

    If you look at their reviews are 5 stars, which is great, but i never seen a company which don't have unhappy clients. not a single one i have found to post anything negative.

    My concern is that this company controls everything from the all the files to payments, so if you happen to be successful at some point, they have all of your customer info, payments and everything else, all it takes to replicate your entire site is a backup/restore with a new template.

    They're fairly new in the market what happen if one day the decide to call it quit, what would you do ? Where would you find an overnight replacement ?

    You don't own anything, they can take it away at anytime and there is nothing you can

    Call me paranoid, but I have done my share of getting screwed, not only the money, but the time and effort that you can not get it back.

    It got to be something that i could compare against it, who is their competition ?

  9. tnycman New Member


    Would you mind sharing your site ?

  10. canadaone New Member


    I've noticed a big switch when it comes to newer technologies.

    If you look at big sites like Shopify, ZenDesk, even SalesForce and InfusionSoft, everyting is hosted in the cloud now. So that doesn't really worry me at all. Sites like SalesForce have all your client information which is the heart of any business. I read online that most of these hosted solutions do so to better secure data so tats a good thing in my opnion. It's just the way things are turning to for the future. I don't think it's weird to use solutions that are hosted these days it's been a huge convenience with me with Briliant Directories. I also am able to backup all my data whenever I want since they give you access to your own MySQL dtabase for your site, so that's the type of transparency I like. I know there are tons of wordpress plugins that are free or inexpensive that you can host on your own servers, so if you have any personal doubts, go with one of those. directorypress is a really good option for basic directory sites.

    So far so good with my brilliant directories site, and my day to day is just focused on growing my community not updating my site. I unfortunatly cannot share my site. i'm in a highly lucrative niche and would not want others to enter, so I would keep that private. Good luck on your search though. just do a google search for "directory softwares for websites" and see what other solutions pop up. i know there are tons out there.

  11. tnycman New Member


    I'm not sure if you know what the "cloud" means, but big sites have a small datacenter for their servers, and just because they use the "cloud" don;t mean that have their entire business files managed by a third party, they own their servers.

    As far as google the for directory software, i been doing that, and as a matter of fact, i been reading every sigle review for Brilliant Directories, and they all are brilliant.. lol.

    Thanks for the feedback though..

  12. tnycman New Member


    If this helps someone on their research, Brilliant Directories seems to use an open source CMS called MODX..

  13. canadaone New Member


    Yeah, guess your data is usually on someone else's servers, unless you have your own servers. I don't really trust anyone 100%. Especially with all those problems with Facebook, Sony and whatnot. If they can't keep their data safe, and their billion dollar companies, what chance does a little guy like me have. If you're the paronoid type, i'd look for a script that you can install. If you're not the paranoid type, just make sure to connect your own merchant account so your clients credit cards are on a seperate site. I know Brilliant Directories connects to Authorize.net and paypal now. I had been asking them for this since the moment I signed up and it took much longer than I hoped for it to be completed.

    I wanted to be able to hold someone accountable if there was a problem with my site. I also never started an online business before. I liked having a marketing kit that I could follow to help me get started. That won out in the end for me. To each their own I guess.

    If you're looking for a similar competitor, I was debating between them or edirectory. If I was an advanced developer, I might have gone for a script, but I wanted some assistance to get started and didn't want to have to learn a ton of new stuff. Sounds like you are way more advanced than me, so something more advanced that you can personally maintain and install on your own servers might be the way to go.

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  14. tnycman New Member


    Can you share your site with us ??

  15. canadaone New Member


    i've worked hard to define my niche business. The first one I tried didn't work out for me (lawyers directory). guess it was too competitive. I found a nice niche with almost no competitors and want to keep it like that ;) I guess my best advice to you if you have not done this before is to start small. You might not be rich, but it is way easier to drum up business. Your members need to have money too. Stay away from artsy sites. Like vegan or musician. their always broke and won't pay a dime for anything. good luck and hope you find the right solution for you!

  16. tnycman New Member


    Thanks for the advise.. All the best with your business..

  17. thetalkative New Member


    Hi everyone, just joined the forum,

    So, I am launching my online directory and testing out BrilliantDirectories, for now I can say that they are good at sending you tonnes of emails but no real answer to my questions, I have scheduled a phone call for tomorrow, we will see as I have many questions and not very much pleased with their demo. I keep on losing the changes I make so I can't really see how the website will look like the way I design it. I am afraid the currency I am seeking is not available and hope they are not "victim of their success" having so many enquiries but no real deep follow-up! Any advice or help is welcome, I don't have a big budget and can't afford to risk my business idea for a bad service.


    they detail in this page how to put an approximate price for your local currency but if you know a little your potential customers you ill know that most of them don't like to waste time on calculating the exact amount especially that it fluctuates considerably depending on the region you are living in....

    It will kill the business before it even starts... I guess I'm not buying unless they make the announced change rapidly and offer us more effective solutions...

    Anyone experiencing the same problem please comment

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
  18. canadaone New Member


    Hi talkative. I had the same issue like my earlier post indicated. I had to connect my own authorize.net account to be able to charge in the currency I wanted. In the end this worked out better since I got to keep my customers billing info separately plus the money was instantly deposited in my account. Make sure you try the free trial if you want to really test out your designs. Don't do the demo. They reset it all the time. I think they give you 2 weeks for free. so you'll really know what you're getting. they didn't offer that before and made it a much harder decision for me.

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  19. thetalkative New Member


    Hi Canadaone,

    awesome, thank you very much for the reply and great info, I'll try this option as soon as I get the website, it really was an issue for me and pretty much made my decision not to buy it because of it. I have subscribed their free trial to see what I can get. I'll keep you updated as I am also expecting a call from them at 6:45 am due to time zone! Hope the conversation, trial, and your great advice will help me launch it and start my company :)
    Thanks again!

  20. thetalkative New Member


    Got the expected call from Brilliant Directories, and the link for my free trial, the one I first got didn't work for me. They have a great customer service, Dennis helped me with my questions even the most random ones as I am starting with no development or particular IT skills. So far so good, let's move on the next steps now. :)
    I told them about the delay for answering emails and they told me they have hundreds of mails per day so it's better to wait couples of hours or about 72h (time zoning again), however the chat box worked great for me. Well I am happy for now and I'll keep you updated !


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