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Brilliant Directories Review

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by supercarbon, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Glad to hear you were able to connect with Dennis from our team. We wish you great success with your project.

    A quick note: Our community forum is a great place to ask technical questions and get help using the platform.


    Cheers and happy holidays!
    - Brilliant Directories

  2. LJB New Member


    I'm on a free trial on Brilliant Directories and so far have been able to figure out a lot on my own. I taught myself how to do websites using WordPress. Their software is not as easy as WordPress but a lot more powerful! I'm having a great deal of trouble uploading my list. Their training videos are great but there must be something I'm doing wrong.

    This is my first participation in any Forum and my first comment. I really appreciate reading all your feedback about Brilliant Directories. While I like their product, their customer service sucks! Can I say that?

    I'm frustrated because I have the time to work on this now before my trial ends next week and I can have the site ready to go live. This concerns me because I wonder if, when I'm paying a hefty monthly fee, will I get the service they promise? Anyone else have these concerns?

  3. Jimp777 New Member


  4. Jimp777 New Member


    I had the opposite experience. They have answered all my questions. Reach out to them again. My site has been idol for a couple of months. I am stuck on some marketing aspects but this us all about trial and error and learning for your mistakes. My site is animaldoctors.ca my friends who I have shown are impressed. Now I just need to impress Vets.

  5. tnycman New Member


    I decided not to go with them either, their documentation looks OK, but the customization wasn't available to what i was looking..
    If you looking for a dedicated support for the price you pay at BD or any similar company don't expect a top notch support, i you know WP i think you should go with them, as there is wealth of online support and not limited to BD features and support, but if you think BD will work for oyu ouut of the box with little customization than it might be a good solutions with some peace of mind having BD assist you..
    Keep looking for other platforms if they offer what you need, WP, Joomla and so on have tons of widgets, themes and everything BD offer for much cheaper price.

  6. PaperWeight New Member


    great website @Jimp777 !!

    this is a great site: animaldoctors.ca

    How do you like there new bootstrap theme? I migrated 2 of my classic sites to that bootstrap version and really like the new design settings.

    @LJB I myself, absolutely love this platform. I've been with them for several years now and now have 6 sites that are hosted using briliant directories. After my second site, i switched from the monthly payment plans with them and bought a discounted super bundle pack which is a 1 time payment to get 5 more sites added to my account with them. i liked the one-time payment option cause now there is pretty much no cost to use brilliant directories.

    as far as support. i'd give it an 8/10. when i email in, i get a response, the longest i have waited is maybe 48 hours, but ussusally i get responsed back to within 24 hours. for a company that offers everyting these guys do, and with the one-time price i piad, i'm extremely pleased with my decision and really have nothing but good things to say for these guys. it's one thing if their solution is not for someone's needs, but they really do try to go abve and beyond for their customers.

    to people looking for the right siftware for their websites, i'd give these guys a fair chance. i found them after 2 years of trying other solutions, and found brilliant directory to be the best fit for me. i saw that all the solutions had their pros and cons, so i guess it really comes down to a person's own requirements and needs. i love this website, thanks to the creator for making it!

  7. supercarbon Member


    PaperWeight, would you mind sharing your websites?

  8. ukDomains New Member


    Kudos to this marvelous group of developers. They've truly hit the nail on the head with this script. An extraordinary amount of time and effort has clearly been invested by Brilliant Directories to produce such a ground breaking and complete solution.

    What's most dear to me is not only the functionality (as most solutions seamingly have the same features), but the flair and logical flow Brilliant Directories has thoughtfully built in to their platform.

    I applaud you and your continuous efforts to improve your software. It is clear that you are active in engaging your customer base and striving to provide the best support your team can offer. Continue on this path and you will become one of the great ones.

    You have my vote!

  9. RDias1396 New Member


    Wow, what a great forum. For about the past 6 years I been wanting to create a website that lists all of the after-school extracurricular activities available for students in middle school through high school in the San Diego area. I spent 2 months researching all of the various options and tools to help me build this website. I'm familair with Wordpress so I spent quite a while trying out different WordPress themes and scripts but that took way too long. And I couldn't really get all the features I wanted.

    I saw lots of people talking about Brilliant Directories both on here and on a couple other forums so I gave them a shot. I wasn't thrilled about the default theme but once I realized I could customize it (and I mean really customize it, from head to toe) I basically fell in love. On the demo I was able to almost completly set up my site in under a week. Their prices are kind of steep but I bit the bullet and sprung for the full license and it's been working great for the past 5 months.

    My site looks perfect, exactly how I wanted it to look. The features are good but there's a lot that I don't use. The ones I do use work well. Super easy to manage my site. The backend is actually kind of like Wordpress so I like that. Overall it's been a really good experience. Thanks all for posting your fedback. It helped me out a lot while I doing my research.

  10. @ukDomains @RDias1396 @Jimp777 @PaperWeight

    Brilliant Directories here!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We really appreciate it and definitely use all your feedback to improve our software.

    Brilliant Directories recently produced some free video guides to help users learn more about how the software works. Here are links to the 2 webinars:
    1. 8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Revenue
    2. How To Boost Website Traffic With Awesome Content
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here and we wish you super success with your projects.

    Warm regards,
    Brilliant Directories

  11. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Brilliant Directories is the best platform for starting an online directory.

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
  12. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Good prices too

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  13. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

  14. Hi @AudioBuy LLC ,

    Thanks for your message. You certainly should be getting your 250k member limit with your business plan website.

    The system does not stop any imports even if you surpass your limits and your website will always run without any interruption. If the import is stopping at 1/10th the size of the import, then there may be an issue with the import file which we'll be happy to assist you with.

    Please write back to us here so that we can help you with your import and make sure your 110k member database gets imported to your website.


    As long as the data being imported is in a correctly formatted CSV file, it should be a smooth process importing. But is sounds like the CSV file may need an adjustment in order to correctly format it for the import. We'll be happy to assist with this.

    We look forward to seeing your import completed for your website. Thank you.

    All the best,
    The Brilliant Directories Team

  15. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    OK excellent.

    Directory will be live soon at : PureLocal

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
  16. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Will have https: on our BD domain , great.

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
  17. Thanks for your message, @AudioBuy LLC.

    When importing a logo image or profile photo main image using a CSV file, the file extension for the images must be the full file extension and of an image that is hosting somewhere else on the internet.

    The system will then retrieve the image and resize the image for your directory website.

    If you have imported members with images, then after your import is complete, you'll need to head on over to this section of your admin


    From there, you need to select fetch & Resize the images (from the file extension you provided) - then it will fetch and resize the images for your website. If you have thousands of images to fetch & resize, this may take a little time, but it should be a one-time task since you're importing.

    Right now our team's office hours are from 8am - 6pm Central Time in the United States, and usually reply to emails within 1 business day or sooner depending on the volume.

    We do try to get to each ticket and inquiry as quickly as possible and graciously thank you for your patience.

    All the best,
    Brilliant Directories

  18. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Very good!

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  19. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    We are importing 120,000 listings shortly...very good!

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