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Brilliant Directories Review

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by supercarbon, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. @AudioBuy LLC

    Thanks for your message. The system can support importing millions of records at a time, as long as the CSV file is formatted properly.

    Regarding profile photos and logo images being imported, you do have the ability to bulk update images for your imported members. You can set the number of results to the max available and then use the select all check box tool, scroll down and select Fetch & Resize images.

    This will bulk update images for you. It does take a little time with a high volume of images, but the bulk action does make the process go by faster.

    Since it does seem that you need a little assistance with your import, we've made a note for someone from our team to contact you directly tomorrow during office hours to assist you with your import.

    Thank you.

  2. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    We have .csv file with Image URL's relative to ONEDRIVE (Not Google).

    Thanks BrilliantDirectories

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  3. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Yes please thankyou very much!

  4. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC


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  5. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    BrilliantDirectories is a great service and my team have everything fixed , it is brilliant and before i searched for directory platforms i found a few - the only one i liked was BD.

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  6. AudioBuy LLC New Member

    AudioBuy LLC

    Just upgraded to the PRO Plan , I look forward to using BrilliantDirectories.com ... there is no other platform which compares really in terms of visual appeal or ease of use.

  7. Paulq New Member


    Hi All

    When I was looking for a new online directory I spent some time reading around reviews and ended up trailing BD. At first I was impressed, and don't get me wrong as a product it initially looks and works well. My problem revolves around whether getting in to a professional relationship with the BD company may be costly and problematic?

    Any experiences on this latter matter are welcome.

    For me warning bells started to ring when during my trial I noticed the following...,

    1: The words "zip code" could not be "postal code" as simply as they say. It was not just a matter of replacing the work from admin in the text file. I raised a ticket and BD edited the source code to fix. Am I really the first UK customer BD has dealt with? If not then why has this simple bug not been fixed? Why did I need to raise a ticket?

    2: UK Date formats could not be changed via admin and again required a separate support ticket? So why does this bug still exist on software that has been around for years?

    3: I started to undertake some customisation's as my trial advanced and came across another bug. I wanted to rename the "Classifieds" Feature to "Offers". Unfortunately the side search bar did not update it's title to "Offers" as stated in BDs video and documentation about their "Dynamic Search.

    So I raised another ticket and was told "



    Thank you for your message.

    Thank you for your interest in using the Brilliant Directories platform. Please note that we must utilize the Brilliant Directories resources very carefully to make sure paying customers get the very best support possible. If we can assist with a question here and there with our free trial members we do so, but unfortunately your list of questions exceed what we can provide.

    It is very easy to re-purpose features to meet your needs. Here is an example of a website that does this well: (Link Removed)

    It is just a matter of using existing variables and re-purposing / re-naming them to meet your needs. Each type of feature allows for a single level category structure, and other features like properties and jobs provide multiple filters that can be added.

    Booking an onboarding plan is usually the way to go if you are looking to customize features.

    I have included the sales rep in this email so that he can better help answer any questions you have regarding customizing the platform.

    With hundreds of free trials getting launched weekly, it is not possible to provide each one with the same level of support our customers expect and deserve.

    Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever regarding this company policy.

    I hope this helps!"


    A quick reply and it makes sense but there are two issues here:

    The first: I expect a 2 week trial to be exactly that, a trial limited by the time frame of 2 weeks and not the number of questions I ask. I raised 9 tickets. 6 of which

    referred to bugs e.g.

    (i) Favicon.ico could not be uploaded as file upload did not accept .ico suffix . BD replied saying I could pay to have it implemented.
    (ii) Image upload would not work using java. BD replied saying it was a know issue and will be fixed.
    (iii) The word zipcode could not be updated in widget using admin. BD fixed by manually editing widget. (Two questions on Zip)
    (iv) UK date fomat not available throughout site. BD currently working on this.
    (v) One ticket revolved aorun Audio options... It was solved by me reading instructions.
    (vi) Clickable maps option - Solved by BD directing me to relevant settings.
    (vii) Issue with dynamic sidebar search box (Two questions on this)

    The second issue: BD asked for $50 to fix a bug during my trial. Perhaps BD have forgotten that any potential customers have to invest time and subsequently their own money to test their software. There is a learning curve for any new user so some questions could be considered "stupid" question but some of the tickets I raised were Bugs, and I alerted BD to the Bugs as a matter of courtesy.

    The Bugs I found should not be there as they are fundamental customisations required for any UK based company. I therefore wonder whether these bugs exist within the BD script as an embedded fee generator for BD? Do BD entice people to buy their software with sales and competitive pricing, with the longer term plan to recoup money via ongoing support and bug fixes? I mean they wanted to charge me $50 to fix a problem they say shouldn't exist due to their "Dynamic Search Widget".

    How often will these bugs appear? Will any customisation need revisiting and incur additional costs after each upgrade? Perhaps this is BD's business model? Hook customers in with a loss leader and recoup losses with ongoing support. The bug fix for the classifieds side search form would cost me $50. If I paid $50 would that bug be fixed for every future customer, or would that fix require a $50 payment to each subsequent customer?

    I note from previous comments on this forum that BD gave away freebies with a caveat that various services would not be included. I guess any use of these services if used would therefore have associated costs?

    I would like to know what other users of BD have found? What have your ongoing support costs been? Has there been issues following updates? Would you recommend BD as a long term business partner?

    In conclusion BD does appear to offer a product I want. I found their customer service was, up until I was asked to pay to fix a bug and stop asking too many questions, satisfactory.

    However as a company would I like to work with them? The juries out on that? I hope you can provide me with independent feedback so I can make an informed decision. Or perhaps point me in the direction of another product that has features similar to BD.

    Many Thanks

  8. Hi @Paulq

    Brilliant Directories here! Firstly, thanks for trying out our FREE 14 Day Free trial of the software.

    1) You can definitely change the words "zip code" to "post code" or "postal code" - whatever works best for you - by editing your TEXT LABELS in the admin.

    2) You can definitely change the date/time format in your ADVANCED SETTINGS in the admin as well.

    Sorry that our support team was not able to help you with all your needs during your FREE trial. We limit support to FREE trial users because at any given time we have thousands and thousands and thousands :) of FREE trials users. We have decided to focus our limited resources to assist paying customers so that they can get the best support our team can offer.

    If we did provide full support to all FREE trial users, we would not be able to provide ample support to actual paying customers. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but we are a small team and have decided that this is the best way to support our paying customers.

    It seems that you have a lot of good questions about how the software works and how the settings work, potentially, a live demo with our pre-sales team would be able to answer any pre-sales questions and show you how the features work rather than inquiring with the ticket support team.

    We hope that you were able to experience some of the features of the software in order to help you make a decision to sign up as a paying customer. We know that our solution is not for everyone. This is why we offer a 14-day FREE trial to test out the software. If you feel the software is not working of your needs, that's ok ... most likely another solution will be more appropriate for your goals.

    We thank you again for giving us a chance and sharing some feedback here in this forum. We always use feedback to improve our software, service and support. So thank you very much for sharing your feedback here. We wish you great success with your project whether you use Brilliant Directories or not.

    All the best,
    The Brilliant Directories Team

  9. reddyash New Member


    I have tried many directory softwares but nothing like brilliant directories. Easy admin panel and you can go live sooner than other directories. It's worth every penny spent.

  10. cathiedsquared New Member


    This week I had a phone appointment with a salesperson from Brilliant Directories. I have two Wordpress directories and one PHP link directory. I want to make a better one now and thought I might try Brilliant. At the time the salesperson called I was on the phone already talking to a potential client, so I missed the meeting, and she didn't call back yet. So I'm glad I read this forum. What scripts or platforms do you recommend?

  11. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY


    Is there a list of other people using the brilliantdirectories.com platform ?

  12. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    Hi Reddyash , can you please reach out to PureLocal.com.au to discuss this software.

  13. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    Is there anyone here who operates a BD store?

  14. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    Hello, are there any developers here who can help us with our Brilliant Directories website?

    In search results , the pagination links at the bottom are not working :
    go to site >> search doctors > search results > bottom of page > page 2 >>

    it should go to "DOCTORS" - page 2 but it goes somewhere else. All files have been reverted to default one by one but this doesn't fix the issue. Need a price quote please.

  15. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    Hey everyone , I assume there are some BrilliantDirectories users here.

    The maximum bandwidth allowance with BD sites is 10GB , we're currently using more than this for some reason.

    Because of the increased operating costs we are pushing our BrilliantDirectories site through Cloudflare so that heavy JPG,PNG,JS assets can be loaded through Cloudflare's Edge servers instead of the origin server thereby reducing our bandwidth and cost per month.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? We are a low traffic directory with 300-400 visitors per day but have somehow used 2GB in the last 2 days alone.

    Does anyone operate a BD directory and use Cloudflare to reduce bandwidth server costs ?

  16. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY


    Does anyone here use BrilliantDirectories.com and run a monetised site with them? Currently we paid the $2000 lifetime plan and a few months after joining they asked for $125USD per month to cover their server costs...We have not yet made back our initial investment and are running at a loss.

    If there are any BD sites out there which are making money then please PM me or contact us on the website : PureLocal dot com dot au

    Note : I have asked BrilliantDirectories directly for a list of successful sites but due to privacy none can be disclosed.

  17. PureLocal PTY New Member

    PureLocal PTY

    Paperweight : What is the BrilliantDirectories.com URL you're operating ?

  18. Brad New Member


    You can see all of Brilliant Directories customers here - viewdns dot info/reversens/?ns=NS1 dot DIRECTORYSECURE dot COM

  19. Adstore New Member


    Thanks muchly, Brad - this approach was very useful (applied it to Edirectory as well, but eD doesn't lock you down to their server, so it's not surprising that the number of sample sites is about half that of BD).

    It gives a quick view of what has been done by users so far (responsive layouts are great), and exposes a critical issue, and that is BRANDING. Most of the site names are bland or just plain awkward, IMHO. And a fair number appear to be dormant...they got set up quickly as placeholders, without any listings, so you can't really test response times, etc.

  20. thzfsdhdty Active Member


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