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Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by toradrake, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    I worked for ChaCha when they first came out as a search guide. Basically they were a human assisted search engine. Someone puts in a query and a person finds a few sites that are relevant to their search and send it back to them. They have come a long way, but can they still consider themselves a search engine?

    Anyway I went in and checked them out and here is my assessment.

    There site has definitely changed over the years. When I worked for them the page was a search bar and their name. Now its like looking at MSN.

    The search query I put in was "How to care for Chickens" .

    It came in slow.
    There were videos along the side and a few relevant answers, but there were more sites on cooking a chicken then caring for them.

    The most interesting part, in my opinion, is the Google ad's at the top.

    So I guess it is a decent search engine but it still needs to work on its load time and it is still dependent on Google.apparently. I was not very impressed with it though.

  2. Billy New Member


    Wow, I got some pretty lousy results. I used the keyword "how to get someone back", which could mean how to get an ex-girlfriend back, or it can be taken in the sense of waiting revenge. The first page results are (in order):

    How to get more sleep
    how to get a free ipad
    how to get good muscles
    how do i get hired for chacha
    how can i get a bigger butt
    how can i get my microsoft account to work
    how do i get my phone to receive chacha text
    how to get on time
    how can i get my neet receipts installed
    how can you get a password for a my verizon account

    Pretty lousy results.

  3. toradrake Member


    Wow, those are lousy results. I guess it depends on the search that you are doing... LOL. After all, they were human assisted search results at one time and the search results were held in the database. I wonder if that is why it came out so lousy now?

  4. Sunflower_Michele54 New Member


    With ChaCha, I did not receive the best results when it came to searching for topics. I feel like when you type in a 'how to' question about a certain topic, it displays searches that do not even relate to your search. Plus, if you are very specific with the question that you ask, most of the results on ChaCha still appear to be too general. It is very rare that you get an accurate search that pops up after you ask something. @Billy, I agree with your perspective on the searches that pop up with any question you type in the search box. I looked up 'how to become friends with a college professor.' I looked this up because I actually did become friends with one of my former college professors. These are three results that popped up.

    How does Professor Xavier in the Xmen become a parapalegic
    How do you become a biochemistry professor
    How can I become a college professor

    These were not related to my search at all. I do see why people do not rely on ChaCha for accurate answers.

  5. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Huh, I didn't even know that they still considered themselves a search engine. When I think of a search engine, I think of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Those are the ones that come right to mind. To me, it's more a place that I would go for a quick answer, like Yahoo! answers. That's how I have always seen it. It's pretty cool that you worked for them though. I have heard that it's actually a pretty cool place to work. I mean I'm sure when it first came out that it was a great search engine, but now it's far too dated.


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