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Chrome vs Firefox

Discussion in 'Web Browsers' started by KenBrace, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. KenBrace New Member


    Which browser is more popular do you think?

    I read on a site once that Google Chrome is the number one browser out there but I'm not so sure.

    Do you see more people using Chrome or Firefox?

  2. Converse Active Member


    My guess would be that Chrome is more popular than Firefox right now, but I know that most people visit my sites using MIE.

  3. KenBrace New Member


    How can you tell?

    Is that built into XenForo or are you using some third-party resource like Google Analytics?

  4. Converse Active Member


    Third-party. It comes with the hosting plan. I haven't looked in the past month or so, and don't know how Chrome fares against Firefox, but every time I look, the most commonly used browser to access any of my sites, including this one, is MIE.

    That doesn't come from me either because, although I have several browsers, MIE isn't one of them, since there hasn't been a Mac version of MIE in years.

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  5. May102014 New Member


    In today's time I would say "Google Chrome" is on top browser. In world wide web it is really obvious that most browser users may choose to use "Google Chrome" because it is fast and reliable browser. Its features are up-to-date and less bugs. The popularity of "Google Chrome" is not reason why most users they would rather to use it. They use because it is reliable browser and fit to their needs. Long Live!

  6. KenBrace New Member


    Google Chrome is my personal favorite at the moment.

    Not exactly sure why I prefer it over Opera or Firefox.

    It's fast, slick, and feature-rich. Guess I've just gotten used to it.

  7. chasedood New Member


    I do see a whole lot more people using Google Chrome. I use it as well. I have never really had any problems with it, I have used Firefox as well, but for some reason I am always going back to Chrome. There is just something about it, maybe its the UI.

  8. vespid49 New Member


    I used to use Firefox and Safari, but then I moved over to Chrome because of its integration with all of Google's products. That seamlessness was a big deal to me and I've never looked back. Firefox, while not a bad browser by any means, is just not my cup of tea. I think that more people use Google Chrome simply because it's Google, and everyone goes what Google is, while if you say Mozilla, next to nobody will know what company that is.
    Also, I like the slick interface of Chrome over that of Firefox. That's personal preference though. Google product integration is my main reason (and I'm sure for others as well) for switching browsers.

  9. KenBrace New Member


    Google is creating somewhat of a monopoly. They are buying out everything and everyone. They have a gigantic site in every primary niche of the internet.

    They own the video industry.

    They own the search engine business.

    They have a large stake in the blogging community.

    They are king of the advertising industry.

    The list goes on and on.

  10. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I mean it's hard to tell. I know some people who like using FireFox and then there are people like me who like using Chrome. I have both downloaded onto my laptop because I never know what one that I'm going to want to use. I usually use Chrome though. That's my favorite. I think that it's the safest of all the browsers that I have come across. That's the main concern that I have with the browser when I use one.

  11. proxy New Member


    Both of them are popular,But i think mozilla is first before google chrome

  12. safiy New Member


    I always use chrome for browsing. Most of the people in my knowledge uses chrome.


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