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Comparison of eSyndiCat & Subrion web directories?

Discussion in 'Directory Scripts/Themes' started by CallieJo, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. CallieJo New Member


    Both eSyndiCat & Subrion are owned by the same company called Intelliants.

    Has anyone used both of these directory scripts? I'm curious about what the real underlying differences are between the two. They seem to share a lot of the same features.

    I've used eSyndiCat a few years ago and use to see other directories built on it. But I've never seen anyone use Subrion.

    I'm wondering if Subrion is a better version of eSyndiCat. I just don't quite understand why they would be selling two directory scripts and what the real differences actually are.

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  2. Converse Active Member


    I have a copy of eSyndiCat, on which I have a directory in progress. Interestingly, when I was trying to decide which platform to use, the sales person from Intelliants suggested eSyndiCat. If I remember correctly, the comparison that he made was that eSyndiCat is the best choice for someone who wants to create a web directory, while Subrion might be a good choice for someone who is looking for a CMS platform that includes a web directory. My understanding then, is that if you plan on creating a website that has a lot of other information, but which will include a web directory, Subrion might be a good choice.

    Of the directory scripts that I have actually used, my preference is for eSyndiCat, followed by phpLD. However, I have been looking at phpMyDirectory and I think I am going to buy a copy for a niche directory that I am considering. From its features and its demo, it looks like a pretty good choice. It's considerably more expensive, though -- especially since phpLD is not only cheaper, but as a current license holder, I can get it for 50% off.

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  3. Ray Active Member


    I know I'm getting off-topic here but, I also own a copy of eSyndiCat, I used it for several years, and eventually replaced it with phpMyDirectory.

    I found eSyndiCat to be bulky and not very customizable, unless you use a bunch of plugins to get somewhere near whatever customization you're trying to achieve.
    On the other hand, phpMyDirectory is very flexible, and it has met all my expectations, I currently own 5 phpMyDirectory licenses, 4 of them running in active directories.

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  4. CallieJo New Member


    Ok, so they pretty much use the Subrion CMS platform as a base with additional addons. I checked out their Yellow Pages & Web Directory addons but I wasn't impressed. And I really wanted to like one of them. If I had to choose a CMS for a base I think I'd choose WP with a directory plugin that's cheaper.

    I still have a license to eSyndiCat not in use. But I'm not sure its the right choice for a new local niche directory I was originally trying to build on top of XF with addons.

    I forgot about phpMyDirectory! Having a brief look at it again I see that they have more features included. And their demo looks a lot more modern. I might have to investigate them further. Thanks @Converse & @Ray for the information.

  5. Converse Active Member


    I've noticed that phpMyDirectory has a plugin to tie the directory script to Xenforo, allowing members of both to access either without having to login separeately.

  6. Ray Active Member


    Yes they do but, at the present time it requires updating, I'm currently working on doing that same integration with my 5th phpMyDirectory license for my findplumbing.com website, currently running on Xenforo. I have an open support ticket with phpMyDirectory to try to expedite this update.

  7. Converse Active Member


    You expect that they will do that, right? That would be a large part of my decision on which software to use.

  8. Ray Active Member


    I don't think its a big deal, is just a matter of getting to it, as I mentioned above, I got my project on hold as well. Apparently, this had not been a popular integration, so its been off their radar for a long time until I tried to implement it, and found some issues with it.

  9. toradrake Member


    I saw a thread on this but have no idea what this is. So I created a new thread to find out what they are that separated it from their thread in case others (newbies) want to know also and so they do not have to search through that thread to find the answer to this specific question.

    Please explain what eSyndiCat & Subrion are and the difference between the two. Please explain in as dumb down a version as you possibly can as I am a moron at best and may not understand if you don't. :p

  10. Ray Active Member


    Hi Tora,
    Again, if you'd slow-down and read, ...
    They're directory scripts (The "platform" on which a directory are built). That may answer your "what's a plataform? question. LOL

  11. Converse Active Member


    This is a continuation of the same topic, which has to do with the differences between Subrion and eSyndiCat, so I've merged them. Both are web directory scripts, the chief difference being that Subrion is principally a CMS program, on the order of WordPress, which allows for a variety of content, besides the web directory, whereas eSyndiCat is for those who are principally interested in a web directory. This doesn't mean that you couldn't operate a web directory with a Subrion script or that you couldn't add other content to an eSyndiCat script, since the latter allows for other pages to be developed. Bearing in mind that I don't own a copy of Subrion, so my understanding of that script is based on the company's website as well as my correspondence with one of the sales people. I like the eSyndiCat directory script, and expect that the directory portion of Subrion is very similar.

    Imagine that I were interested in developing a site about the State of Maine, which would include profiles of cities and towns within the state, parks, and other attractions, as well as historical information, and outline of the state government, maybe a photo gallery, and a directory of Maine sites. If so, Subrion might be a better choice than eSyndiCat because it would require adding stuff to the eSyndiCat script, whereas Subrion is made for that. On the other hand, if I were mostly interested in the directory, but also wanted to include information about each of the directory categories, I could accomplish that with an eSyndiCat script, since it allows for category descriptions of any length, as well as additional fields that could be added.

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