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Do directories even help?

Discussion in 'I Hate Directories Because' started by KenBrace, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. KenBrace New Member


    At the moment I'm having to pretty much do all the editorial work on my site. I have 54 total categories in my forum directory and I'd like to have at least 5 - 10 sites in each before I start resting a bit. I'm pretty much having to do all the work myself at the moment. Like you said no one wants to submit their site to an empty directory so it is the admin's responsibility to get those categories filled. Once there is a decent amount of quality content in the then and only then will people have a desire to list start listing their own sites. You want people to feel like they are missing out if they don't submit their site. Same with a forum really.

  2. Converse Active Member


    If you keep the quality up, you might have a market for a forum directory. As you've noticed, there aren't very many, and there isn't anything special about the ones there are. Since Big Boards went down a few months back, there haven't been any good forum directories.

    On the upside, there are a lot of forums clamoring to be noticed, so you have a target audience, as far as potential submitters go. On the downside, forums go up and down all the time, so keeping it up to date could be a problem.

  3. KenBrace New Member


    That's true. I would eventually have to get a team of editors; each one responsible for a certain category or number of categories. It would be their job to make sure their area stays up to date. If people really like the site then I would probably get volunteers. I might also add some sort of incentive to being an editor/moderator. Like the permission to pin your own site to the top of the list or something.

  4. toradrake Member


    Just because it did not work in the past does not mean it will not work now. Besides, as I stated before, the directory was mainly for my site and not so much for mass market. I am not expecting to make much in the way of money off of it.

  5. Jason76 Member


    Yes, directories help quite a bit. However, they help less than in the past. In the past, forum and blog signatures had massive SEO power. Nowadays, though, social sharing and quality content push a site to the top of Google.

    I would say that directories, like forum and blog signatures, build trust for a website.

  6. KenBrace New Member


    Forum signatures have worked quite well for me. I'm not sure how much they help with SEO but they do bring in new members.

    If you post in forums similar to your own with a signature link members that are getting somewhat bored of that site will often migrate over to your forum.

    SEO is good for traffic but members are the most important part.

  7. cwvps New Member


    If they are well organized and provide me with the information I need then sure they are useful. A web directory is sort of like a phone book. It makes a search for a specific website much easier.

  8. Jason76 Member


    I might consult a directory when looking for websites on a hobby I enjoy. Sometimes directories provide cool websites that search engines won't list well Despite all the technology, search engines don't show us every good website in their top 10 or top 100 listings.

  9. chinomoreno New Member


    IMO, directories are the thing of the past now.
    You know how big it helps before in SEO because of the quantity of backlinks it gives, but I doubt it still gives the same value.
    For some people, link is still a link; well not for me.

  10. Converse Active Member


    This question has already been answered in this thread so I won't be repetitious. I can't help but wonder why someone who doesn't think web directories are worth a damn, and is not open to another view, would join a web directory forum, though. I hate football but I wouldn't join a football forum just to tell everyone how I hate football.

    On the other hand, if someone had actual reasons for believing the web directories are worthless, that might be worth discussing, but unsupported opinions aren't particularly helpful.

  11. SLTE New Member


    I can think of way too many people online who would join a forum about something they dislike for the sole purpose of moaning about that something. Way too many people.

    At any rate, directories - web or article or otherwise - have always struck me as a tool that got misused too many times. They became extremely popular because they helped with SEO and got results, too many people used them, and now they're on a bit of a downswing. At this point those who actually know how to cultivate quality directories need to step up - DMOZ is a good example, as ever, though I know there are others - and reintroduce these sites as a good way to categorize the web and make connections with potential clients. That may unfortunately lead to another influx of would-be money makers who will besmirch the name of the directory again, but that's usually how trends work in general.

  12. Converse Active Member


    That's a part of the problem. When directory owners began to develop directories for the sole purpose of search engine optimization, their products were less than web directories, and more like an SEO manipulation scheme. That is the danger. There is nothing wrong with recognizing that back links can be good for SEO, but when a directory is all about selling back links and not at all about directing anyone to anything, that is the sort of directory that might be a candidate for penalization by the search engines. Still, only a small minority of the really crappy ones have been penalized, along with a few good ones that got caught in the crossfire.

  13. 111kg New Member


    Despte of the fact that I have a pretty bad opinion about them, this doesn't mean they can be used. They can be used to point links to your direct competitors, hoping that Google will crush their rankings (yeah, I know, it's pretty unethical, but it often happens in this industry), for building some authority for your private blog network and so on.

    They definitely don't have the importance they used to have, but some of them can still be helpful if used properly.

  14. Alunny Member


    I've never searched a directory to my knowledge, so why would anyone else? Why not just use Google?

    Yeah that's what I was thinking until I came here...they used to be really popular and you'd hear about them all the time but now it just feels like Myspace...they may have updated their look or what ever but it's still Myspace.

  15. tlspiegel New Member


    Years ago I created a website directory. The premise was to have sections related to anything a student, parent, or teacher could use for reference on a huge variety of subjects. The directory was very well organized and had thousands of links. Those links went only to quality websites for the pertinent information, along with a review from me on what the website provided.

    The website directory was on the first page of Google, and I had a lot of visitors. At the time, I didn't monetize the site with Google AdSense ads.
    I kept the directory online for a number of years, until it became nearly impossible for me to keep the content updated because of dead links. So, I took it offline.

    When an owner of a site contacted me to include their website in my directory, if the quality lived up to my standards (and they were high), I would do so. I never asked for links back to my directory.

    At the time I had my directory, which was general information, a colleague of mine from Google Answers had an enormous directory specifically for archaeology. He eventually sold his site, because it became too difficult to keep up with dead links, just as I found out. Prior to taking my web directory offline, I put out some feelers for a buyer, but that never materialized into anything, so I just took it offline. Someone snatched up the domain name quickly, they've done nothing with it.

  16. rabst New Member


    Directories are 'how most of the big companies started' (I can only think of two such companies, but they're BIG ... Google & Facebook).

    You might remember: Google started-out as just 'a way to search-out the Internet' (maybe they were much-much more, but that's all they were to 'the world-at-large'), and Facebook started-out as just 'a directory of names for the faces you see on campus' (which is what universities' "facebooks" are ... offline).

    So it seems that Internet-workers like us should simply 'do their jobs well' (including 'registering your business with the official record-keepers'), and the directories themselves will find us and list us if we're worth finding & listing.

    This is why 'links from other sites' are a big factor in most directories' 'algorhythms' (formulas used in deciding the order in which to list sites that fit directory-users searches). Theoretically then, the best directories will add your site to their lists THEMSELVES when they see how popular 'links to it' are :D

  17. chinomoreno New Member


    The last time I checked on myspace, it looks something like a music/mp3 site?

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