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Do you do graphic design or hire out?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by greatnate, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. mr_bucks New Member


    I have no idea how this ended up on this thread.

    Depends on what type of "friends" you want on the accounts. It is pretty simple, just scrape pictures of good looking chicks from other social media sites. Then cross post them to the FB accounts you created. After that you join crappy FB groups and tell people to add you.

    It should be pretty easy to automate, probably you would have to do it slowly, so 5000/60 days = ~80 friends a day. So have 100 accounts, and then sell off each set of accounts as they mature, and replace them.

    There is a market for these accounts ? You can actually sell them for $30 to $50 each account ? Where do you sell them ?

  2. Scorp Member


    Yes, sure there's a market on them. Except that Facebook is so rigorous with their spam protection stuff, that is makes it really hard to quickly create accounts and do stuff. And the phone number account confirmation makes everything that much harder.

    About selling the accounts (or buying them), go to Google and type:

    Selling Facebook Accounts
    Buying Facebook Accounts

    And see what pops up...

    Basically, to answer your question, you sell them on Internet Marketing Forums. Preferrably Blackhat/Grayhat Internet Marketing forums. There's a market for them, and the prices are good...

  3. mr_bucks New Member


    There is a way around all of those things, just I was out of the game for a long time. I was just goofing around and had 5+ Facebook accounts each with maybe 100 to 400 friends, but I lost them when my computer crashed. It would take like 60-90 days to get it up and running. Create 1 account a day and then slowly add friends as you age them. Once you got the pipeline going, sell the accounts as they mature. The thing is you do not need to create that many accounts.

    Hmmm I have to look into this. I am clueless, I had no idea these things had value.

  4. Scorp Member


    Sure they do...
    Yeah, they have value.

    I mean, Facebook accounts with thousands of friends are probably the most valued accounts out there. For other stuff like Twitter accounts and email addresses and stuff, you can buy them by the thousands for really low prices. But Facebook accounts with a lot of friends, those don't come cheap.

    Of course, it also depends on a few other factors. Like, if you had a lot of friends from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, then that account would be much more likely to sell for a good price. If on the other hand you go to the addme groups and get an account that has horny guys and other fake accounts as friends, then that account will be worth less. It'll still be worth money, just maybe that account could go for, say, $30, while the one with the US/UK/etc followers could go for $50 or even more than that... especially if your friends actually like, share and comment on what you share...

  5. mr_bucks New Member


    @Scorp Thanks. I have to do some research and see if it is viable, and come up with a strategy to get friends. The process would have to be semi-automated, that is why the accounts have a high value. I have to think about it, thanks :)

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  6. dyanmarie25 New Member


    Depends on your skills and talents, if you could design a decent and good graphic, then why should you hire a graphic designer then, if you could clearly do it yourself? It's much cheaper and your artistic side is being put to good use. However, if you don't think that you can be artsy-fartsy, then I guess you've just got to leave it to the experts. :)

  7. lordrenly New Member


    I would hire graphic designers as well. I can do some designs myself if I don't have a choice or if I have to make a quick design update but I prefer to hire people for a large scale new design. I don't have that much artistic creativity to begin with so even though I can use the tools, I find it challenging to invent aesthetically pleasing ones from scratch. After the overall layout has been set, I will be fine to do the maintenance myself.

    Besides, I always feel that coding is the most productive use of my time. The sites that I work with change relatively quickly and have to pull a lot of data from databases so there should be a lot of work to keep me busy. I prefer not to deal with designing on top of that.

  8. Niall95g New Member


    Some images which are for personal use I will create myself. In regards to my business. It will all depend upon the complexity of the graphic that I need, however, usually I will use a graphic designer who I work close with to complete work that I need done to a high standard. As others have said, it somewhat relies on the individuals experience with graphic design and the users creativity too.

  9. tasha New Member


    I wish that I COULD do graphic design but my brother and sister are incredible designers. I have attempted to use adobe photoshop and illustrator but it is just not my thing. For those that can do it ...well done because it is not as easy as it looks and is definitely for those who are skilled!!!

  10. Niall95g New Member


    Tasha, you should take a look at Paint.net if you have not already. It is a very good application and I feel that it is easier to use and understand that Adobe PS. Perhaps it doesn't have all the features but for a novice/beginner, it is somewhat useful. There are also several tutorial videos on Youtube that will assist you.


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