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Dofollow Blog comment list.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Nikole Smyre, May 30, 2015.

  1. Nikole Smyre New Member

    Nikole Smyre

    Blog comment is the most one of the part of Search Engine Optimization. But most of the blog comment sites are Nofollow.
    Please, Anybody.friend help me for searching a dofollow list.

  2. peopletrendin New Member


  3. bonzer New Member


    My question is why would anyone offer a do-follow one-way backlink, as it will leak the link juice. Though link building is important, I stopped clamoring for one-way backlinks, instead tried to focus on good content and do-follow backlinks from guest posts. Any answers please.

  4. Srikanth New Member


    But most of the blog comments are not approved by the administrator.

  5. ashleybailey269 New Member


    Search for "Do follow blogs" in Google and you will get it but you need to note that most of the blogs now a days are no follow

  6. Jason76 Member


    Do-follow blogs quickly get attacked by spammers. Therefore, most do-follow blogs become no-follow. Of course, at one time there were "Comment Luv" blogs, but most of the owners became cynical about the idea and converted to no-follow. Nonetheless, a lot of do-follow forums still exist. Perhaps forums can control spam better than blogs can.

  7. chinomoreno New Member


    If you do blog commenting for the sake of having a backlink to your site, then all your efforts will go to waste.
    Building a backlink is not about how many you get or what type of link you get. It is all about relevancy and how you contribute to the online community.

  8. jewelraz New Member


    Absolutely rubbish list. I checked and there are several websites that won't allow blog comments. Also some of the sites are not blog at all. And most of them are nofollow.


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