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E-Mail Marketing

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    I don't know much about e-mail marketing but I was reading how your subject line is the most important part of the email. Makes sense. I went to school for Cinema production with an emphasis on Script Writing. One thing we were pressed on was our tag line. The tag line (aka punch line) is what catches a producer or agents attention to want to know more about the script. The tag line is best written as a catchy phrase or sentence that sums up the basic idea of your script. The same holds true of the subject line of your email.

    How many times have you received an email that you just deleted without viewing the rest of it because of what it said in the subject line? When email marketing... the people you are trying to reach are doing the same thing. Think about what would catch your attention if you were the average Joe. What would make you want to click on that email and view it?

  2. Arianna New Member


    This is a tough one. I probably don't open anything like this. I have been able to get people to open emails for marketing. Maybe because I am the kind that it is hard to get me to open them I know just how to get someone to open an email.

  3. toradrake Member


    I don't usually open emails either. If it is not someone I know, I just by pass it. Unless there is a really catchy subject line that has me curious. With so many scams out there, people are a bit more cautious about opening emails from unknown senders. So I think email marketing would be really difficult unless the person is subscribed to a newsletter or site and you are just emailing them a product or service through that.

  4. Converse Active Member


    I delete 90 percent of my mail, and that's the stuff that gets past my spam filters. I look very briefly at my email, glancing at the From field and the Subject field. Delete... Delete... Delete... Delete... Delete. Del...oops, I know that one.

  5. jblogger New Member


    Email marketing works but as you all said the tricky part is making people opening them in the first place. Once you got their attention it's easier to sell them what you want.

    I'm not an expert copywritter but I do my best to improve my skills everyday because that's where the money is. From what I know the only real way of making a sale via email marketing is by convincing your audience that you are not selling anything, but of course show them an offer they can't pass. It's almost some kind of jedi mind trick thing.

  6. toradrake Member


    Well the force hasn't been with me for quite some time... either that or I just fail to get the weak minded. LOL I can see how email marketing can work, but like I said before the spam market is so bad that most just do what @Converse does... delete...delete....delete....undo...delete....

  7. Rainman New Member


    Spammers, IMHO, have critically crippled email marketing. Most people who've been using the net for a while know that whatever sounds too good to be true probably isn't. Email marketers make that mistake. Their attempt to get potential customers to open their emails forces them to fib. And that costs them. Personally I never delete those emails. I filter them out . . . and never see them in my inbox.

    Nonetheless I have to agree that it's your subject line that might get your email opened.

  8. SimplySidy Member


    I will never open an email from anyone I did not know or at least, I did not expect. With the email scanners of many providers easing the tasks, it gets better. Though there are time when some such emails do land up in my inbox instead of the spam bin.

    I look at the senders, if I know them, I read them, else, it gets difficult to read through all of them. I know, this is unhealthy as many good emails too get done with without being read, but then, I have almost no choice. I dont want to get into some scam or spam like many others.

  9. Billy New Member


    Ugghh...there is this marketer named Han Fan who just floods my inbox daily. It's not my primary email, and I haven't unsubscribed out of curiosity, because apparently he does well, maybe the reason he does do well though is because he spams his subscribers daily. Pretty much every day, or at least 5 times a week, I get an email from him saying something like "2 Hours Until (insert product here) goes Live!" and then I'll get an another email talking about the bonuses he's offering if I buy the product.

  10. jblogger New Member


    Well &Billy that's how email marketing works. Every marketer has this follow up sequence to send to their list. Remember that the goal is to make the people on the list to make a purchase so the first few emails will be about the offer without actually showing it nor trying to sell yet. They just want to make people curious about that offer. Then a couple days before launching the product they are going to start with the "X amount of time before it goes live!". Expect at least three more emails like this before the launch time. Then after the race until it closes begins and then the subject of the mails changes to "X amount of time before it's over!". Of course having the sense of urgency will drive people crazy into buying. Add one or two mails showing the bonus and that's it.

    There you go. Email Marketing 101 right here.

  11. Scorp Member


    I can generally tell it's spam just by looking at the title.

    Generally, I glance at the spam folder and delete everything, and then usually tend to spot whatever got through the spam filters and got to my inbox, and delete that too without even opening it.

    However, now that I landed on this thread I thought about it, and from time to time, rarely, I have even opened emails in my spam folders, and then ended up deleting them. The reason I opened them was actually the title of the email. Don't ask me what it was, I can't remember, but the title had something to it that made me open it for some reason, I guess because I suspected that it maybe wasn't spam, even thought it turned out to be.

    So yeah, the title of the email I'd say is the number 1 most important thing, whether you're spamming or not...

  12. Jason76 Member


    In my case, I ignore a lot emails and I assume others do the same. I might sign up to some email list to gain useful info and then read only one or two emails. Therefore, I think email marketing is a waste of time. I'd rather focus on building a blog with quality posts and hope the regular readers will buy something. As many know though, it takes more than one sales pitch before most people will buy.

  13. chinomoreno New Member


    Yep, catchy or controversial taglines/headlines will definitely catch your audience attention.
    Even I, fell for it so many times. However, to keep readers from reading your email, you should not disappoint them.
    It should always go with a good message.

  14. fastreplies Original Member



    What if some hacker broke into PC of your friend, stole your email address and then
    start spamming you or would sell your address to marketing company so they spam you?



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