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Earning through photography

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Shan Barton, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Scorp Member


    Creating your own site and trying to sell your pictures on there would be the best thing, of course. Since you could list anything you want, won't have to pay any percentage of your earnings to anyone (except for the hosting and domain name), and you can also put some ads on there (like Adsense) for extra profit.

    That being said...

    First of all you'd need to waste time to create the website. You'll have to spend money on Hosting and a Domain name and not know if it will bring any return at the end of the day. And you also may need to waste more money to pay a designer or a programmer for your website, especially if you really want to change the original theme, or if you want your own theme created from scratch. And then, for example if you use Wordpress.org, you will have to update Plugins and your Theme and Wordpress itself from time to time.

    Using one of the stock sites is beneficial in that it's free, and no time needed for technicalities. However, you are a bit limited in that they may not accept each and every photo you submit.

    And maybe the most important thing, the stock photos out there are promoted and already getting much traffic, and people trust them (some of them) to go and spend money on them. But if you create your own site you would have to promote it and build trust from zero, which is never easy.

    Here are some sites you can list your photos on, and probably make some sales.

    ImageTwist (this is revenue sharing site. You make money every time any of your pictures is viewed. However, you would have to share, promote and get traffic to your photos, as there's no internal traffic to see your pics)


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