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Facebook as main source of traffic

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by calebmelvern, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. calebmelvern New Member


    Do you use Facebook as your primary source of traffic? I've been studying a lot lately about social media marketing. I have a new website and I think it will attract users of social media because I have lots of pictures. My problem is I'm not a social media guy. I even deleted my Facebook account earlier this year.

    Any tips for me? I would appreciate your advice, especially if you have experience with Facebook ads.

  2. jaray87 New Member


    I think Facebook is great in terms of driving traffic but it could be difficult if you do not have a good number of friends or followers to start with. Just like you, I wasn't into FB at all. I started looking into it about a month ago and I have been reading about many different ways of gaining followers. But from the bulk that I've read, it is key to have a good set of 'friends' so that whatever you share can reach more people.

    I guess my tip for you is to join as many fanpages as possible and make genuine friends. Join pages/groups that speak to you and that interests you. Once they get to know you, they would be more inclined to 'repost' or share your postings (which is what you probably want). But remember, do not spam posts or you'll get kicked out really quickly.

  3. NathanG New Member


    I rarely get traffic from Facebook, and like you, I have a lot of pictures on my site. I think in order to attract Facebook users you will need to interest them, and to do that you will need much more than "lots of pictures." I have read before that you don't need a lot of friends to get content out, you just need friends that will share your posts.

    As you make real friends that will share your posts, you will eventually get more coverage and drive a lot more traffic to your website. Although I've only heard/read about this, it seems like a substantial method of driving traffic to your site.

  4. tmgenterprises New Member


    I do pretty well with Facebook traffic, but this is just a regular account - I don't do ads. I drive a lot of traffic by posting blurbs when I do a new blog post or have a new product out. Adding an image is definitely helpful, I've found. I am friends with a lot of people within the industry, so they're naturally interested in the same things as I am.

  5. Converse Active Member


    Since I am on Facebook, I regularly post links to sites that I am trying to promote but rarely does anyone visit my site through Facebook. Even those who have taken the time to "like" my post usually don't actually click on it.

  6. NathanG New Member


    Yes, it has been shown many times that posts on blogs with images have more traffic. Unfortunately most of my friends on Facebook are not the least bit interested in Web Design and Development, so I usually get little to no traffic from Facebook. This is to be expected though, as I have said, because of the little interest from my friends. :p

  7. athena02 New Member


    It might have been me doing things wrong, but I never got as much traffic as I expected with Facebook. I used Twitter as my main source of traffic for over a year until a friend suggested that I try Reddit. Reddit is simply great if you manage to get past the moderation, and create controversial topics. My best experience with it is one of my webpages getting over 10k hits from Reddit users within two days.

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  8. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    With a combination of facebook ads and frequent interactive updates on a facebook page or group, I believe you can get a good amount of traffic. I have seen several of my clients use this same strategy to get people to their websites. The greatest challenge with facebook is keeping people engaged. You have to provide interesting updates to keep people coming to your facebook page or group.

  9. toradrake Member


    Facebook can be a great "middle ground" for a website. First off, it is a bit easier to market your Facebook than a website. Facebook even has a marketing package you can pay for that will circulate your page randomly throughout. Ever notice the random ad's that pop up time and again while your scrolling through the announcements. You can even pay for spots on the ad's section on the page, you know... along the right side.

    Make the Facebook page resemble your website (Don't use your personal Facebook page unless it is a personal site you are marketing. Create a separate page for business only... you can link it to your personal if you want but keep it separate) and put links that take the viewer to the site for products, information, etc...

  10. tasha New Member


    I dont think that facebook has been a great social platform for me and it is so difficult to market yourself on it. I have had the most traffic from pinterest and my sister swears by instagram

  11. TellyV New Member


    Facebook is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage. Updating your status an pictures frequently is only the first step. I suggest liking and following pages that have thousands of follows and friends, such as magazines or celebrities and commenting on something they put up with your website info, this has worked for me plenty of times. If you comment early enough, you will have lots of people visiting your website.

  12. LuckyGirl08 New Member


    I use FaceBook as my main source for getting traffic or promoting things. The best advice that I could give you is create a FaceBook fan page or group and invite your friends first. Then, join different groups on FB and ask them to like or join your FB page or group. Also, I find it easy to drive traffic my posting links and tagging friends in the post. I hope that this could help you.

  13. queenbee New Member


    I think as you're starting out, you should follow other pages and join in to community discussions. Only promote yourself when it is relevant and genuinely, or at least ostensibly, helpful and interesting. No-one wants to hear about a selfish spammer, but as long as you're passionate and post with measurable integrity, people will follow you. That said, facebook isn't the be all and end all - have a look at tumblr, instagram, and perhaps youtube (you could make video guides).

  14. Sly14Cat New Member


    I've never tried it before although I don't find it impossible. It seems quite easy to gather likes on Facebook, although a little harder to get someone concentrated on your brand/idea/whatever. So as a main source of traffic, I'm not too sure about that, but it could be possible if you're a really good social engineer.

  15. jade870 New Member


    I use face book for many things, one is for advertising. I just created a web site of my own, so with all the friends I have on my face book account it really helps. That’s over 300 people they concede my ads and my advertising for my current web site. I really find this actually very useful I get more hits than you might actually think. Facebook is a great way of letting people know what you’re doing especially if you are in the advertising social media market. All of your friends can see what your website is doing and how its growing and changing daily.

  16. Billy New Member


    I've often thought about starting this, because every bit of traffic helps, and the more sources of traffic that you can get, the better, but the problem is, it takes a lot of time to figure it out. So, I've procrastinated on it, while I do other things. You can find out a lot about it by looking through Google. I remember looking for some case studies on varied sources of traffic, and I came across a lot studies in Google.

  17. toradrake Member


  18. SimplySidy Member


    What kind of Pictures ? And what kind of articles you have on your website ? These are the two most essential factors that can help in understanding and giving you an opinion about.

    Look at @NathanG 's response above - "my friends on Facebook are not the least bit interested in Web Design and Development..." - It is obvious that FB is any good a place if you are about Web Design and Development.

    Also, look at dear @Converse 's response - "Even those who have taken the time to "like" my post usually don't actually click on it" - this is what 90-95% of people out on Fb do - just click the like or if it goes that catchy, share. No need to click the link and read or even view what it is about.

    Now, that is not just about Fb, it is about almost every social media site out there.

    Hence, I asked about the niche of your blog/website. However you might still try -
    1. Pinterest - good for you as you have more images - I hope they are original stuff and not the ones many of the websites use
    2. Instagram - images again
    3. Redditt - if you have some good content alongside and maybe with or without images
    4. Linked in - In case you are a website with some services

    (Note: As I said above, the best advice can be made only if the factors - your niche and audience - are identified - and unfortunately, the post of yours doesnt give me these details. As such, my response may or may not be that accurate, use your judgement).

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  19. midnightblur New Member


    I always use Facebook as main source traffic at the beginning of my websites. In FB, it's easy to find active groups or fanpage that have my target audiences so I just create content on the blogs and share to them => free & nature traffic. I use that traffic to boost SEO and when SEO become mảo traffic source, I stop posting on Facebook cause it takes much time

  20. SadieMarie New Member


    Facebook marks everything as spam. They disabled my account for talking about their competitor, Tsu. There explanation was I wasn't using my real name despite the fact the name I was using is my legal name and says so on my Id that I sent them a copy of. I rarely use Facebook as a way to get traffic. They are using its users by keeping the money from your content with ad revenues. I sometimes use Tsu and get paid to promote on there. I also use Stumbleupon as a good source of traffic.


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