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Facebook as main source of traffic

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by calebmelvern, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. SimplySidy Member


    It seems you are lucky that Fb responded to you. They have never done so in my and a few other cases I know. When I had my website with a .co.in TLD, they banned my page for no reasons cited. Initially they had put it down citing No Trafic or activity for 3 months and that really was not understandable as my personal account was inactive for a few years but was never pulled down. They did not even terminate my account even when I asked them to delete itbeen there for over

  2. Kamarsun1 New Member


    I use Facebook but not as a primary source of traffic. I like Twitter much better, but it all depends on what your doing. I am a music artist and producer and twitter allows me to target my audience better.

  3. Billy New Member


    I've heard that Facebook has been making a lot of changes lately, this is why it's a good idea to have multiple traffic sources, because if one of them dries up, you'll still have the others.

  4. Kamarsun1 New Member


    That's true, I use Twitter mainly. For some reason I have had a hard time marketing my music to the people I know, but I have loyal listeners on twitter that love my music. It's like day and night Twitter vs Facebook.

  5. Billy New Member


    I'm going to be trying out Twitter very soon, I'm about to create a new account for a new site within the next few days. I've heard that the traffic can be very poor though, because people on Twitter have low attention spans, but we'll see.

  6. CyberGal New Member


    Social media is definitely important but I don't think that you can put all of your hope in one place. There's no guarantee that your FaceBook traffic will convert. There's also the possibility that this traffic source could all of the sudden dry up on your for some reason. This clearly isn't a good idea nor is it something you want to have happen to you so I wouldn't recommend doing it.

  7. Kamarsun1 New Member


    Traffic can be a little slow on twitter, and that's why I usually post short clips of my material. Most of my youtube videos are under 10mins, which can be about the limit for all of people.

  8. Scorp Member


    Facebook never ever responds to anyone. She really is lucky. :D

    Although it's not just Facebook. Most of those giants never respond to emails (e.g Google)...

    As far as using Facebook as a main source of traffic, no, never! Personally I would never use any 1 website or method as my main source of traffic, because that makes me too dependable on them, and they can mess things up for me and kill my income if they want. I don't want anyone having that kind of power over me.

    That's the same as asking, "Google as a main source of traffic," or, "Youtube as a main source of traffic."

    No and no. If we're talking search engines, there's also Yahoo, and Bing, and so many others. And I believe one should use all of them. For example, everybody advises you to submit your site to Google's webmaster tools in order to get indexed faster and crawled more often and stuff. But what about Bing webmaster tools? Do we just let it go because it has less potential to bring traffic? No! We submit our site there too.

    Then Youtube. All these people promoting PPD and CPA offers on all these forums and eBooks talking about methods like: "Youtube + PPD," or, "Youtube +CPA." Sure, okay, but what about DailyMotion? What about MetaCafe? What about All of those other video sites that may have less traffic, but why not get your videos in front of that traffic too? You can only earn more from doing so. But most of the times those other sites aren't even mentioned, and they should be.

    So use Facebook if you want as your main source of traffic, but don't forget about Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ (a major one that can help you rank on google's search engine as well), StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and all the others...

  9. Mockingbird New Member


    I don't think that Facebook is the most effective way to drive traffic, it might be good for an occasional boost now and then but as a continuous driver? Not likely. My Facebook new feed is in constant motion, so much so if I did not check it 247 I would miss posts that would be worthwhile to check out further. It got like that because years ago I built friend lists that were just to big and mostly really not on target. Back then you could do URL plugs and self promotions for your sites.

    Now what you could do is build a page that just addresses whatever it is you are trying to promote and use that not so much for link blasting but to really work people more one on one to support your site. It is more time consuming but you can get very loyal users if you work it constantly. For instance I do a fair amount of blog work for some bands in my local metal music community, keeping posts for shows up to date and getting pictures online after a show is huge in getting people to the shows of course, but at the end of the day it is the feel of one on one conversations that keep people coming back and buying band merch.

  10. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that if you have the right 'connections' friends then you will be able to drive traffic to whatever you want. If you don't, then I don't think that you will be able to. If you have friends or family that you know would love to see your work, then I think that you will be able to get traffic. That's the tricky thing about Facebook though, you don't know how much you are getting. You don't know how many people actually read it or looked at what you wrote. They do this now on Twitter, so you can see how many impressions you are making with your tweet. So that might be another source to look into for traffic.

  11. maverick New Member


    Social networks in general are a great source of traffic, you can definetly state that. For the tecniques of advertising, in specific on Facebook but the tecniques are applicable to any social media I think, goes from the simple spamming under the posts of famous people to the creations of pages of common interests like hot girls or money making and so on and so forth. This should bring you a quite good amount of traffic but don't really expect and exodus because to reach it you'll have to work hard and maybe even on different social networks like Google+ and Twitter so if you're not a social media guy you better be start to get on well with it.

  12. Scorp Member


    By the way, on Facebook pages you can see how many people have seen your posts. Under every post it's shown how many people have seen the post. It's not counting clicks, just how many people saw it on their newsfeed.

    But, that may not be such a great thing, with the reduced reach of pages on Facebook, when you see a page with 3000 likes gets 10 views on a post, stuff like that haha.

    I get more impressions for my posts on twitter now than I do for Facebook pages, which is crazy, but it is what it is...

  13. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Oh yeah, I don't have a Facebook page, so I didn't know anything about that. I mean it's good that you can see that, but like you said if you aren't getting the views that you need it's not good.
    And if you get more views on Twitter rather than Facebook, then that is a better way for you to get traffic. I know now when I use Twitter I always look to see how many people are looking at what I'm posting, and the impressions that my Tweets get. It's good to see that because then that way you can judge how well the site will work for you if you want to get traffic to your work.

  14. Scorp Member


    That's true, but don't get overly caught up with looking at statistics all the time. I mean, I don't know if you do or don't, but ultimately it is a waste of time. The point is to get as many followers as you can, real ones, and then your number of views will increase.

    As far as social media goes though, my advice is - Automate, Automate, Automate, and be Everywhere :)

  15. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Oh no I just like seeing how many people look at the things that I post. I think that's smart though. I think that a lot of people can benefit from that advice. I know so many people who only care about that stuff and likes on their page. It's sad. I don't understand why people will go and buy likes and followers. If they really want that stuff then they should go out and get them like other people do. They shouldn't take the easy road out. Many people won't do that, but the smart ones will.

  16. Scorp Member


    Well let me tell you. I advise people to buy Followers and Likes (Likes not so much anymore with the reduced reach for pages and other stuff facebook is doing, but that's a different story). I do that for 2 reasons.

    One is, for example particularly for Twitter, there's an analogy on Twitter where if you're following 2000 people more than are following you, then you can't follow anymore people until the difference gets reduced. So if you're following 4000 people, and 2000 people are following you, then you can't follow anyone else until more people follow you. So what happens when you're following 100s of people daily to get them to follow you back? Many will, but many won't. So eventually you will hit the limit, and effectively be limited in what you are doing. But then, if you buy, say, 10,000 followers, you can keep going without a care in the world :)

    And the other reason is simply human nature. People are more likely to interact with you, follow you, like you, buy from you, trust you, if you have a lot of followers already than if you have a few. Cold truth.

  17. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    That is actually pretty smart. I didn't know that Twitter did that. I thought that you could keep following as many people as you want. But that would make sense to do that. I always thought that people would buy followers because they couldn't actually get real ones. I thought that it was just so people could be more famous. I see where you're coming from, and I think that's smart.

    But what about Facebook? Should the same thing be said that? Because I'm not sure how the Facebook page works, but I know you can send out invitations to ask people to like the page, and send messages asking. Because I"m sure that you could go and buy likes on your page since you can basically buy anything nowadays. Should people be able to do that? I honestly don't think that they should do that, but that's me.

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  18. Scorp Member


    Yeah, no, you can't keep following people uncontrollably, eventually you'll reach a roadblock when you end up following 2000 people more than what are following you. One reason to buy is that, but actually more people do it just to inflate their numbers. Maybe they already have, say, 10.000 followers, but buying 50.000 and having 60.000 followers just looks so much better, so much better :)

    Facebook is different, nowadays. First of all they reduced page reach. So say once upon a time you post a status on your page, and your page has 100 likes, 100 people, or 90 people would see your post. Nowadays the reach is like 5%, so out of 100 likes you have, 5 people will see your post. And then if your post gets likes/shares/comments, it will get more reach, and more people will see it. That being said, if you then go and buy 100 likes, which will most probably be fake likes from fake accounts, then the 10 people that will see your post, it could end up being seen only by the fake accounts that liked your page, hence, really, nobody will see your post. And then also, Facebook has been removing and blocking fake likes like crazy, so even if you do buy some they are very likely to be removed. Then also, Facebook is making it REALLY HARD to have multiple accounts on there, and so that has seriously inflated the prices for Faceook likes. You'd pay like $15-20+ for 1000 Page Likes.

    So all those things considered, Buying and Selling Facebook Likes is pretty much useless nowadays, and pretty much dead/dying... unfortunately :(

    Honestly, I wish Facebook would lose millions and millions of users, so that they stop behaving like a big corporation that considers only it's own selfish interest. hahaha really though, they are the hardest social network to bot/script at the moment. Anything you do causes verifications and captchas and f***ng ID identification. But the problem is that that's creating problems for people that made Facebook what it is. All them internet marketers that created all them pages and all them memes and all that content that kept people entertained and on facebook for hours on end, they're basically being kicked out of Facebook by Facebook due to all of these changes. The reason? You may think that Facebook wants it's user-base to be happier and all that jazz, but we all know what it's all about, it's all about the money. It's like saying that the government fines you for, say, not wearing a helmet on your bike because they care about your life. They don't. They fine you to take your money. They don't care if you die in a crush. That said, these changes Facebook is making is only so that they can sell more advertising on there. So they've forgotten who made them, they don't appreciate, and for that reason I wish they crush, burn, lose money, and people move to other more appreciative platforms :D like Twitter, Pinterest, even Google+, anything...

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  19. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Oh okay, that makes sense. I thought when people were buying the likes, they got more from it. Honestly, you would think for the amount of money that you have to pay, that you would get more from it. I have never bought likes or anything like that for anything so I don't know too much about that. I just get followers the normal way. So, it seems like there is basically no point in buying the likes or followers.

    Yeah, I think that's why Facebook is starting to not be so popular anymore. Honestly, I don't even really use mine anymore. I think that it's a waste of time. There isn't anything good left on that site. I can't believe that Facebook would kick all the accounts though. Those are the accounts that I enjoy looking at when I'm on Facebook, and I'm sure that I can say the same of a lot of other people out there. In all honesty, all these sites care about is money. They just want to be able to make money off you. They don't care what they have to do in the process, as long as they are getting their money. It's sad to see that because Facebook used to be a really great site that I really enjoyed going on. If Facebook cared more about their users they would do things a lot differently. I can see that now from your post. I"m thinking about that extra app that we had to download in order to try and talk with people on the site. The app is the lowest rated from the top apps. But does Facebook care? No, they don't care. So many people were mad about that, and they let them know through reviews. I thought that because it was rated so bad that they would get rid of it soon, but they didn't because they just don't' care.


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