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Facebook Quietly Debuts New Local Search and Discovery Tool

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by toradrake, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    "For example, if you enter "New York City, NY" into the search box, Facebook will recommend restaurants like Eataly NYC and Ippudo New York. And if you click a restaurant's image, for example, Ippudo, you will be linked to its company page on Facebook." Clickz junior reporter Yuyu Chen

    This seems to be a big plus for brick and mortar stores that have webpages. Now if they could just work out something that will help with digital stores, then they would be getting somewhere.

    Here is a link to the whole article

  2. TellyV New Member


    Yes, I agree. Facebook should have links to digital stores to help them with their sales. Also Facebook should let them advertise more but based on what the users likes and is interested in. I think this is a great thing all and all but I'm sure they will improve it more and more.


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