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Google Ad Sense

Discussion in 'Google' started by danielle davidson, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I have heard that this isn't a very good place to use for ads on your blog. The reason being that you have to click on the ads. I know that I don't click on ads so I don't know how many other people are either. I think that they should make the ads so that you don't have to click on them, they could just be on the page and you could make money from it. I think that way people would be able to make more money. So, what do you think of Google ads?

  2. 111kg New Member


    Well, it's not that easy to make money with Adsense anymore. There are literally thousands of people working on the same niches, thinking that their websites are the next big thing. Finding a niche with no competition is harder that it's ever been and Google doesn't seem to like the sites created only for content, that bring little to no value for their users.

    Unless you are willing to put some serious work on your projects, you won't make any money.

  3. jblogger New Member


    Well that's true for any monetization effort you are doing. Un less you are willing to work hard you won't see any results.

    As for the rest of your comment I totally agree with you. 10 years ago it was easy to set up a site, place some ads there and make money on your first week. Now there's just too much competition but it is still possible to make money with Adsense. You just have to bring a steady traffic stream to your site and you'll see the money.

  4. 111kg New Member


    Yes. You're totally right. What bothers me is the fact that Google hits and misses with content websites. Few months back I made an experiment: 2 websites on the same niche, but with different content. I can't tell you the keywords for obvious reasons, but without any offsite SEO work, one has lot of views while the other, with ~ same number of searches per month, barely received 10-15%of the first site's traffic.

    Both of the websites have the same type of contents, they are not associated in any way, they don't share the same analytics account and even the same Google Adsense accounts. Sometimes you really have to know when to stop working at a site, because whatever you do, your earnings will be pretty much the same.

  5. tlspiegel New Member


    I joined Google AdSense when it first came out in 2003. I've placed AdSense ads on all my sites since then. At one time I was able to bring in a really nice income averaging over $600/month... but that has deteriorated into literally pennies a day. People have become ad blind. And Google AdSense targeting has become really poor. Even if you have a quality website, with original content, the competition is outrageous.

    Many people think they can create a poorly written website and put AdSense ads on it and that's that. Those are called Made for AdSense (MFA), sites and it is good cause to get you banned forever from the program. If your account is closed, forget about getting another account -- it just won't happen. If you make a website with copied (scraped) content, it's against Google Terms of Service which state that "AdSense pages cannot be created for the sole purpose of displaying ads." Those kinds of sites also may try to disguise the ads by looking like they are part of the navigation bar. Again, not permitted.

    So, will I continue to utilize Google AdSense even though it may take me more than a year to reach the $100 payout? Yes, I will... but I'm also using Amazon Affiliate ads and they are doing quite well.

  6. myarcus New Member




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