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Google vs Bing

Discussion in 'Bing' started by Sly14Cat, Nov 6, 2014.


Bing or Google?

  1. Bing

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  2. Google

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  1. Sly14Cat New Member


    This is something that's been around for quite a while, but everytime it seems to have more people leaning towards the side of Bing than before. So since we seem to have much more varied arguments than before, I'll ask the infamous question: What's better, Google or Bing?

  2. Converse Active Member


    I choose Bing, not only because I can earn gift certificates by using Bing but, ever since Google instituted personalization to its search, Google results have never been worse. Without the gift certificates, I would use Startpage, since it uses Google results without the personalization, which are far more accurate.

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  3. calebmelvern New Member


    I've been using Bing more than Google recently, but as to which one is better, my vote still goes to Google. Bing still seems to have a hard time understanding obscure search queries, but I must say they have vastly improved. But Google gets the job done every time. What I don't like with Google is how they rank YouTube videos so high, presumably because they own it. As for personalized results, that can be fixed by using search operators or private browsing. But the casual user may not know about this.

  4. Billy New Member


    I've always used Google, but I'm bias, because I do SEO, and Google results are the only ones that matter for me.

  5. Starshinesis New Member


    I have long done Google as my go to search engine. Recently I've started using Bing to earn the gift cards. But I just use it enough times a day to earn gift cards and then back to Google (or swagbucks for other gift cards). When I'm really seriously searching to find important stuff and don't want to try numerous times then I use Google. I didn't know about the personalizing thing, but I had noticed that YouTube always seems to be ranked high. I guess I know why now.

  6. toradrake Member


    I fully agree. Google is getting to big for itself and so SE queries are coming back terrible. I'm not saying that Google is bad or anything, but from what I am seeing it is almost as if Google is moving away from being an SE and trying to go a different direction.

  7. jdroc New Member


    I used your link, hope you got your points. thanks for informing. I love free stuff. Well maybe it's not exactly free but anything I can get for something I use already is great.

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  8. sweetkymom New Member


    I used to use Google all the way but ever since I was introduced to Bing, I totally switched over to it. I like the fact that I can get accurate searches plus earn rewards at the same time. It takes time getting the points for a reward but the thought of it being there is very helpful. I also use another search engine when I max out with Bing so I can earn rewards from my other one as well.

  9. Billy New Member


    I read a article about Google where one of the founders was saying that the ultimate goal of Google is to get rid of websites and be able to give their users the information that they want. You can see them already making a transition to this when you do some searches. Like, if you type in "how to lose weight" above the results it will give a list of things that you can do. Of course, these lists have been taken from someone's website, so Google's basically stealing someone's information in an effort to make their users not have to visit any sites.

  10. Wulfman New Member


    I have done tests, searching for random topics on Bing and Google for Amazon Mturk. Most of the top 10 search results were ordered differently and sometimes there were different results altogether in the top 10 or 20. The results I got from Bing were a bit more in depth I felt while Google gave me links to more informative and general websites.

    What website pays you to use Bing for searching for topics ?

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  11. jade870 New Member


    I have always used Google more than I have Bing, I don't think I've ever really tried using Bing that much for my typical searching on the web. Maybe I need to try the search engine a little more so far have heard good things about it. And even that you can earn a little bit of money or gift cards. I don't think Google offers anything like that. However I have been very happy with Google and the way it works, it has never disappointed me in what I am searching four. Overall I guess I would have to say that I would prefer using Google more that I would any other general site .

  12. Converse Active Member


    Bing does. You would sign in with Bing using a Microsoft account, which is available free if you don't have one, and it will credit your account with the number of unique searches that you do . If I search for the same thing over and over again, it will credit me only once that day, but every time I search for something different, I get credited. You can get gift cards for a lot of places other than Amazon.com but Amazon.com is the one that I always choose since I buy from them a lot.

  13. Billy New Member


    When I've checked what type of sites rank in Bing it seems that they still like article directories. Not sure if you know or not, but a few years back, Google used to love certain article directories, and you could easily get a first page ranking just by submitting an article, but then Google changed its mind (as it always does) and barely ranks them at all anymore. Bing sometimes seems like its Google from a few years ago.

  14. Converse Active Member


    As with so many other things, it all depends on the quality. Everyone has heard that Google doesn't like web directories, yet web directories that are of good quality continue to do well. The only thing wrong with web directories is that so many people were using them in SEO scams.

    The same is true of article directories. A well organized article directory, with reasonably well written and unique articles, will continue to be indexed and to do well, but there were so many crap article directories listing crap articles, spun articles, and duplicate content, that they became valueless.

    I am not much into article directories, so I don't know, but my guess is that if someone were to put together a good quality article directory, maybe calling it something else to indicate that it is an information resource, and maintain strict quality standards on the articles that are published there, it would do well.

    The intent influences the outcome. When a web directory is established for the purpose of selling links for SEO purposes, that directory is unlikely to maintain reasonable quality standards, and will fail. The same is true of article directories.

  15. Billy New Member


    Hmmm..well Ezinearticles have editors who can sometimes be strict, but Google still hasn't rekindled the relationship that they once had with EA. I think that with Google once they find out that something is being used for affiliate marketing purposes, they do their best to shut it down.

  16. Kamarsun1 New Member


    I use them both but I like the search results just a little bit better on bing. If I had to pick one it would probably be bing.


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