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Googles Future

Discussion in 'Google' started by toradrake, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    In an article written by Julia Spence-McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, Julia goes over her assessment of whether or not Google's future is promising or failing. With the lose of the brains of the operation it does look a bit bleak and the changes that have been occurring at Google, it seems as if failure is in their future.... but there is still promise there. After reading the article, what is your opinion? Is Google going to fly high again? Or fall flat on its face?

    The Future of Google+ : Boom or Bust?

  2. Converse Active Member


    That article is about the future of Google+, not the company itself. As we have seen, Google frequently drops products, often without much notice. In this case, I suspect that what we'll see is a change in Google+, perhaps accompanied by a name change.

    The reason I am thinking this is that, in the YouGov poll that I took this morning, the focus of the questions were about Google+. How much do I trust Google, as a company? How often do I use Google+? Would I be more or less likely to use Google+ if significant changes were made to it? Would I be more or less likely to use it if its name were changed to something that didn't connect it with Google?

  3. jblogger New Member


    The one problem with Google+ is that it was already irrelevant by the time it arrived to the social media scene. Google has made a big effort trying to make people hang in there but having Facebook there's no need for G+. As @Converse already said Google frequently drops products, and this isn't the first social media product Google tries. Anyone remembers Wave? That was a great idea, but just as G+ it was totally irrelevant.

  4. Rainman New Member


    Some former Google employees in an interview said that Google + "would be Google's ruin."

    Obviously they were wrong but upon realizing that the social network has become more of a liability, it's time to either drop it completely or change it's name so users [new ones at least] may not know it's affiliated with Google. Since G+ has lot's of users [second only to FB], I think re-branding G+ will be good for the company and those who already use it for marketing, sharing stuff with their contacts, etc, etc.

  5. mr_bucks New Member


    A rule of thumb is, to get people to switch to your product, it has to be twice as good as the product the person is currently using. A person who switches products is taking a risk in time and effort. What does G+ have that facebook lacks ? Personally I looked at G+ and I didn't really see how it was better then facebook.

    Social network sites like linkedin cater to a specific crowd, it is a professional environment as opposed to a entertainment crowd. So they will maintain their market share.

  6. toradrake Member


    I had actually tried out G+ and to be honest, it is not all that great. I am not a Facebook lover but I prefer my Facebook over G+ not to mention, I have only two people I know that use it. Everyone else is in Facebook. I think G+ was a Google failure from the get go. If it came out before Facebook then they would have succeeded but Facebook pretty much cornered the market in all respects so G+ hasn't a chance.

  7. jblogger New Member


    People don't want G+ but still Google forces it down our throats on every chance they get. Here's just an example I came accross today: For some reason today when I logged into Gmail every single option appeared in Chinesse. I went to Google and there everything was in Chinesse too. I searched for a way to switch my default language for the Google products and the first result was Choose your default language which basically told me I had to log into G+ and make the switch there and it would change the language for every other Google site.


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