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Google's New preference for SSL

Discussion in 'Google' started by Ray, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Ray Active Member


    Has anyone else seen this article in the Google Webmaster Central Blog? I'm not able to add a link to it, but its titled: HTTPS as a ranking signal.

    Its about Google wanting a secured Internet, and giving a better ranking to sites with SSL. This could mean an unwanted expense for small website owners that can't even afford their hosting fees.
    What do you thing?

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  2. Converse Active Member


    I added the link for you through my admin account. Yes, that is something that they intend to work into the algorithm little by little. To that end, you might find the Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Let's Encrypt" program interesting.

    Personally, I consider it to be yet another intrusion on the part of Google into what we do with our websites. In all likelihood, as everyone in the world begins employing HTTPS technology, the hackers will simply expand their efforts to cracking encrypted sites, so that we'll all be paying for and receiving nothing more for it.

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  3. Rainman New Member


    I guess when they start giving HTTPS encrypted websites better rankings those who want to get organic traffic from Google must do as they say. There's little choice in the matter IMO. But I suppose the transition will be slow.

    I'm certain though that since everything Google does is for their benefit, to please their users though they start using HTTPS encryption as a ranking factor they'll still return the most relevant search results [in their SERPs] whether the sites are encrypted or not.


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