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Great News for Twitter Marketing

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by toradrake, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    Twitter is moving up in the Social Media Marketing Arena. According to an article I read in Search Engine Watch posted today by Larry Kim, Twitter is making some changes in its site to allow for better marketing for website owners.

    Here's a link if interested.

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  2. CyberGal New Member


    I think it's great that they do this. Personally, I really like Twitter better than any of the other social media sites out there - always have, always will. I'm glad that they're doing what it needs to keep them parred up in the game. Times change fast and you really have to stay afloat with these changes or you'll become irrelevant - so glad that doesn't look like it will happen with them.

  3. SimplySidy Member


    I do not use either of Facebook or Twitter for marketing my website yet. But I do use them for others. Now with the changes coming up on Twitter, I am sure Facebook is going to be worried. Of late, FB has been on the decline in terms of users and also in terms of adverts and has not been that effective when it comes to Advertising your site.

    The same might eventually happen with Twitter. Allowing the use of videos and other Advertising methods may not be appreciated by many who have already been accustomed to - lesser of spam. But as we all know, when a new thing in introduced by any social media, initially, things are okay, but over time, they often get abused - same has led to a decline of Facebook over the past few years. And now, I wonder if it would happen again with Twitter.

    Hoping to see that they have some backup plans ready with them to curb the abuse.

  4. Billy New Member


    I've had a Twitter page since 2012, and haven't got around to using it properly, business wise. This looks like a good read. Thanks.

  5. NathanG New Member


    Wow, this really is terrific news. Twitter happens to be one of my favorite social networks in both an advertising aspect and a personal aspect. I personally knew it would eventually win out over Facebook, albeit Facebook is still massively popular. A lot of my website traffic actually comes from guest tweets about my website, which is massively helpful.

    Overall I see Twitter as a great social network and a potentially great advertising platform!

  6. Shan Barton New Member

    Shan Barton

    Over the years, Twitter has gained more popularity over Facebook as a better social marketing platform. Yes, Facebook is still being used a lot but if you take advantage of the new developments in Twitter, you can sure win your way into potentially good marketing results.

  7. Edalin Cam Member

    Edalin Cam

    Hello, shan, I need to know about social marketing on Twitter, how could I do better.

  8. xTinx New Member


    I like Twitter too but the limited space sometimes puts me off before I come around and realize that there's Facebook, Worpress and Blogspot to quench my thirst for space. What I like about Twitter is that it's the most keyword and backlink-friendly social networking site. So expect more businesses to be using Twitter now that it's joined the hardline SEO bandwagon.

  9. toradrake Member


    Twitter is like the old texting system. It is really only good for doing quick messages and phrases. I never got on the twitter kick, but now that it is a SEO and marketing tool.... I may have to reconsider.

  10. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Wow, that is actually pretty good. I think that it's always great when you can hear the stats like that. It's helpful to know that you aren't wasting time martketing there. Sometimes I feel like I'm not able to reach people becuase there isn't enough people using Twitter. From this you are able to see that there are a ton of people who are using Twitter. If you're using the right hashtags then you should be able to make a difference.

  11. cwvps New Member


    I use Twitter, but only in a way that I have automated posting on my blog and when I post it, it automatically gets published on Twitter along with some other social media. I don't even visit it that often because I have never seen it as a valuable source of traffic. I've tried it, but it just didn't work for me. With this news, I will definitely visit them again.

  12. chinomoreno New Member


    Twitter, among any other social media sites is unique on its own way. Most especially the fact that it has a character limit but also a fast phased platform. Also, if you notice trending topics have numbers on it now.
    Tweetdeck also helped me a lot for my business, scheduled posts save my time especially when I will be out for a while.

  13. This is a happy news, hope twitter will helps to do better marketing. Thanks for sharing this.


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