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Hours Spent Surfing The Web

Discussion in 'Google' started by danielle davidson, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    How long are you online typically during a week? I know that I typically spend about 5-6 hours. I'm not including the time that I spend watching TV because I don't watch normal TV, I watch Netflix. I loving using the internet, so I use it when I have time. There is so much that you are able to learn, that's one thing that I love. I honestly think it's one of the best things ever made. So, how long do you like spending on the web?

  2. maverick New Member


    Pretty much I would say. If you count also online gaming I would say that I spend online like 9/10 hours a day if not even more. I am a quite addictive person regarding this aspect of the internet as I can't really stop myself after a bunch of hours spent at the computer and I end up finishing my computer session with a pain in the eyes that you can't believe XD. By the way usually I stay pretty much on forums, posting and stuff while Youtube is playing in the background.

  3. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    @maverick I am also pretty addicted when it comes to the internet. I love posting on forums so I tend to do that a lot. I don't play online games, but if I did then I would spend so much more time on my laptop! I play most of mine of my Xbox. Oh, I've also had pain in my eyes from being on my laptop so long. The sad thing is that I don't mind it. I've always been big into electronics so I love using them all the time.


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