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How do you promote on Facebook?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by LuckyGirl08, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. LuckyGirl08 New Member


    Everyone that uses Facebook to promote their service or items do it differently. How do you do it?

    The way that I promote is by creating a fan page and group on Facebook. I find that this is the easiest way for me. I start off by inviting my friends to like and join first and then I promote the page/group in order to bring in more people. I always keep my content updated for my followers and members. When you have a strong group/page, the more people comes in and that helps you be more successful in what ever business or product that you are promoting.

  2. jdroc New Member


    Well, I haven't started promoting yet, but I'm very interested in PPC using Facebook. Maybe it's an avenue you should explore. I've been following Jon Loomer's blog. jonloomer.com I think it is. From my research he's one of the best in the PPC field on using Facebook of course. It can be really cheap to acquire likes or clicks. One case study I read he got in down from 20 cents to 7 cents a click in about a week. However, he did mention that he got one on one training from Jon which is quite expensive........well expensive for me right now.

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  3. logitech74 New Member


    Mostly I spam groups. :D That's good for making some quick cash. If you want you can do just like you said ti. Build and grow you Facebook fan page and get those people to like your page. You can also expand by using groups and adding a lot of friends to your accounts. That's a good method for making some money with adult CPA. :)

  4. LuckyGirl08 New Member


    I spam some groups also but not that much. I mainly just spam it to bring people to my group or page. I promote sometimes but I find it easier to just get people to join me, that way I don't have to steady explain the product or service that I am offering.

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  5. Billy New Member


    Just out of curiosity, I've not gone this route yet. How do you make money? Do you just post some deals or specials on your Facebook page for your fans to see? And then make sure that there are affiliate links, so that you earn a commission?

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  6. SadieMarie New Member


    For me I mainly will post on groups. I also will post on my timeline and even create an even page and invite my friends. Sometimes I will also create an album with promo pictures as well. Facebook really makes it hard to promote but it is possible.

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  7. midnightblur New Member


    A fanpage is mandatory I think. But if you can find groups that have your audiences active in there, so be active on those groups too

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  8. Bee New Member


    I agree a fan page will definitely help with you social network marketing.It is a great way to gain more customers by directing them to your facebook business page.Facebook also gives you the option to pay for advertising as well.Cross-promoting on various social networking sites is definitely the best way to attain the most internet traffic. Adding and linking your videos through social media boosts traffic greatly as well.I am a witness of it.

  9. Scorp Member


    With the recent reduced reach for pages on facebook it's getting harder and harder (and less effective) to create a fan page and use it to promote your things with it.

    I believe that nowadays the best ways are with personal profiles, and large groups that have a lot of members.

    But, I believe Every business or site should have a fan page. That's just good semantics. It's just one of those things one must do, or should.

    With personal profiles you're pretty much limited to the friends you have (the maximum amount Facebook allows is up to 5000 friends).

    With groups you have a much larger pool of people you are able to reach, and you're allowed to join up to 200 groups with a Facebook account.

    Personally, I believe a great method for promoting an offer or a website is by using a program that automatically posts on Facebook groups. So you join, say, 50 groups in the niche that interests you. You create 50 messages. You put the links of the groups and the messages in your program, and you fire it up. The program goes and posts in those groups, and you get traffic on autopilot... :D

    But, if you get comments on your posts, it's best to go and respond to them, to appear legit. And also don't post all the time, like every day, because the admins of those groups will identify you as a spammer, and ban you from the groups. And even worse, Facebook will identify you as a spammer for, well, because you're spamming, and ban your account from posting on groups, or completely ban you by deleting your account. But as a security measure, better use a secondary account to autopost on groups...

    At the end of the day though, if you don't want to spam or anything, the best thing is to have your own groups and pages, and just promote there...

  10. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    There are two ways that I have heard work pretty well. I haven't tried them out myself, but other people say that they work. The first one is that you can try and join some groups on Facebook. There are groups out there where you can join them and then just promote your page on there. There are so many out there that I'm sure you would find some that work out well for you. T

    Another way that you could also get traffic is from a Facebook page. If you promoting that and then getting people to like it, then they will check out the page that you have. You can invite your friends to like it, so there is a plus there. You can also buy likes so that more people will be bound to see it. I mean I'm not sure if you would want to buy some likes, but you could.

  11. chinomoreno New Member


    I make sure to update my page daily whether it is by sharing a content, an image or even a quotation.
    It is a way for me to catch my followers interests. It pays off eventually when I get likes and share from it.
    Poll question, would also be an effective approach too not only in facebook but most especially in Google+

  12. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    That's smart. You want to make sure that your followers don't think you forgot about the page. That is one reason why I have never made anything like that. I would have a hard time keeping up with it. And if you have your own page you want to make sure you are giving them all updates so that they know it's still active.


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