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Introducing Web Directory Digest

Discussion in 'Web Directory Digest' started by wdr, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. wdr Member


    I'd like to introduce a new segment of the Web Directory Reviews Org network. Web Directory Digest is an online magazine focused on the web directory industry. My desire is for the Digest to feature the work of a number of authors within or without the industry.

    As such, everyone is welcome to submit an article for publication in Web Directory Digest. I ask only that it be well researched, well written, and that its topics relate in some discernible manner to the web directory industry. Actually, if you're unsure about your own writing abilities, I'd be happy to edit your articles if you'd like me to.

    Web Directory owners and staff, in particular, are urged to write for us, supporting the industry in general, as well as promoting your own directories, promotions or special offers. At the author's request, articles can be published under your own name or by a pen name. By this, I am in no way excluding those of you who may be part of the volunteer editing staff with DMOZ, JoeAnt, or any other web directory. In fact, anyone who has something to say about web directories, even if it's something negative, is welcome to participate.

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  2. Converse Active Member


    I think it's being spidered.


  3. Converse Active Member


    Feel free to discuss any of the articles published by Web Directory Digest, either in threads in this category or in comments to the articles. I don't write all of the articles myself, but I would like to have some feedback on the publication.

  4. Jill Original Member



    I'm liking it.

  5. Converse Active Member


    Thanks. I'll bet you'd like it even more if you contributed an article or two...

  6. wdr Member


    Feel free to comment on articles published on Web Directory Digest. We've had a few but most of what I see there is spam, so I'd love to have some real comments. Or discuss the articles in this forum, if you'd rather.

  7. fastreplies Original Member



    Like to see more articles, please




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