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Is Facebook your main social network?

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by Webben, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Webben New Member


    The popularity of Facebook is immense, and arguably one of, if not the most popular social network right now. For me, Facebook is the number one social network because all my friends use it and I mainly use social networks to communicate with friends and keep in touch or organize groups. For this reason, Whatsapp and Snapchat are also quite popular for me because their purpose is to keep in touch with people. Is Facebook your number one social network, and what others do you frequently use?

  2. ockham New Member


    Yep, Facebook is my number one. It's nearly omni-present everywhere I go, and frankly it's the only means I have of keeping in touch with most friends. I'm on Twitter a lot, but it seems like very few of my friends actually stay interested in the site.

  3. Webben New Member


    It seems like when advertising, most companies utilize a few different social networks - mainly Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Google Plus. I guess the purpose is to expand their reach as far as possible and spread the word about their company most effectively.
    However, as you say, an individual without an advertising aim mainly uses social networks to communicate with friends. Facebook has many features that allow you to do this more effectively, and further, attracts most of your friends anyway. Some may find the word limit on tweets to be a problem, which may detract from this social network.

  4. Scorp Member


    Well, depends what for?

    If it's keeping in touch with friends and family, then Facebook is definitely my main social networking site. And recently I started playing Candy Crush on there, which sucks, because it's a waste of time... I'll stop that soon...

    As far as marketing goes, Facebook is good, but not my favorite because they're ungrateful.

    Where would they be without all those marketers that created all those pages and published all that content on there to keep the rest of the people entertained and coming back? They wouldn't be where they are probably. And now that they made it, they keep removing options that are useful for internet marketers, they reduced the reach for pages, they make things harder every step of the way. So, I don't appreciate that...

    But, putting that aside, Facebook is extremely important, simply because of the amount of people that spend their days on there. So whether I want it or not, it's definitely in the Top 3 social networking sites I use for marketing as well...

  5. Aree Wongwanlee New Member

    Aree Wongwanlee

    Yes, it certainly is. Facebook is the place that I log in to every morning when I fire up my computer. There are many groups in Facebook which are important to me. One is the group of my children who are lving far away from me, and from each other. Facebook is how I keep in touch with them, and how they keep in touch with each other. I am also a member of many teacher groups because, well, I am a teacher, and I like to keep a finger on the pulse of things, so to say.

  6. Mockingbird New Member


    No Facebook is not my main method of social contact. I still use good old email or perhaps a text. i just never felt Facebook. I am not comfortable putting all that stuff out on the web, there was a time when web privacy mattered. It seems those lines have become so blurred since Facebook. i do have a cloud for my pictures and stuff, when i want to share I send it off via email.

  7. celinejulietdcosta New Member


    Hi.Yea I primarily use fb for all my networking:)

  8. blur92 New Member


    Facebook is my number one social network when it comes to not only close friends but connecting with acquaintances as well. It allows me to share content more easily, start up old friendships again, begin new friendships, and see what other people have been up to. It seems more appropriate to message someone on there who you haven't spoken with or are just starting to know rather than text them. On the other hand, I primarily use Snapchat with people I know better. This is probably due in part to having to personally exchange usernames. Facebook you can easily find someone by searching for them. I have never actually used Twitter or Tumblr. I dabbled with them a bit, but I did not care for them.

  9. LitoLawless New Member


    There was a time when Facebook was the ONLY form of social networking that I would partake in. I would update my status almost ten times a day at one point. Then, my mom and all the older people in my family started making Facebook accounts and adding me. I had to be a lot more aware of the things I was saying and pictures I was posting on Facebook that it really wasn't fun anymore. I still use my Facebook to promote my blog and things like that, but I'm mostly on Twitter. I use Instagram other forms of social media as well.

  10. Rainman New Member


    Facebook was my main social network as late as last year. But no matter how much I shared content, I didn't get any traffic [from FB]. I got better results with Twitter. That's why for me Twitter certainly should be my main social network. Currently though I don't have accounts on any social media network except LinkedIn. So currently, LinkedIn is my main social network.

  11. Converse Active Member


    While there may well be way to market through Facebook, and I'll continue to post stuff to Facebook, it's chief importance to me is as a social network, and it does that quite well.

  12. May102014 New Member


    Yes, it is, Facebook is my main social network. Although, I have an account on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Clickr but I am very active and updated on my Facebook account. Since all of my friends and relatives have their own Facebook account that we can still keep in touch and updated to them. One way I can communicate with them is through Facebook.

  13. toradrake Member


    I am registered with Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and a few more but I rarely use any of them. I use facebook more then the others, but that is only because of family and friends.

  14. May102014 New Member


    Well! Since facebook had been formulated and first released on the World Wide Web it’s dominantly been used all over the globe as primary social network to keeping in touch with love ones abroad and other part of the world. The gigantic facebook is now the number one social media network all over the world as we have visibly seen it in today’s generation. Undeniably, it’s my primary source of communication with my family, friends, relatives, and meeting new friends on earth

  15. KenBrace New Member


    It sure is. I don't really use any other social networking site besides facebook. I use twitter every now and then but only for advertisement. I use facebook for keeping in touch in friends and family. I don't use Google plus at all and I don't understand why anyone does really. It seems like a copy of facebook without all the people. I user YouTube a lot but that's not really a social networking site.

  16. xTinx New Member


    Unfortunately, Facebook isn't my main social network. In fact, I hardly login unless I receive messages from friends and acquaintances or someone posts on my timeline or tags me in a post or photo. I have Twitter and Tumblr but they're likewise dormant. I like Google Plus more. Because I access my Gmail account frequently, I end up looking through Google Plus more often. Though not my main social network ('cause I don't have one), it's my favorite ever.

  17. toradrake Member


    That is another one I have Google+. I never have time for social media really, so I guess that is the real reason I don't really use them. I have tons of people on my social media accounts (except Google+, I have only 3 there) but I hardly ever use them. I think I logged into my twitter account 3 months ago... I am not sure.

  18. KenBrace New Member


    Yeah I only have like 3 or 4 on mine. It's pretty dead. I've never found it to be a very appealing social network. It seems kind of dead. Like a mixture of twitter and facebook without the best things on both ends.

    Maybe I just haven't given it a chance.

  19. mattattack New Member


    Facebook, for all my sins, is my main social network. And I can't stand it. I only use it because I have lots of friends who live abroad and it's the only easy way to communicate with all of them. I don't post statuses, and I have concern about privacy on there. I do tweet though, nothing serious, just jokes and things which make me laugh, and my main 'communications' mobile app is WhatsApp. When I lived in China I used a service called Weixin (which was owned by tencent, who make QQ) and I really liked it. They had this brilliant web browser version of the app which when I moved home and got Whatsapp I missed dearly - then a few weeks ago WhatsApp announced the exact same feature, so I'm pretty happy.

  20. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Facebook is in my top sites, but not my favorite one. I would have to say that my favorite one would be Tumblr. I like that it has the feel of Facebook because you can join groups of your interest and also chat with people, but there is a lot more on Tumblr. You can learn a lot on Tumblr, which is one reason why I like it so much. Another site I like is Twitter. I would say that I use that one though, about as much as Facebook. There is just so much drama on Facebook that I'm kinda over it. It's still a good site, though.


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