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Looks like Bing is coming up

Discussion in 'Bing' started by toradrake, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. toradrake Member


    This is a nice little article in Search Engine Land. It appears that Ebay is slowly dropping Google ad's for Bing ad's from mobile devices. According to the article "EBay may still just be testing Bing Ads as its mobile ad provider, but if it makes the switch permanent, and if it takes it further and adopts Bing Ads on desktop results as well, it could have a hefty impact. And that’s not Google’s only threat to its Network business. Amazon is reportedly working on a product that will compete directly with Google AdWords and will remove Google ads from its site and replace it with ads it serves itself."

    According to an article in RKG, "In May of this year it became apparent that eBay had been hit pretty severely by a Google search penalty of some type. The initial speculation was that eBay had been hit by Panda 4.0, but later reports claimed it was actually a manual action.

    Here are links to both articles on the subject.

    Search Engine Land


  2. midnightblur New Member


    I found that Bing is quite good with tech content search. It return better result than Google. But with almost other field, Google is the best. It's a long long way for Bing or any others search engine to take over Google's current position.

  3. Billy New Member


    I don't think Google will care. They've experienced a lot of backlash for a lot of their actions and haven't looked back. They've also pissed off a lot of people along the way. The only time that Google will do something about it is when the amount of people who use their engine decreases. Every year there is less space for search results, and more space for ads. Revenues are up for AdWords, and as long as the average user doesn't become irritated, everything is good.

  4. Clcharms New Member


    Bing is definitely coming up! When it first appeared online I didn't care too much for it because I was stuck on and comfortable with Google. However, recently I discovered that I can actually translate web pages that are in other languages through Bing. Now, I have much respect for the search engine.

  5. SimplySidy Member


    Well, the big G has always taken things for granted and this kind of Dictatorial approach on today's internet is not going to last for long. I know (am am sure many out here too know) many people have suffered losses due to Google - not confining only to the SEO thing. There is a lot of unhappiness amongst the users out on the Internet and that is one big reason, this competition can prove healthy for all.

    Bing as a search engine is still lenient than Google. With Bing coming up and competing with Google Adverts, it will open a bigger and wider market. Initially, Google will not care (as always), but when people start seeing adverts from Bing, reading their success stories, many are surely going to migrate to Bing adverts.

    On the lighter sides - It will be then, when Google will start manipulating again - maybe, they will neg the ratings of websites just because they will have Ads from Bing and not Google :p

    Personally, I am quite excited with the two news posted above. At last, now, there are some Biggies who are willing to get into a duel with Google and all this warfare is surely going to benefit the customers.

  6. Billy New Member


    I'd actually love to have Bing get more traffic than Google, I have a lot of web properties that are doing well in Bing, but unfortunately the potential for traffic isn't very good. If things take a shift, I'll jump on it immediately. No one (as a webmaster) likes working with Google, but it's the big dog, in terms of traffic.

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  7. SimplySidy Member


    I think today, many people dont appreciate Microsoft. Unfortunately, it all stems from their constantly bad Operating Systems (since the XP era). I believe, this frequent changes in OSes has earned Microsoft a bad repute and to top it, Google has become a familiar name. I know a few who have never been to a computer or used Internet, still, they have known Google or at least heard about it.

    It will take a while to change this feeling amongst the people who use Internet and hopefully, things would come up right for Bing in the not so distant future. Personally, I have felt, it is easier to rank on Bing than on Google - whatever be the reasons, still, as you say, the chunk of traffic comes in via Google.

  8. Converse Active Member


    Which is exactly how people used to feel about Yahoo.

  9. toradrake Member


    And we all see which direction Yahoo went. I think when they get so big, they start to fall because they are harder for the company to manage properly. This causes dissatisfaction for those who are using it and they choose to go else where.

  10. Converse Active Member


    The companies who own Google, Yahoo, and Bing are all into a lot of other markets. However, Yahoo began as a web directory, I think, even before they began their search engine, and Bing used to be MSN Search, and was almost an afterthought for Microsoft, while Google began as a search engine, which might have a lot to do with their dominance in this area. Although Yahoo is closing its web directory down next month, its web directory has always been a significant web directory, with people willing to pay $300 a year to have their site listed there, and this continued even after several years of near-neglect of its web directory by the company. Oh, they had paid staff working on the directory, but there have been no real changes to it since it started fifteen years ago; still it was important to people.

    I am encouraged that Microsoft appears to be putting quite a lot of emphasis on its search engine, but Bing is not what people think of when they think of Microsoft, which is probably good for the search engine. Bing gets to compete as a search engine rather than as one of Microsoft's many projects, and it doesn't have to carry the baggage that comes with Microsoft, while benefiting from the resources that its parent company has to offer.

    Unless they give up, as other contenders in the search engine industry have done, I think that Bing has a chance of taking a large percentage of searches from Google, but probably not the largest percentage, that is unless Google stumbles.

    For my part, I'd love to see a dominant search engine that concentrates on providing better result on searches rather than on telling people what their websites should look like.

  11. SimplySidy Member


    Ah yes. On this one, I would love to share my first experience (hoping, you will not mind) ;)

    I recall my first session with my Boss (employer - who was from Australia) in Dec 2006. I was quite new to SEO thing back then (and this was the first time that I was hearing the terminology) - He said, when Google started, it was just another search engine. Nothing to big. But soon, it became a household name and then some people realized that as it has the biggest Database of Crawled Websites, how do we get to the First Page of the Search Results. It was these people who coined the term "SEO" and then, the game started.

    When you mention the "rather than on telling people what their websites should look like." I do feel, the days of Meta Tags and their importance were good and life on Internet was much easier.


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