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Marketers Moving From Traditional Social Media

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by toradrake, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    I just received a newsletter from Jayde Search Engine talking about marketers moving away from traditioonal social media. It did not go too in-depth in the information but it referred me to a ebook download. Thought I'd pass the information along.

    Fierce Media eBook: Beyond Price

  2. jblogger New Member


    I haven't downloaded the ebook but it looks like basically it says that people don't trust user generated reviews posted on social media when weighting a decision to make a purchase. It might have been an interesting research they made to get to that conclusion because I always thought that one of the most powerful values of social media was that people had the opportunity of share they true thoughts, but apparently a part of what people is talking about is biased some how.

  3. xTinx New Member


    This ebook is simply trying to sugarcoat the word purpose, giving it the fancy term "advocacy." Social media marketing has never been all about socializing, anyway. Through the use of SNS, companies are trying to get their products and services out there and make their prospects see why they need them. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: they increase their reputation on one one hand and attract the right kind of audience on the other.

  4. jblogger New Member


    @xTinx what you say is true about traditional marketing too. The main purpose of marketing is showing potential prospects why they need a product or service, even if they don't. With social media it get's even easier because a good campaing that goes viral can put their products in the eyes of thousands of people with a lot less effort.

  5. Rainman New Member


    It doesn't surprise me that marketers are moving away from social media. The reason is simple. Almost everyone is trying to sell something to their connections.

    On my news feed, all I ever see is "buy my great new book on Amazon."

    I'm sure many social media users who've been see a lot of promotional news feeds eventually block those users or ignore them. Because marketers were too aggressive, they lost. Moving away from traditional social media won't solve anything. It's the marketing tactics that should change if marketers want social media marketing to work for them as it did in the past.

  6. xTinx New Member


    Well, yeah. There are companies and individuals who are over-the-top with their marketing efforts. They think that marketing is about "pushing the envelope" but in an attempt to "push" it, they end up annoying their prospective consumers, as if they're forcing them to commit to a product or service against their will. Traditional methods will never go away anyway. They simply change with the changing times.

  7. MoreThanBeerMoney New Member


    Traditional "interruption" marketing is stale. Social media and inbound marketing is here to stay.

    The problem lies in how marketers/businesses are often being too quick to push product offers instead of building the relationship. It takes time to become an authority, gain respect and trust. Too many brands focus on self promotion instead of promoting material that benefits the subscriber/reader. Even self promotion should be gentle at first then a series of content and call to actions should warm up and qualify the lead.

  8. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I can see why they would want to move away from social media. I would too if I was them. Whenever you go on any type of social media someone is always trying to sell you something. Why would they want to be just like the rest of these people? They don't, so that is why they are trying to move away from it. I don't blame them either. It's honestly very annoying when I log online and all I see is people trying to sell something. Half the time it's something that no one even cares about. I wish that there was somewhere else people would promote. I feel it makes people not want to go on social media unless it's from someone that they like or love their stuff.


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