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MyLot Social Network for Marketing

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Scorp, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Scorp Member


    I want to share with you this social network, which I believe is very under-utilized by the internet marketers. And it's not really talked about much or considered much as far as promotion goes.

    MyLot used to be a discussion-type site that paid members for participating. It had a lot of members, and very active members too. It was pretty strict in what you could post there (no ref links, no self-promotion, etc), so it wasn't really a platform one could market on.

    Then at some point they stopped paying people, and re-designed their site to be sort of a Twitter clone type of site. It looks very much like Twitter now, but you can still post long threads and comments and things.

    Well, what happened was, after that change they dropped all those strict rules, and self-promotion became rampant. But the things is, A lot of those members that were on there from before stayed there, and so there is traffic there.

    I like MyLot, and I consider it a little gem that if you look around isn't really discussed in terms of social network marketing.

    So anyway, I'm just sharing it here, I'm in no way affiliated with that site. Check it out if you want...

    I don't think there are any filters there as far as what you can post goes, but probably adult stuff won't be allowed. They even allow for Adfly links to be posted, unlike Facebook and recently Twitter, which have both banned Adfly links...

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  2. Rainman New Member


    As long as the site gets traffic and they allow users to post links it can be a great platform for marketing, promoting your site, etc. When it comes to marketing one can't be too selective. Market on any social media network that can send you traffic. I think they changed their rules so they could attract more members.

    Looks like it's time I created a new account on Mylot. Thanks for sharing, Scorp.

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  3. SimplySidy Member


    What? You mean, my dear friend, you were on that wonderful site? I was an active member for a few years there just because of the spam-free discussions and I made so many great friends on that site. I still am in touch with many from there.I miss those wonderful discussions for sure. When they went ahead to become a social site, all my friends moved to other places and so did I as there was no one to chat or discuss with and all we saw was spam links from all over the planet. We werent accustomed to that kind of stuff happening and it was a real turn off.

  4. jblogger New Member


    @SimplySidy I was there too before they stopped the payments and switched for that twitter look and feel. I also liked a lot the spam free discussions. It was a place to have interesting conversation on interesting topics. But to tell you the truth I was really there for the money. When they stopped paying I went to another place called Bubblews. It was like this magic replacement for Mylot. In fact most Mylot users went there. The sited paid 1 cent for every view, comment and like so it quickly grow and became the number one source of income for me and many others. The site just like Mylot didn't allowed for selfpromotion so it couldn't be used as a marketing platform.

    Right now Bubblews is a mess. A couple months ago they announced that the payment rates would be changed and now nobody nows what the payment rates are and people making up to 10 dollars per day are making just a few pennies so I wouldn't recommend that site to anyone (in fact I've never recommended the site because it has always been involved in scam scandals). But just as @Scorp says Mylot can be now used for Marketing purposes the same can be true for Bubblews. Self-promotion is against their TOS but as currently the payments are basically down you can post links to your sites as long as you don't expect to be paid from them.

    I'll start using Bubblews for Marketing purposes and maybe I'll take another look at Mylot too.

  5. Scorp Member


    @jblogger Yeah, you said it all. The same for me. When MyLot stopped paying and switched to a Twitter-like look, I also along with many other MyLot members went to Bubblews. And I also like you was always reluctant in referring people to Bubblews, because even though I was getting paid, many other people weren't getting paid and had issues, so I couldn't refer people and then have them not get paid and blame me, sort of.

    And now we're down to self-promotion basically, both on MyLot and Bubblews. Even though, I'm a bit bitter with Bubblews for all those unpaid redemptions, so I don't really want to go back there.

    And another thing with bubblews, I can't access it anymore from my country. For a few months now, there's basically no Sign Up/Login area, it doesn't show at all. If I use a US or UK (and probably others would work from first-world countries) proxy however to visit Bubblews, then I can see the Sign Up/Login area, and can login into my account.

    Anyway, Bubblews does bring me some traffic from my old articles. However, they also removed the option of editing old articles, so now I can't put more of my websites' links in my old posts, neither am I in the mood of posting more articles there, even for self-promotion...

  6. SimplySidy Member


    Bubblews was a mess from day one for many Asians. This is what I was told by a few of my friends from Asian Side of MyLot - some got their accounts banned and some others were never paid. I never opted for Bubblews (though many of my friends from West, kept asking me to join).

    The reason for not joining was - the pain of seeing many of my friends getting disconnected when they left MyLot and I am still not willing to join such places anymore where the discussions are quite personal, and being a sensitive person, I do get attached with many. In the long run, the site may change ( just as MyLot) or even shutdown leaving the people disconnected.

    This discussion brings me back the sweet memories. Btw, I was theSids at MyLot. What about your usernames - @Rainman, @jblogger and @Scorp ? Maybe we had met on that platform and if so, I might still remember you!

  7. Rainman New Member


    It's a long time back, Sid. I think the last time I was on Mylot it was in 2012. And to be honest at that time I preferred hanging out on Writers forums so I didn't visit Mylot a lot:) I simply registered, posted a comment or two and never logged in again. That's obviously the reason why we never met on the site — I wasn't all that active.

  8. jblogger New Member


    Don't really remember my login name, it may have been protoboard but don't really remember. I used to hang around there talking about music. I was a serious Beatles geek back then and used any opportunity I had to talk about them and their songs. Those where fun times :)

  9. Scorp Member


    @SimplySidy My name on there was LegalAlien. Well, it still is, but I rarely visit nowadays.

    You may not remember me because I only registered a few months before they made the change, so I wasn't on there for a very long time while it was a paying discussion site.

    And I remember I had like $4.65 or something like that, and they said that they will pay everyone who has over $5 when they make the change. So I was worried they weren't going to pay me. But in the end they said that they will also pay people who are close to the $5, and so I got paid. It was my first and last payment I ever received from MyLot...

    All in all, I was sad when they did what they did, because I really liked MyLot.

  10. Kamarsun1 New Member


    Thanks for sharing information about this site. I was looking for something else instead of Facebook. I just recently closed my account with Facebook and this seems right up my alley. I already use twitter a lot and this is very much the same-thing, but I like the option of longer post.

  11. xTinx New Member


    I have just checked out MyLot and it unfortunately doesn't look enticing. Although it reminds me of Plurk, the whole interface seems lackluster and a little too plain. The money-making scheme didn't work, I guess. I could have given it a try had the commissions not stopped.

  12. xfahctor New Member


    Bombshell to drop. Mylot is going to be reinstituting their earning program. So I would expect advertising to become much more restricted, if not eliminated. This is still great news though, for members who really enjoyed it there and made decent money. cm.JPG

  13. Scorp Member


    Really? That is great news! One of the first sites I ever made money on and got paid from was MyLot. Although, I just spent about two or three months there, but I was very active and reached payout right around the time they were closing.

    And actually, when the earnings program was cancelled they said they would pay all the people that have reached $5 or more before the earnings program shuts down. I had actually reached around $4.70 or something like that. I emailed MyLot about it, if I could get it, and they ended up paying more people who had made less than $5 too.

    Most of the MyLot members migrated to Bubblews after that, and then each of them eventually, after some or little success, after being banned or Not Paid, left that site.

    MyLot's a great site, and their owners (if they're still the same) were very fair and paid people and everything was good.

    I would recommend it.

    EDIT: I just remembered one of my Twitter accounts is dedicated to MyLot, and to Bubblews, for my personal accounts there. Throw a follow guys :p


    Haha I'm still having my posts in rotation of autoposting on Twitter, even though I doubt I'll ever reach the payout amount on Bubblews of $50 again (that's what it was a few months ago when I checked).

  14. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Wow, that would be so awesome if they made that come back. I didn't use it when it first came out, but I'm sure that the people who started with it would love that. I mean it does seem like it would be a good site that you could just make a couple bucks from. I would hope that they would make it so that people couldn't just keep promoting themselves. That woudl stink if they still let that happen.

  15. Scorp Member


    You could make a little money from it, but also it was very interesting because I was just starting out online, and it was one of the first sort of forums I registered to. Back then I really didn't know anything about anything, and I was a bit weary of registering to forums and places. Only "make money" sites were my sort of priority. So then on MyLot it became not just about earning, but also about being able to ask a question and generally get answers quickly.

    And about the spamming. In the glory days of MyLot no spamming was allowed at all. The administration was quick to deal with that, and the members were very passionate about the site and always reported spamming and self-promotion. They were pretty good at spotting subtle self-promotion too, from what I recall. As I said, I was a beginner "online" back then, so my judgment may be a bit off for the spamming subtly thing. :p

    Truth, whole truth, nothing but :D

  16. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Yeah, I mean it sounds like it is a good site. It's so hard to find something online today where you are able to make money. I find that most of the sites just want to take your work and then not pay you. I get that they need to make money also, but some sites can give people more. So, that is why I am always weary about signing up for a new site. I wouldn't want to sign up and then just waste my time on something like that. I does seem like it would be a great forum though.

  17. Scorp Member


    Yeah, I get that. If you'd register and try every site that promises you can make money on it, well, that's all you'd be doing 24 hours a day. There's so many such sites, and there's just so many time-wasters.

    As far as MyLot, as long as they still have the same owners/administration, I can comfortably recommend that site. It wasn't a big earner, but it was legit and there was a nice community there and it was a very comfortable place to be; at least for me.

    I guess you are on the lookout for sites to earn on. I can vouch for Humanatic too. They've always paid up and everything correct as far as money goes. Humanatic is a site where you basically listen to and categorize phone calls (you don't actually talk to anyone). Not a big earner, but definitely legit. You can try it if you want.

    One more I have that's totally legit is Scribie.com. This is a transcription website. I've been paid many times by them. Honestly, Scribie is a site where you can earn more than many other sites. If you type fast and are comfortable with English, you can probably average to finish a 6 minute file in about 30-40 minutes. That's $1 profit. However, if you do 30 files per month, which is $30, then they give you a $10 bonus, so you get $40. In this case you basically end up getting $1.33 for every 6 minute file done.

    Still, you won't get rich from it, you won't be able to live from it alone, but comparing it to Paid To Click sites, and Humanatic, and many other sites I've earned on, Scribie is definitely in the higher-paying ones.

    And lastly, I've also been paid by Microworkers twice. It's also a slow earner. They're legit though. You do microjobs (a Facebook Like, a Twitter follow, a Contest vote, etc).

  18. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    Yeah those all seem like they are good sites. I will have to check them all out. I am always up for new ways that I can earn some money online. It's good to know that there are still some sites out there where you are able to earn some money. I mean most of the ones that I've tried amounted to nothing. Even the ones that people have said worked well for them. I have tried out Microworkers, but never been able to get taks. Like nothing comes up when I log in and I have no clue why it does that.

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