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Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by CyberGal, Nov 25, 2014.


Do you use MySpace?

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  1. CyberGal New Member


    I was just thinking of MySpace for some reason. I was around when it first came out and was as big or as popular as MySpace. It seemed as though everyone was on there. Then along came FaceBook and it seemed everyone migrated away from MySpace over to FaceBook. I know that MySpace is still around but I honestly don't hear of it very often. This got me wondering if anyone still uses it. If so, what's the advantage to doing so? I'm just thinking about this and was hoping to get some input from others about what you think, thanks.

  2. Billy New Member


    I, like you, switched to Facebook. All of my friends switched, so I wasn't going to stay on MySpace. This is why I feel that it would be hard for a another site to come along and take away Facebooks's audience, because of the fact that people want to be where most of their friends are. I know that a lot of musicians are still using it, not sure how successful it is at marketing music.

  3. CyberGal New Member


    I don't necessarily feel as though it would be difficult for another site to take away FaceBook's traffic. As you yourself admit, it happened to MySpace, why couldn't it also happen with FaceBook? All it would take would be a site that offers more and better features and then enough people to make the switch and FaceBook would lose a lot of people. I honestly believe that it could happen and quite honestly, I wish that some site would challenge FaceBook but maybe that's just me and the fact that I HATE monopolies and feel as though FaceBook has one right now. I didn't know that MySpace was being used by mainly musicians, I wonder if other "entertainers" are over there as well. Just thinking that I have an entertainment based blog that may do good over there if this is indeed the case.

  4. Billy New Member


    Well in my opinion, it happened to MySpace because the whole idea of social media was just catching on. MySpace started it, and Facebook improved it. And Facebook is always adding new things to the site in hopes of keeping people from straying.

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  5. Kamarsun1 New Member


    I have a music account with myspace, but I rarely even go on there. I rather use Twitter, or Facebook to promote my music. I will say that the interface looks a lot cleaner then before, but Myspace is still dead.

  6. Billy New Member


    Yeah, I wasn't sure because I haven't been there in years. Sometimes a site will be dead, but then it will rise in popularity again because it becomes popular in certain countries.

  7. Mockingbird New Member


    Actually MySpace has been revamped and there is a community base. It is in my opinion a very good place to showcase things like music or photograph, great place for artists and musicians! If you think of MySpace as a upgraded Geo cities (remember that?) Like a blog for the artist who wants a place to have a nice gallery but does not want to go through all of the trouble to build a site just yet. The newer interface seems confusing but it don't take long to get it.

    As I recall the problem with the old MySpace is it was slow in comparison to Facebook, took forever to load stuff. In the beginning I thought the Facebook news feed was amazing, that thing was moving all the time. It was relevant and a true stream of the random thoughts people I knew had. Now well... just another ad machine with some posts mixed in. maybe part my fault, just way to many peeps.

  8. toradrake Member


    I still have my Myspace account but I never go into it. I did not know that Myspace was still even working until you mentioned it. I went in and looked at it and can't remember my log in information. LOL

  9. Clcharms New Member


    I no longer use myspace anymore. I stopped using myspace when I was in the 11th grade (about 5 years ago) because Facebook became popular and I actually preferred using Facebook over Myspace. I just felt more mature and sophisticated using this new social networking site.

  10. mr_bucks New Member


    For people to switch from one system to another system, the new system has to offer better features then the old system.

    What usually happens is the old system doesn't adapt to new technology, this is what happened to MS and might be happening to Google. With facebook I don't know.

    MS failed to get into the search engine market and then never managed to capture the mobile device market. Google is losing out of net traffic but making it up with android.

    A possible game changer for Google and Facebook might be the evolution of decentralized social networks. Facebook offers a way for you to connect to other people but the price is you need to use their system.

    So far all decentralized networks have not really caught on. The exceptions being things like DHT for torrents.

    I2P which is similar to TOR except it does not allow outnodes has the ability to host anonymous sites, similar to TOR's onion sites. There are addons to it like torrents, irc etc. They are also working on decentralized email etc.

    As facebook, google and other major sites are censoring more "possibly" something built ontop of I2P could catch on.

    Facebook in hindsight was an obvious winner, hindsight is always like that.

  11. blur92 New Member


    I think a huge reason Facebook is losing users is because they keep changing it. I remember when Timeline was introduced; many people were upset about it. Personally, it was the final straw to why I quit using it for two years. Granted their were some irrelevant reasons as well, but the day I logged on and saw Timeline on my profile was the last time I went on there. Websites gain regular traffic because users find satisfaction on what the site already has to offer. When that keeps changing then the factors that attracted people in the first place are no longer there to satisfy its users. People begin to branch out seeking something that meets their previously met needs.

  12. toradrake Member


    May I ask why did the timeline bother you? Was there something about timelines that you did not like? I am just curious because I intend to expand my site overtime to have social networking capabilities in the far future. I want to know what may detract others from liking it.

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  13. blur92 New Member


    You sure can. I didn't like it because I felt it made profiles too detailed. The idea of the page being categorized by year seemed to make everything too exposed. Before people would not necessarily bother scrolling to old posts since it's tedious to do. However, it's easier to do when you simply have to click a year.

  14. xTinx New Member


    A decade ago was MySpace's heydays. For the time being, it's Facebook's moment. For how long will this social network hold on? Only time can tell. The Internet is so dynamic, changes happen so rapidly and so suddenly, and people are so fickle-minded, always going with the flow. I can guarantee there will come a time people will get tired of today's selection of social networking sites. I used to have a MySpace account but I haven't logged in for years now. I'm keeping it for backlink purposes.

  15. blur92 New Member


    I don't believe Myspace's popularity spanned the same amount of time as Facebook's has. Moreover, I don't think Myspace achieved the same status either. Facebook seems to have received a lot more attention, respect, and users. Myspace doesn't have anything else to offer that Facebook doesn't already have either. Although Myspace is still being used for music, Facebook is too. Myspace doesn't have any advantage since both social networks offer this option. I haven't used Myspace in a long time so I could be wrong, but I would assume fans interact more with Facebook musician's pages then on a Myspace blog.

  16. SimplySidy Member


    I was on MySpace before everyone I knew deserted it. Haven't logged in for many years now. I even was told that they had shutdown and I was starting to wonder why was the Question on the Poll here asking - Do you? Okay, reading the post I tried opening up the myspace.com and what I see now is that it has become a music oriented site !!!

    It was a good experience though shortlived. I had opened my account sometime in 2008 and had made about 70 odd friends. Over time, many moved on to Facebook and many others moved into oblivion - citing less of interesting interactions. I was the last amongst my group to leave. I could connect with a couple of those who migrated to Facebook later. Some who had migrated to Orkut were never to be found again.

    Time and again I have been telling me not to get too much emotionally attached to the people I meet on the Internet, but then, when things start getting personal between you and a few, the emotional connect does keep growing. And when you dont get any news from your friends for a while, no email responses or no Hi's or Bye's - it starts making things a little complicated.

  17. blur92 New Member


    I can relate. Although I did not form any online friendships through Myspace, I had several on other social sites. Sometimes they would discontinue contact or it was me. Life gets busy or you run out of conversation to discuss online. However, there were a few who randomly quit talking to me despite the decent conversation we had. It was troublesome. I learned to not expect much from online friendships because they are prone to ending unless you have a friendship in person as well.

  18. Scorp Member


    No, I don't use MySpace.

    To be honest, I use quite a few social networking sites, but I don't and never have used MySpace. And even if I had to choose 3 new social media sites to use, I still wouldn't go for MySpace.

    Not because I don't think that it can help a bit with marketing or bring some traffic, but because it's old new. It's yesterday news, it's graveyard game, lol...

    And from what I know MySpace is more music-oriented now, and I'm not really into promoting any music. I don't have any music clips on youtube, any music-type site or blog, I have no cards in the music game, so I don't really care about MySpace.

  19. Billy New Member


    As I've said before, the one thing that Facebook has going for them is the fact that people have been using them for so long that they are a part of people's routines. I barely use Facebook myself, but even I check it a few times a day, just long enough to scroll my feed to see if any of my friends have posted anything interesting. I think for users of a certain age range they will not see a reason to quit, because Facebook is really all that they need, and most of their friends and family use the site. I could definitely see teenagers and people in their early twenties looking for something new though, I think one reason that Facebook has lost a lot of younger users is because once the younger user's parents signed up to the site, the younger users didn't want to stick around. Because it was as if their parent's were keeping an eye on them. Which I'm sure they were, in some cases.

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  20. blur92 New Member


    This is very true. I haven't considered Facebook's permanence associated with people's routines. Most members already have so much information on it that it would be tiresome to try making the same use out of another social network. I understand people branch out, but Facebook already plays a huge role in how they connect with others.

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