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Never do Follow for Follow!

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Fifty, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Kamarsun1 New Member


    I wonder where can you sell tweets? I think I've heard of this but I don't know how to get started. Maybe that's why I get random followers from people I wouldn't normally market to, they are trying to get a follow back for business. Thanks for the info NathanG!

  2. Scorp Member


    It's all about appearances.

    Let me put it this way. You go to a Facebook page. The page has 10.000 likes. Unless you're into internet marketing, you probably won't pay attention to their posts having one or two likes each, and very few to no comments or shares. So you won't know that they got their likes by doing like4like or some of the other "dirty" tricks that people use to grow their pages.

    It's the same with Twitter. Personally I do that for all of my twitter accounts; I get as many followers I can by using those free social media traffic exchange sites (addmefast, youlikehits). I don't tend to do a lot of follow for follow simply because I don't want to waste time doing that, and I also don't really know much about that, I never looked into it much.

    But I support it in the sense that it looks much better for a twitter account to have 5,000 followers than to have 50 followers. However, I don't support tweeting about it. Because most people who use Twitter for real don't like those follow for follow type tricks. So if you tweet those types of tweets, a lot of the real people will probably unfollow you.

    And then what I also like to do for getting Real followers is using an iMacro to favorite tweets that contain a certain word or hashtag. The people that posted those tweets will get notified that you favorited their tweet, and may follow you back. But I do that only after I've grown my twitter account to over 1000-2000+ followers. Because then the real users are more likely to follow me when they see I favorited their tweet and then they check my account out ;)

    The one great tip about getting twitter followers it to simply follow more people. The more people you follow, the more will follow you back. However, keep in mind the limit that twitter has for followers. I believe that it's like this, if you follow 2000 More people than are following you - so if you follow 4000 but only 2000 are following you - then you won't be able to follow more unless you unfollow some, or unless you get more followers. So keep that in mind, and also keep in mind that twitter can ban you for excessive following or favoriting, so keep a balance with everything you do and you'll be all right. :)

  3. jade870 New Member


    I guess its whatever you want to do really, some have good luck with it. I don't have a problem with it myself, but then I don't do follow that much on anything. I don't see the point in doing this myself. Maybe its to drive move viewers there way, I guess am just not a fan of doing this.

  4. LitoLawless New Member


    A follow for a follow always seemed pretty pointless. Granted, there were people who I was genuinely curious about. I think that is the way social media should work. People get so concerned about having an "online presence" that everything just take on different purposes. Another thing about Twitter is that you attract the kind of people that you follow. So, if you just start to follow a bunch of people that will only follow for a follow...you will attract of bunch of people that will follow for a follow. I think that will take all the fun out of Twitter. I like to write about independent music, art, and fashion; in doing so I have attracted a lot of bands, artists, independent fashion designers, as well as fellow music journalists and bloggers. I think that's the way it should work.

  5. Billy New Member


    I agree, it does look tacky, you want to have much more people following you then you following, especially if you're a business. I was given a Twitter account with a site that I bought a few years back and that's how the Twitter account was (the same number of followers to me following). So I deleted most of the people who I was following, except for those that look relevant.

  6. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I get that they want to get more followers, but I also agree that it looks tacky. When I think about it why would I want to follow a company that I don't know nor if I know that I will like. I don't think that I would follow that company, even if they followed me first. There doesn't seem to be much sense in it. I think that they should just gain their followers on their own, like every other company. And they shouldn't follow more people than people that follow them.


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