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Paid Directories

Discussion in 'I Hate Directories Because' started by xTinx, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Ray Active Member


    Hello Jason76,
    Maybe you should learn a little more about web directories before making a statement like this.

    I'd suggest visiting the Web Directory Digest and read the rest of this thread and these articles, they may change your perception about "paid directories".

  2. Converse Active Member


    Easy money? Not at all. For one thing, more than ninety percent of the sites that are listed in any good directory were discovered and added to the directory by directory editors. Some of the better directories have sizable paid staffs who mostly search for useful sites to add to the directory, add new categories when necessary, perform maintenance tasks within the directory, and review submitted sites. I am currently working full-time for one directory, part-time for another, and being paid per edit by a third, and the latter has several paid staff members working full-time as well.

    Good web directories are not on auto-pilot, although there are certainly enough junk directories that are. A lot of work goes into building and maintaining a good web directory, and keep in mind that for the first couple of years, at least, a directory won't receive much at all in the way of paid submissions, since a directory first has to have enough good content to differentiate itself from all the junk ones out there.

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