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Paid Social Sharing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Jason76, May 5, 2015.

  1. Jason76 Member


    We all know about paying people to like your stuff. Perhaps you could also pay people to share your stuff. However, many people will share anything. :mad: It doesn't matter as long as they're getting money. Does this put into question the integrity of search engine results?

  2. ashleybailey269 New Member


    Not really.

  3. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I honestly hate hearing about that stuff. It's how people know to get their ratings up on Google. To me, that just seems wrong. I know that there isn't a way you can stop it though. If someone asked me to share something of their, I don't think that I would do it. I mean yes, it would be easy money but how can you? It's not the right thing to do. Why would you want someone to like your page or share your stuff when they don't really even like it? It just doesn't make sense to me. I wish that people would just stop doing it.

  4. Clarke Member


    Basically, paid social sharing increases the visibility and visitors on the particular site. Also, it engage the targeted audience and percentage of visiting is also higher.


  5. cwvps New Member


    Yes, it certainly does that, but, in my opinion, people concentrate their strengths and efforts into wrong pursuits. Wouldn't it be better if they put efforts in creating something valuable that would be liked by many people?

  6. Jason76 Member


    Actually, something that people really like would do much better than something you had to pay a lot of people to like. In the long run it could be less expensive too as the fee you pay for very likeable content might be a lot less. Definitely, a likeable article is a piece of gold in today's SEO world.

  7. chinomoreno New Member


    Do not underestimate search engine, I'm sure it knows if it is natural or not.
    Besides social media doesn't directly beneficial for SEO. That's why links from social media sites are nofollow, because it is a known fact that it can be easily manipulated.

  8. kavipriya Member


    I know of some companies that ask their employees to put reviews in their own site to attract new customers which makes me doubt the integrity of some of the search engine results.


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