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Penguin 4.0

Discussion in 'Google' started by toradrake, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    Here is a wonderful article for everyone that can help get your sites backlinks up to par. This article goes over how to (and includes links to place that automatically do this) audit the back links on your site. Thought you guys could use this because it could come in handy. According to the article this will help prevent problems for your site when the new Penguin 4.0 hits.

    Preparing for Penguin 4.0: A Google Penalty Prevention Protocol

  2. Jill Original Member



    She starts out by stating the problem, that people are afraid of getting penalties from Google for unnatural linking schemes. Then she goes on to suggest an unnatural linking scheme. Rather than all of the time and bother that she would have someone do, if that time and effort were devoted to improving the quality of the site, the rest of that nonsense wouldn't be necessary and the site wouldn't be in danger of being penalized the next time that Google decides to come up with some more make-work nonsense.

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