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Phone Camera versus Real Camera

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Converse, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    Other than professional photographers, most people seem to use their phone camera in lieu of a regular camera these days, and I equate that to the number of people who access the Internet through smart phones rather than computers.

    Perhaps it's a matter of being old school, but I'll get online through my phone if I'm in the car or in a restaurant, where I don't have a real computer available, but it's not a satisfying experience. At this point, most sites are not responsive and I can't even read some of the stuff that I view on my smart phone, let along navigate comfortably.

    I much prefer a real keyboard to texting on a smart phone. In fact, I'd rather talk to someone than text them, but I'm not overly fond of talking to people on the phone either.

    While phones today do offer a good resolution, and take clear pictures, I much prefer a real camera. No, not one with film, although I know people who do, but a good digital camera works so much better for me that a phone camera.

    I am not a professional photographer, but I often use the photos that I take on websites, so I appreciate the versatility offered to me by a Nikon digital SLR, not that a Nikon is necessarily any better than other brands but that happens to be what I have. I want something that will allow me to take clear pictures in zoom, or to take close ups of things like bugs or the parts of a flower, and I just don't get that on a phone camera.

    After I dropped my last camera into the beaver pond, I went a long time without one, mostly because my wife insisted that I could do everything I needed to do through my phone, but I didn't see it that way.

    One of the reasons I wanted it is because I'd like to get back into doing more websites on other small towns around the country. Did you know that if you are creating a monetized website on a community, you can deduct travel costs, hotel costs, camera expenses, and even food from your income taxes. Depending on your income and tax situation, that can help. Since we earn our living from the Internet, and not having taxes deducted from our income, that makes a big difference to us, since it usually results in our owing nothing at the end of the year. When we do have a tax obligation, it's usually because we didn't save or record our expenses carefully enough.

    So, not being a professional photographer, I don't spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment but still I need something more than a phone camera. To be honest, I prefer a viewfinder to a screen, but I'll have to get used to the screen because my new camera doesn't have a viewfinder.

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  2. Mockingbird New Member


    I can identify with this sentiment Converse- this year I finally bought myself a digital camera. I had been using my phone for many of the pictures I need, finally I asked my sons girlfriend if I could use her camera, she has a nice Sony Sure Shot. We went to the annual Renaissance Festival and I was in picture taking heaven. I can tell you as fact the things I could do with the digital camera were much better then with my phone. I got the Sony Cyber Shot 8x

    The thing that made me decide I wanted a camera was all the great pictures I saw people taking at concerts. There was a time way back, when you were not allowed to take pictures at a concert, now it is mainstream. With the phones you can upload the pictures to Face Book or where ever right away. Nice, very convenient and actually helpful for work.

    One of my goals for along time was to do my own pictures for my website. Stock pictures are okay but I just could not always find the right picture. I see the world in a strange way, so sometimes I had to manipulate photos to get what I wanted. I started my career originally as a commercial artist way before we had all the computer capability. It's great you can manipulate pictures so much, but sometimes there are just things that can not be reproduced. You have to get the picture when you see it.

    The only downside I see is with the smaller digital cameras you cannot re-sell the images on most of the stock picture sites. You really need one of the better SLR cameras. For my use what I have is fine. I have to laugh because I still think about how in the beginning you didn't want high definition pictures on the net because they took FOREVER to load. Times change.

  3. Converse Active Member


    Yes, they do. Oddly enough, in the early days of the Internet, websites had to be kept light because so many people were accessing the Internet with a dialup. Now that few people are doing that anymore, they're accessing it through a smart phone and we're back to having to make everything light again.

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  4. toradrake Member


    I have to say that a lot of times, the pictures I took using my cellphone came out better then the ones I took with a professional camera. I think that it all boils down to what you are taking a picture of. If I am taking pictures of people and such, the pictures are amazing... but when I try to take a pic of the moon or an eclipse, the pictures come out crappy on a cell phone.

    History has a bad habit of repeating itself. I guess it is a good thing though because even though technology is getting more and more advanced where internet is concerned, there are still people on low end systems that have problems with access. Especially in third wold countries. By keeping sites light we are keeping things somewhat accessible to them rather then writing them off and leaving them in the dirt.

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  5. SimplySidy Member


    Those who are passionate about Photography, always have a camera with them. And smartphones - no matter what resolution they offer, can never be anywhere near a Camera. They aren't meant to be cameras (in a professional sense) anyway.

    But for the normal people who are hobbyists or even out of the social situations, they start to think they are professional photographers when using their cell phones/smart phones. I had a camera (Nikon) way back in 1989-1992 and was hoping to make photography as my career. Long story short, there was a theft at our house when we were away and I lost the Camera, the two Hand Made Photo Albums that I had spend hours creating (amongst other stuff that the family lost). This incident killed my zeal and zest for photography. A Hi-Res Camera is still quite a costly affair for us. I dont have a camera on my phone too, though my wife has one on her Nokia. She has been trying to persuade me to get a camera for myself, but unfortunately, today, I dont go out of home often. Hence I am not much in need.

  6. toradrake Member


    That is so sad SimplySidy. I am sorry someone took your camera.... but you should try getting back into it. Don't let that incident push you away from it. People in our field of work spend way to much time indoors with our heads in a computer. We need hobbies that get us outside moving around. Besides.... your in INDIA. One of the most beautiful cultures and places in the world. You have so much to photograph there. Tell you what, when I finally get my store up and running I will let you know and you can take a look at the cameras I am selling. If you want to buy one, let me know and I will figure out a way to get it. Even if I have to manually do the transaction myself. I did that for a friend of mine years back. She sent the money directly to my paypal. I ordered it and had it sent to me then I re-mailed it to her in Hawaii (my dropshipper for the item did not deliver to Hawaii for some strange reason), it took longer for her to get it and she had to pay two shipping prices, but it was still cheaper in the end for her to do it that way. I assume that a lot of those products are much cheaper here then they are in India. Though I am not sure. Just let me know if you want to do this. I don't mind utilizing a little of my time to help someone out.

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  7. SimplySidy Member


    @toradrake This is really so very nice of you :) . Yes, India is a great place with too many variations in culture - even if you go 100 miles any direction, you will find some differences - we are so very diverse. Unfortunately, my health condition doesnt allow me travel these past 15 years. I only go out once a year to meet my docs at a different city - Hyderabad (it is a 20 hours train journey from one end and we spend 3 days there). But yes, there are still so many things I would love to capture. I will keep your offer in mind for sure.

    back in late 1980s and early 1990s I was in college, a freebird and ensured I travel to at least a new place every year during the summers as this was when we used to get a 2 month of holidays from study. We (32 of my cousins + me) even spent a summer touring the Kutch Desert and Rajasthan in 1992. Losing these photos in the handmade photo album was a big loss for me.

  8. Mockingbird New Member


    I think you underestimate what some of these cell cameras can do SimplySidy I have seen the results and some of the images are really quite amazing. I am especially impressed with the ability these cameras have to enlarge pictures so perfectly. When you open these pictures up in photo editors the high def quality although not as nice as some of the professional cameras is still very nice. My Sony Cyber Shot has this nifty option to rebuild a picture, say you have some motion blur, well select rebuild and there you go, the camera reconstructs the pixels.. The facial recognition feature is pretty neat. I like that both the phones and cameras have built in tubes for effects, I thought this was one of the coolest things in the photo editors years ago but now it is right in the digital camera. It opens up what you can do with a shot. The Sony pales in comparison to some of the better IPhone Cameras. As it should, it is really just a $89 digital camera, almost like the Polaroids of long ago.

  9. SimplySidy Member


    Nope. I dont undermine them either. I only say that they cannot replace the original cameras - be the original ones be analog or digital.

    There are some instances where these Cellphone cameras can really be a plus - I mean - yesterday when on the road, I saw a bike with its number plate hidden behind some add-on - which is against traffic rules. Now, if you wanted to capture this picture and share with friends or Authorities, a cellphone camera can be quite an useful asset to have - as it is small, no one today bothers when you take public images. Doing same using a Digital Camera might be asking for trouble.

  10. toradrake Member


    @SimplySidy they actually have additions for your phone that turns your phone into almost a professional grade. They have specialized lenses that increase your phones capabilities as a camera. I almost bought a set once.

  11. LitoLawless New Member


    I would always choose a real camera over a camera phone. I think that a real camera just has the ability to do things that a camera phone may never have. If you want to do some really basic picture taking, and don't feel like carrying very much then I would say that you'd be OK with a camera phone. That would be the ONLY instance.

  12. dyanmarie25 New Member


    Nothing beats a professional/real camera. However, cellphone cameras are pretty getting innovative too, and the quality of pictures are improving. There are a lot of filters to choose from, thanks to the camera apps. It just depends on a person actually. But both of them works fine to me. :)

  13. tasha New Member


    I love photography and there are ways to make money out of your beautiful pictures online with shutterstock, ebay and you could even build your own website and sell them there. Wedding photographers make a fortune and the new thing that I absolutely love is the photo coffee table book which has said good bye to the old photo album by replacing it with a book of photos.....what a wonderful idea

  14. KenBrace New Member


    I very much prefer typing on a computer than a smart phone. It's soooooo much faster and more comfortable.

    As far as cameras go the only time I use my smartphone's camera is when I'm out and I need to take a quick photo or shoot a video or something. I don't want to carry around my expensive $1,000 camera around everywhere. I only use it for more official things (like a student film I'm working on).

  15. toradrake Member


    Yeah, I remember those days. Guerrilla film making... tedious, but fun. LMAO.

    I have to agree that using a real camera is preferable, but I have taken some amazing images using a phone that I have used on the net in the past. Its all in the lighting and set up. However, if you don't understand those aspects... then a regular camera is your best bet because most of those take care of everything for you. You just point and shoot. Although even then, lighting and set up is important too.

  16. KenBrace New Member


    I iphone cameras are really good. I have an iphone 4 (wow I'm behind the times) and I'm perfectly satisfied with both the video and picture quality. It's not good enough for filming a HQ movie or doing some poster photography but it's great for filming a sports move or snapping a family photo at a birthday party.

  17. toradrake Member


    I never had or used a Iphone so I have not experienced the camera yet. I have used a Galaxy and a G2X though and had some wonderful results.

  18. KenBrace New Member


    I've never owned any smartphone besides an iPhone but I had a friend that owned an Android I think and it had a pretty good camera. It was pretty much as good as my iPhone cam from what I could tell.

    My guess is that all modern smart phones have pretty much the same quality when it comes to cameras.

  19. mattattack New Member


    I have a HTC One M8 - and I love it's camera. Man, look at how awesome my dog looks, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!


    I'm going backpacking this summer, and I'm strongly considering just taking my phone instead of the traditional point and shoot. It would certainly save a lot of space in my backpack

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  20. KenBrace New Member


    What's up with the link? The image doesn't seem to be showing up?


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