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PInterest, what am I missing ?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by mr_bucks, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. mr_bucks New Member


    Initially I looked at PInterest, for me it didn't seem to serve much purpose. But for some reason it has an appeal to many people. Maybe I am missing something.

    I just looked at it again. Instead of having a feed, there is a grid of pictures with optional text underneath. Can links to websites be embedded in this text ?

    Since timelines with facebook are seen by other friends when you like things, images or posts can go viral. How do things go viral in PInterest ?

    I feel like I am missing something really obvious.

  2. Scorp Member


    Well, I'm no expert, but from what I know...

    For one the Followers you have don't particularly matter, because your followers won't see your posts exactly like what happens on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I mean, they might, but it's not like they'll get a notification or anything.

    Anyway, the point in Pinterest is to find a way to join Large existing Boards, and share your pictures there. That's the trick from what I've read. Because large boards have a lot of people browsing through them, so sharing your stuff in them will put your stuff in front of many eyes.

    Now, as far as making money with it, it's all about where you redirect people to. Every picture has a "Visit Site" type of link, so if you share a picture, and a lot of people see it, and they want to see more stuff related to your picture, they may click to Visit your Site. And if they visit your site then you can try to monetize them with affiliate marketing, or adsense, or whatever you can come up with.

    There's a lot potential on Pinterest, but I haven't really gotten into that game for real yet.

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  3. Billy New Member


    I've heard a lot of good things about Pinterest and have thought about giving it a try, but at this moment I'm not involved in any niches that (I feel) would be successful there. Seeing as the site is mostly made up of women, you'd need to promote niches that women would be interested in, like fashion recipes, weight loss, etc.

  4. blur92 New Member


    I only started using Pinterest within the past few months and have become very fond of it. I browse the internet a lot searching for pages I'm interested in. A lot of times I'm not in the mood to read it at that moment or would find it useful for future reference. Bookmarking all the pages I've found is a little tedious. On the other hand, Pinterest allows an easier way to save any article. I use the add-on button on my toolbar for any website and can organize it into an album. Later, when I take a look at my albums I can find more easily what I'm searching for because I not only have the title but also a description and picture. I'd often get confused trying to remember what was what in my bookmarks.

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  5. mr_bucks New Member


    That is the part I missed, Pinterest has "groups" or boards as they call them. I missed that part. Since it is photo oriented, it will get a lot more eyes on it.

    Find groups that are similar to the stuff you have, put your stuff in those groups.


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  6. blur92 New Member


    I still have yet to participant in this part of Pinterest. I have not even looked into it. I'm not concerned with having followers, being a part of groups, have friends, etc. on web sites such as that. I use it purely for discovering and organizing content. However, if it increases the likelihood of finding useful articles then I should give it a try. Whether people see my posts or not is unimportant. The only reason I'd have any interest is to help others out, but I don't think I'm an avid enough member.

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  7. mr_bucks New Member


    You are better off to join forums or sites like reddit maybe. It is easier to find people with common interests and there is less noise. Most social media sites like Friendster,MySpace and now Facebook are like the Ghetto of the internet. People wear lots of bling, lots of superficial stuff, little content.

    On Facebook you can watch idiotic memes floating around, some of them are filled with blatant lies. What is amusing is that with the internet these lies can be easily discovered. Even if you post on the meme proof it is a lie, people will argue with you.

    Sites like that are a good way to start to doubt the intelligence of the majority of humanity.

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  8. SimplySidy Member


    When it all started, life was quite simple and easy - be it on Facebook or Pinterest or any other social media for that matter. Eventually, it all starts getting complicated. The issue today with Pinterest is quite the same as with other social media - there are too many users, too much of content and a kind of abuse by many who make things complex. Clarifying - when it started, there were lesser of pictures being posted and even if you did not had that great eye-catching picture to put up, you still stood a chance to get visitors (no special strategies were required). Today, it is all filled up with billions of pictures, photos and of them, there are thousands of pictures which are eye-catching - and these will keep visiting clicks, visitors etc. But, many others are either not that "eye-catching" or even I found many are duplicates. Now, in such scenario,I wonder how anyone is going to stand apart, gain real useful visitors - without a strategy.

    For Pinterest to work today, you do need two things for sure (apart from the ones mentioned by @Scorp and others above) - Attractive pictures that will catch the attention of the viewer and make them click the link + a marketing strategy - Scorp does give one great advice - to start by joining lists where you already have many visitors. I will also add, to create your own list and if possible get some of it shared across other social media - such that people hop on to your Pinterest list to view more and subscribe/become a follower :)

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  9. mr_bucks New Member


    Strategy that works is throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. For a logical person this seems hard to comprehend. When I read books by Oglivy for example, he basically stated he didn't really have a clue most of the time. One of his greatest success was the Hathaway shirt campaign, he took the brand from nothing into a huge brand in short time. The key behind the ad was the guy with the eye patch. According to his story the eyepatch was an accident. He had a model with the shirt but it looked boring, he wanted to add some flair, there was an eyepatch kicking around.

    So I sometimes do the same thing. I take stupid pictures of stuff that are related to my groups. And then post them, judge by the amount of likes if it is popular. Give people more of the same. Usually the stuff that I think is really stupid gets the most likes.

    I have not tried this for pinterst though.

  10. Scorp Member


    Here's my Pinterest "strategy," if I can call it that. Easily replicable.

    For every website/blog I create a Pinterest Business account. I fill in all the information and things, and create boards like I have the categories on my blog.

    Then, if I already have posts on my site, I share each post to an an appropriate board on my account. And then from that point on I share every new post I make on my blog onto my Pinterest account in an appropriate board.

    That's all I do, basically...

    And the only extra thing I do from that point on is I send followers from social media exchange sites (addmefast, youlikehits, etc) to my Pinterest accounts. All 4 of the Pinterest accounts I have have about 1000-2000 followers.

    And I've noticed, to my surprise, my Humor blog's Pinterest account gets repins and likes from time to time. They're rare, but they do happen. And my Make Money Online website that I have, well, that gets almost no repins or likes, which makes sense, since most of those shares are just a payment proof (not really a picture worth looking at).

    And also, I always make sure to add a Tab on my Facebook page with the Pinterest account. So my Humor blog Facebook page has Pinterest Tab that's linked to my Humor blog Pinterest account, and the same goes for my Make Money Online website.

    Basically, after I take an hour to set it up, I never have to touch it again, and I just keep sending followers (to appear legit) and sharing my new posts on there.

    That's it. :)

    I can't say that I'm On Pinterest, but I definitely have a Pinterest Presence...

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  11. blur92 New Member


    I don't find Pinterest to be complicated, and I am a relatively new user. The numerous pictures are no problem for me. When I pin something I am not limited to when i am engaged with the site itself; having not even visited it during the day, I pin articles and pictures I find through Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. The purpose of the site for me is to save and organize content I find online. Like I previously stated, the social aspect plays a little part. I will have people pin what I've posted and vice versa, but overall it does not mean much to me. I really do not view Pinterest as the type of site meant to put the spotlight on particular users. Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and several others are known for that. When it comes to Pinterest I see it as something for utility rather than popularity and being social.

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  12. SimplySidy Member


    This is what a strategy is all about. It works for many people - post the odd and non regular stuff and surely, it catches the attention just because it is something that people dont expect to see.

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  13. mr_bucks New Member


    You look like an intelligent, rational and logical type guy. As yourself the following questios when you see an item.
    • Do I think it is stupid ?
    • Would I personally click on that item ?
    • Do I find this item offensive ?
    If the answers are yes,no,yes then most likely it will generate a lot of traffic. Unfortunately it wasn't until later in my life I clued in people are illogical.

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  14. SimplySidy Member


    How about Curious, Inquisitive ;)

  15. Scorp Member


    Okay, I'll play too. :p

    How about, unpredictable, dangerous, selfish.

    Of course, talking about adult humans. Children aren't like that, for the most part...

  16. toradrake Member


    Don't feel to bad, I don't get it either. I have an account with them, but I have yet to see the appeal. I guess it has something to do with everyones love of sharing photos and such online. Maybe I am missing something too. LOL

  17. SimplySidy Member


    Nah, Dangerous and Selfish dont fit in what was mentioned by @mr_bucks "Unpredictable" fits though

  18. xTinx New Member


    You're missing a lot for failing to see what makes Pinterest viral. Most people are visual by nature. Something won't take their interest unless there are colors, sceneries and other things they can confirm with their eyes and not just something they imagine out of thin air. Pinterest drives traffic simply because it deftly combines images and words together, making pins a real force to reckon with especially in the context of social media marketing.

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  19. toradrake Member


    I will take a look at it again, but all it is is a place to store pictures. I guess if I had some ad's drawn up it would work...

  20. blur92 New Member


    This is the best point to highlight about Pinterest. The site is extremely convenient for this reason. It is easier for a picture, rather than a paragraph, to stand out. Seeing a picture of the topic gives a person a general idea of what the page is about. They are more likely to check it out. On the other hand, people are usually discouraged when faced with an extremely long article. They are not as likely to give it more than a glance either.


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