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Premium Directory Software

Discussion in 'Directory Operation' started by Jason76, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Jason76 Member


    Do you think it is better than the free stuff offered? Perhaps the spam and quality control is better. If there is anyone that has used premium directory software, then please tell me your story.

    Note, when it comes to free forum software, the free stuff can match up to the premium, but only after buying a lot of additional things. However, with premium forum software it's all included. I'm assuming it might be the same with premium directory software.

  2. Aminur Rahman New Member

    Aminur Rahman

    We have a software based directory trying to include all kinds of software in an one world room. Yeah we have receive lots spam link so we got to control all kinds of spam with our rock star team. Our directory has built on eSyndiCat script and we are happy with it.

  3. fastreplies Original Member



    So, you're saying that eSyndiCat is Premium software?



  4. reddyash New Member


    It is always better to go with premium directory software, the main reason will be support. You will have to make the call as to which premium directory software you are going to use based on requirement and budget.


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