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Privacy Settings

Discussion in 'Using the Forum' started by Converse, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Converse Active Member


    In the event that you have privacy concerns on this forum, there are several choices that you can make. In order to access your privacy settings, click into the small version of your avatar or user name in the upper right of the page. From the box that pops up, choose the link that reads "Privacy" and click on it.

    Within your Privacy settings, you can choose whether or not you want others to know whether you are online, and whether or not you want others to be able to tell which pages you are viewing in the directory. The default setting is to show your online status and to show your current activity. This should be fine for most people, but if you prefer to visit the directory in stealth mode, remove the checks from these boxes. With these boxes unchecked, only those logged into administrator or moderator accounts will know that you are online.

    The third box asks whether you want to be included in any site mailings or not. By default, this box is checked. When it is unchecked, forum administrators will not be able to send notices to your email. I rarely send such notices.

    This is not the place where you opt out of receiving automatic notices whenever a thread that you have participated in has been updated. Those notifications can be annoying, and there is another place where you can opt out of them. I'll discuss that later in this thread.

    If you do not want others to be able to view your birthday, you have choices there as well. You can opt to show your day and month of birth, but not the year, or you can opt not to disclose any of this information.

    You can choose whether or not you want others to view your profile details at all. The choices there are "All Visitors," "Members Only," or People You Follow Only." Similarly, you can choose who you will allow to post messages on your profile page. By default, "Members Only" are allowed to view your profile page. You may choose to allow "People You Follow Only" to do so. There is no option for unregistered visitors to the directory to post messages on your profile page. The same choices are available for receiving your news feed as for viewing the details on your profile page.

    You may choose to allow "Members Only" to start conversations with you or "People You Follow Only." Unregistered visitors will not be able to start conversations with you.

    Likewise, you have choices for who may view your identities. Checked or unchecked, this does not permit anyone other than the administrator to view your email address. By "identities," it is referring to any optional AIM, ICQ, Yahoo" Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or Twitter accounts that you may have entered in to your Contact Details page.

    Once you have made your choices, click the "Save Changes" button.

    While I am on the subject of identities, please click the link beneath your "Settings" column that reads "Contact Details," since this is the page where you can opt out of the annoying emails that you receive whenever someone posts on one of the threads that you have participated in, if that is what you want to do.

    On your "Contact Details" page, you will see your email address. No one else can, other than the administrator. If you need to change your email address, this is where you would do that. However, you will need to reconfirm your account after changing your email address.

    Under the heading of "Messaging Preferences," Here you will find another place where you can opt out of receiving emails that the forum administrator might send to all forum members. If you have opted out of it in your "Privacy" settings area, it should be unchecked here as well.

    Likewise, this is another place where you can opt in or out of accepting conversations (private messages) from members or from people you follow. If you make a change here, it will be reflected in your privacy settings as well.

    Beneath that is the one you may be looking for. It reads, "Receive email when a new conversation is received." If you are annoyed by the emails that you receive whenever someone posts to a thread that you have participated in, you may uncheck this box and you won't receive them anymore.

    Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button.

  2. toradrake Member


    Thank you for that information Converse. With the internet, people are always concerned about privacy and security. Knowing that there are options that allow you your privacy available and where they are is very important. Sometimes people are not aware of where that information is.

  3. WDFAdmin Administrator


    Staff Member

    I have changed the default upon registration to not receive site emails, since I suspect that most of you find them to be annoying. I know I do, and it's my site. Those of you who have already registered will have to toggle it, however.


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