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Profiting from YouTube

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by washo, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. washo New Member


    Everyone knows that some YouTube channels contain short ads either before or during the videos to bring in some revenue. The content creators choose to play these ads so that they can receive a percentage of the profit for their work. But with the amount of competition for viewership and the popularity of ad-blocking plugins, the odds of becoming a millionaire from your twerking video are very slim. Especially considering that the minimum withdrawal is $100 and you only make around 1 cent per ad view.

    A much easier and quicker way to make money from YouTube is through affiliate marketing. All you have to do is choose a product from your favorite affiliate network, whether it's Clickbank, JVZoo, Shareasale, etc, and create your affiliate link. Research the product, preferably purchasing it so that you are fully aware of what you are advertising. And finally, just upload a video to YouTube of you simply reviewing the product with your affiliate link in the description or an annotation. With this method, you are funneling perspective buyers directly to your affiliate link so that you can earn a commission for the sale.

    The best part is that Google owns YouTube so they rank YouTube videos very highly in their search engine so as long as you include the proper tags and keywords in the title and description, Google does the SEO for you and sends you traffic of ready to buy customers automatically. With some affiliate networks offering up to 75%, there's no need to waste your time earning 1 cent at a time.

    Feel free to share your YouTube marketing methods as well so that we can all help each other in becoming successful.

  2. calebmelvern New Member


    It all depends on what you want to do. I go the affiliate route you mentioned, but I know some people who earn just by making whatever video they want. For instance, I have a friend who makes gameplay videos. Videos about gaming have very low CPM, but if you get hundreds of thousands of views per video, you wouldn't mind this at all. And the best thing is that he enjoys what he's doing. Tons of other people do the same thing. I even heard about a popular video blogger from Japan who just streams herself while cooking live, and she earns tons of money!

  3. Sparkster New Member


    Whilst everything you state here is indeed true, I also think there are other ways to monetize your content, especially if they are videos (which obviously they are on Youtube). You can use affiliate links like you suggested and use videos to promote the affiliate's products/services/etc but I certainly don't think that Adsense is a waste of time as it can be used to supplement any income that you do make from affiliate sales. You could also use your videos to promote your own products and services in addition to making affiliate sales and Adsense income. On top of that, there are plenty of other sites that allow you to post your Youtube videos and some of those sites will pay you for doing so, so not only will that get your videos more traffic but you can also make money from those sites on top. The more sites your video is posted on, the more traffic you'll get and the more money you'll make, not just from Adsense, but from those other sources too.

  4. Billy New Member


    This, in my experience, has changed drastically over the year. For the last while I was ranking YouTube videos in Google, because, as you say, Google favored them and I could blast them to page one within a few weeks, but I think Google took notice and made some changes. I think it was really abused, I couldn't count the number of "Rank YouTube Videos in Google" products I've seen in the last two years, and I think that's why. Most of the videos that I had on the first page were bumped to the second page, and no matter what I do, they won't return there. I've also done a lot of research in the SERPS and have noticed a drastic change in the number of YT videos on the first page for a large majority of keywords.

  5. calebmelvern New Member


    Noticed this as well and I should say I'm pretty happy about it. I hate seeing multiple YT videos in the SERP for almost every query I enter. For the niches I am in, YT videos still rank really well, but many have slipped to positions 3-10.

  6. Billy New Member


    I loved them because they stood out really well. Even if a YouTube video was in position 3 or 4, it had a good chance of getting more clicks than a text listing at #1.

  7. calebmelvern New Member


    Well, marketing via videos is something I have never tried, simply because I don't know anything about it and my method works well for me. What really irks me is the fact that YT videos get multiple spots on page 1 even though Google has stated that they limit the results so that one domain cannot take several positions in the SERP. There are exceptions, but this is most often the case. But YT gets special treatment, unsurprisingly.

  8. Billy New Member


    Hmmm...I don't see much of that anymore, except in the gaming niche. I guess they feel that it's appropriate to have videos for certain terms that a video would be better suited, rather than text.

  9. Scorp Member


    Youtube has a lot of potential, because it has a lot of traffic.

    I can give some tips here.

    If you do go with Affiliate Marketing, make sure not to put your affiliate link as it is in the description. They are usually long links that look bad and people don't trust. You're better off to create a site and redirect your affiliate link through that site's domain name, which will be relevant to your product. Or you can just use bitly to shorten your affiliate links.

    You may want to test between sending people directly from Youtube to the Seller's Site, and sending them to a pre-sell site where you review and basically try to presell them the product, so that when they end up going to the seller's site where they will buy the product they're pumped up from your review and ready to buy. This is something to test, as it depends on your product/niche, etc.

    For Youtube videos, here are some sites to get free Youtube Views, Likes, Subscribers, and even comments:

    They are all high-traffic sites. However, remember that these sites are technically not allowed by Youtube, so test test test until you figure out how to safely inflate your videos with likes/views, and subscribers to your channel. Also, Very Important for ranking Youtube videos on youtube and also on Google's search engine, is quality backlinks to your videos. You can google on how to build backlinks, or just head straight to forums related to your niche, social media sites, facebook, twitter, etc, and start building backlinks.

    And remember, ALWAYS Scale it Up!!!

    In other words, 100 videos have a Much higher chances to make you money than 10 videos...

    Last thing, you can create your own videos, or simply go to sites like Fiverr and get an awesome video made for just $5.

  10. Billy New Member


    @Scorp I don't know if you'd be able to get an awesome video for $5. The guys I know who buy from Fiverr will usually end up spending $30 to $40 for one video, so that it's a bit longer, and of better quality.

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  11. Scorp Member


    @Billy You're right, I overstated that by saying "awesome for $5."

    I mean, you can get a video made for $5, but for an "awesome" one it will cost more, that's true.

    The thing is that unless I needed a real human to show their face in the video, I wouldn't pay for one. Because if just a voice is needed, or if it's a screenshot-type of video, or if it's showing how something works by recording my screen, it can all be done by myself without having to pay for it.

    Sure, it does take a little time to get familiar with the software you'll be using, and get comfortable with making videos, but from that point on you can make your own videos for free.

    And one negative aspect as far as I'm concerned of getting videos made by the popular Fiverr gigs/people that make videos for websites and product reviews is that people have seen those people in various advertising/promotional videos already, all over the net. So when I see one of the very popular Fiverr people in a video promoting a product for example, I know that it's not an honest review done by a person who used the product, it's them being paid to say whatever the person promoting the product wants them to say, and then I immediately disregard the video.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, if I could get Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus to make me a promotional video, I'd go for it!! I mean, judging by advertising done in the real world on television, those celebrities really do the trick. But these Fiverr small-time celebrities, not really. Not when trying to sell something...

    And besides, getting a not so famous person from Fiverr (or some other place) to make you a review video would probably cost less, and would probably work better because people wouldn't know that it was a paid review, and so they would think it was an honest review and be more inclined to buy the product. But that's just me, and I could be wrong. :)

  12. Billy New Member


    @Scorp You really need to be selective nowadays with Fiverr because there are so many videos of the same few people doing product reviews. It's funny when you're on YouTube and you'll be scrolling through and will see the same few people over and over again. I think a fresh face, who has good camera chemistry, could make a killing right now.

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  13. Billy New Member


    This girl for example:

    She is really good, I bet she charges $40 to $50 a video, but she is so good that you can see her all over the place. It's not as bad nowadays, because Google devalued YouTube videos in the SERPS, but last year you could type in something like "how to lose weight in a week" and see her plastered all over the SERPS reviewing several different products. It takes away from the credibility of the video, no matter how good she is.If you see her promoting one thing and saying that she had amazing results, it makes someone question why you see her again promoting another product that is supposed to do the same thing.

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  14. Scorp Member


    Honestly, this video bothers me. I guess that's why I stopped watching TV too, or one of the reasons.

    You gotta have some morals and principles man. You can just flat out lie! I mean, I would make a video promoting any website, no problem, and I can say I used the website and it's the best thing since sliced bread. But I can't promote something that plays off of people's sensitivities with a lie in my heart... I guess that's why the gal in the video will always have more money than me, looser morals.

    But anyway, this video has no credibility. It's not that she accepted to make a video advertising a weight loss product, but it's that she said that she was fat and lost weight using whatever is promoted. You can't do that, use a different approach, but don't lie to my face. Great way to build a relationship with your customers... pfff

    Like, there was/is a guy from Fiverr who made quite a lot of videos. And he also made a video about Vingler (a social media traffic exchange site). Now, even though I don't think that he ever used the site, I have no problem with him giving me the basics and telling me how awesome the site is. He spoke clearly, looked all right, very professional, and he didn't lie to me about anything important. Maybe he said it's an awesome site and it wasn't, but he didn't lie like the girl in the video. So it's not just that one can get a person on Fiverr to make them a promotional video, it's the script/approach that they use, if you ask me. Be honest, and we're good. Lie, and we're not good...

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  15. Mockingbird New Member


    I see you tube videos for all sorts of things. Actually sat and watched a video of a girl knitting a scarf in minutes then plugged a yarn company. It was pretty cool.

    Skaters and dancers do tons of you tube videos that get quite a few clicks. There's teenage girls that put up videos on how they do their make-up and hair and they get great clicks. Or done something like cooking or a craft. DIY videos are big buck makers that generates nice revenue from the ads.

  16. Billy New Member


    Yeah, there are a lot of YT videos for certain niches, especially ones that are tutorials, but over the last year and a half, when I was actively doing YouTube, I saw a ton more for other niches, like the weight loss niche and relationship niche.

  17. chasedood New Member


    I am honestly getting a little tired of YouTube myself. It is completely full of ads. Even if you find a video, then the person that uploaded it is going to have ads all over the video that you have to X out of so that you can see the video. It is just getting really annoying lately.

  18. MoreThanBeerMoney New Member


    Something that people haven't really mentioned is that if you grow a large channel with quality content (or the filth that is popular), then you can not only gain money through video ads but you can also build up a brand and include affiliate marketing as well. You'll see this on a few big name pushing t-shirts or links to certain services etc.

    It's much harder to rank a video on YouTube these days. I'd say your best best is to latch on to viral content and see if they will promote one of your affiliate offers (in exchange you give them an agreed upon share) - of course you have to be sure that they use your offer instead of their own.

  19. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    That's the problem with the internet today. Everyone online is just trying to make a quick buck. Many of these weight loss programs don't work. They don't work and people just keep buying them. You would think that people would do more research when they are about to buy something. Like look online and see if actually works. I'm sure that there are stories online about how it doesn't work. And see if this same girl is working for other companies because she can lie. Wow, I bet people didn't think of that when they were watching that video. There is no easy way to get healthy or slim. I don't understand how people don't realize this. Working out and eating right the way that you are going to be able to lose the weight. Not from something like this.


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