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Raffles And Give-aways

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by DirtRider, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. DirtRider New Member


    One would think that a good way of driving traffic to your site would be to have some type of give-away and prizes offered on your forum. The questing here is it will all depend on your prizes being given away and what worth it is to your current members and drawing new members.

    So what would be considered a good value to be and how to structure this prizes?

    I have had a few of these on various forums and was astounded to see that they were not that successful, the prizes ranging from around $50 US to $100 US. I could still understand if it did not bring in new members but to see that existing members that were able to enter did not even do this was confusing.

    The normal way I would do these raffles is make it so you needed at least 50 post to take a ticket in them. You were also able to take numerous tickets every so many days. So now my big question is are the prizes so worthless that members don't even want to go to the trouble of just clicking on the option to take at least one ticket?

  2. Jason76 Member


    Raffles and giveaways might bring in new members, but they might not contribute. They might be just coming for the money. That would be the downside to such a strategy. However, I could be wrong.

  3. DirtRider New Member


    This is why I place a post limit on them so they need to post to take a ticket, hopefully after reading the forum and posting they also might get a better feel for the forum and decide to stay. As I said however it just did not seem to work out that way so my question was just how much should the prize be worth as even $100 US did not seem to attract much attention.

  4. Jason76 Member


    Again, your probably not specifically targeting cat and pet owners with your give-aways. Those kind of people might be interested in being real members, as opposed to shallow ones. People do flock to and participate in forums that interest them.

    Myself, I have a music instrument forum with good material. However, nobody has joined yet. Ultimately, I will have to buy targeted adversting and post signature links in targeted free forums that allow it.


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