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Discussion in 'Web Directory Reviews Org' started by wdr, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Web Directory Reviews Org has published its review of the Skaffe directory. This concludes, a few days late, our reviews for the fourth quarter of 2014.

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    This is not official yet, as I sometimes come across errors while I am compiling my top ten lists, but usually the order remains pretty much the same. The unofficial top ten for the fourth quarter of 2014 are:
    1. Directory Journal
    2. Best of the Web
    3. Aviva Directory
    4. AMRAY
    5. Gimpsy
    6. Jasmine Directory
    7. DMOZ
    8. GoGuides
    9. Directory Library
    10. Skaffe
    This bumps the WoW Directory, JoeAnt, and Viesearch from the top ten, and promotes Gimpsy (which barely missed being in the top ten the first time I reviewed it), GoGuides (which has been in our top ten before), and Directory Library (which I have reviewed for the first time). The WoW Directory and JoeAnt were only one point away from being in the top ten, and Abilogic missed it by only two points.

    In points, Aviva Directory and AMRAY were tied, as were Gimpsy and Jasmine, and DMOZ and GoGuides. Ties are broken by first disregarding any extra content points that I may have awarded, then by the size of the directory.

    The others, in order, were:
    • WoW Directory
    • JoeAnt
    • Abilogic
    • Directory Times
    • Viesearch
    • 1Webs Directory
    • Elegant Directory
    • Direct My Link
    • Directory@v7n
    • Royal Link Up

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