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Social Media..dead?

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by danielle davidson, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    How often do you use social media nowadays? I know that I actually used to use it a lot. I used to get on Facebook everyday, a couple of times a day. The same would go for all the other social media site that I had. Now, I barely use them anymore. To me, they just seem like a huge waste of time. I mean they can be good if you're promoting something, but otherwise I won't use them often. I just see too much drama and it's annoying. I have also heard that not many people are using social media anymore. Could social media be on the decline?

  2. Clarke Member


    I can't say that social media dead, but because of other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and many more competition is very high. I used my social accounts on regular basis to share my updates and other things.

  3. cwvps New Member


    I just love what you said about social media being dramatic. That is my impression, too. It's like, if you want people to pay attention to something, you have to create a bit or more drama around it. This is really tiring for me and they are not my favorite part, but I still find social media necessary.

  4. chinomoreno New Member


    For personal use, I make sure to check on it whenever I have a spare time haha especially Instagram.
    But for business use, once a day would be enough. Updating and engaging is enough to show my followers that I am still active. :)


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