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Somebody at Yahoo Must Hate Them...

Discussion in 'I Hate Directories Because' started by danimiranda, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. jblogger New Member


    If I remember correctly Bing started using Yahoo to power its searches. I give Microsoft credit though because at least they got rid of Yahoo and are still competing against Google with their own search engine. It's not as good as Google but at least is an alternative to use when we feel too paranoid about giving too much information to Google.

    It's a shame that Yahoo is closing its directory service. This might be as bad as when they decided to close Geocities. That was the saddest day I can remember.

  2. Converse Active Member


    Actually, Yahoo supplements its own search with Bing results. They replaced Google with Bing a while back.

  3. cbrigges New Member


    Here's another reason for you. When you are talking to someone about a certain topic, and a question is asked that noboby knows or can remember the answer to. What is the most popular phrase still being said to this day, that has not been forgotten since one particular website became a giant
    over all others in the industry.....And the answer is!...you "Google it". Google has been on a steady rise since it's arrival in 1998. I believe this website will continue to rise until there are no others. Well there might be some others, but they will all be affiliates of Google.

  4. Converse Active Member


    "Yahoo it" just doesn't have the right ring to it. "Bing it" could catch on, though.

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2014
  5. cbrigges New Member


    Yahoo is a close second from what i hear in the media news. But your right I like that too...Bing it!....yeah I like it..Maybe the Yahoo Marketing executives should get on breathtaking banana bread and read some of our posts to help them...LOL! We're just changing the world here one post at a time!!...

  6. Billy New Member


    Oh wow, I just checked this for myself, that is funny.

  7. CyberGal New Member


    It seems that Yahoo is giving up on a lot of things lately. I don't know if anyone knew that they purchase Associated Content a few years ago and now they are closing that down too. I wonder if they're really struggling to stay afloat now that Google has become so dominant.

  8. Sly14Cat New Member


    Like another user said, Yahoo has been shutting down a lot of their services recently. I think they're preparing for some kind of revamp, especially seeing that they purchased Tumblr and are focusing a lot of their efforts there (especially in the customer interaction area).

  9. Mockingbird New Member


    Associated Content became yahoo Voices which was shut down last August. Pretty sad about that because I made some killer money when it was Associated Content but after Yahoo bought them they started to use those stories as news features and sadly because yahoo did not pay as good as Associated Content the level of the writing became very poor. In fact the comments on some of the stories probably drove a lot of the traffic just because they were that funny in the critique of the articles.

    I think, because right before they pulled the plug on the freelance content there was a huge site revamp where they are in the process of revitalizing their core, the objective in being a news portal once again. Don't forget yahoo was once thought of as a web portal back in the day (maybe the original portal model, I forget do you recall Converse?) and helped change the way that directories worked. At the time that platform was all the rage. I tend to be old school and liked the format prior to this upgrade because it was more directory like with text, now its almost like a news feed with about as many ads. UGH

    I digress, the overall quality of the news has greatly improved, and they have been doing things like live concert streams which are actually very good. In fact they have added several categories of news streams, as well as things like Time Life level photography that's updated daily. I think that Yahoo will be a pioneer in finally bringing all the aspects of live web and live streaming to one point in a new fresh way. This might be the grand daddy king of all portals yet. I might be biased because I like and use Yahoo everyday to quench my news addiction, but in all fairness most of the other source pale in comparison. The MSN revamp is the worst with CNN close behind. Even most of the local news sites are awful in this area. It's as if people forgot how to write news articles.

  10. Alunny Member


    I think it's a smart move to close it down. Many people have moved onto Bing and Google and spending the time to compete with them when they have not been in the worlds eye for a long time would not be the wisest of business decisions (and likely burn a hole in their pocket). It would take a lot to get yahoo up to scratch. Did MSN take theirs down yet? AOL? I mean we started with these guys but they didn't exactly grow and change over time. Google has literally made the whole thing their mission and has heavily integrated everything with it and it's now much more than just a search engine. Bing popped up brand new and also offers some different things to the table.

    As for the other Yahoo services shutting down that is very sad indeed, I assume they are trying to slim down and focus on what's important/earning money. That will be good for investors if nothing else. Perhaps they are going to launch something new soon. I hope they don't close flikr, that remains the best photography related site I have seen to date.

  11. Converse Active Member


    The opening topic was about Yahoo shutting its web directory down. It was the only search engine with a web directory, so if they shut it down so as to compete with Bing and Google, it would be in search, because they haven't shut their search down. It's now enhanced by Bing rather than by Google, however. I am seeing a lot of activity on my sites from the Yahoo spider, and have heard that they might be planning on getting back into the search business full-force again.

    MSN didn't take their search down. They separated it from the Microsoft brand and it is now known as Bing. What was MSN-Search is now Bing. AOL owns the DMOZ directory, which they acquired many years ago when they bought Mozilla.

    Yahoo used to be the place to go, at least once they took off their AOL training wheels. Now, I almost never go to Yahoo for anything. That's sad, because I really wish that someone would give Google some competition.

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2014
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  12. KenBrace New Member


    I wouldn't doubt it. They probably figure that it's no longer worth the resources to still invest in it since I think web directories are becoming less popular. I'm definitely not a web directory expert but this is what I would guess.

  13. OhioTom76 New Member


    That was Yahoo Sponsored Search I think you're referring to, and it closed down years ago. But there are so many things Yahoo has closed down recently that I could be wrong. Sponsored Search was a bit of a weird product since a lot of people thought that it meant you could pay to get higher rankings in their organic search results. That wasn't really the case, all it really was was a glorified means of allowing you to specify the exact title and description and other meta information you wanted used when and if some of your key pages did show up in their SERPs. They would then charge you a fixed cost per click for the privilege of being able to customize this instead of letting their own bots and algorithms determine what is used for your SERP listing. The benefit was that you could change and update these immediately, particularly if you were running seasonal promotions for example. In the past you would have to wait for the spider to index your site, and who knows how long they would take to update your SERP listings.

  14. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I mean it doesn't surprise me to hear that. I think that not too long from now there won't really be a Yahoo! anymore. It seems like a lot of things from Yahoo! are now being shut down. I remember when I was younger I would always go to Yahoo! for something that I needed. Now I just go to Google because they are so much better.

  15. thzfsdhdty Member


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