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Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by danielle davidson, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    How do you guys get traffic onto your site/articles? I know that I have a couple places that I use. I sometimes use Tumblr, google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. I think that I do pretty well from those. I don't actually know how many people go to my articles on their own. Or how many of those people are coming from a website that I post my article onto. What helps you guys get traffic? Are there any good sites that I haven't named?

  2. maverick New Member


    Social networks and highly populated forums are the way. Sadly the tecnique that will get you an high avarage of traffic in your first steps is spam but it's necessary at first in order to be heard. You could also use some sites like HitLeap to gain some genuine/non-genuine traffic if this interest you but I would use it as a secondary way in order to achive your purpose as the traffic it's not always valueable. Exploiting also the online mailing list could be a way but that implies the knowledge of some dedicated software that will spam for you the message you want to be spammed.

  3. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    @maverick that is very true. I mean it's hard when you're first starting out so you want to make sure that you are posting enough online. I know that the first time I started my blog writing I wanted to be able to post all over the web. Plus, you want to make sure that you are posting a couple times a day so that you can get more people to your page. That is true, you can get fake traffic, and I'm sure that there are quite a few people who do that so that they can get more people to their page.

  4. Scorp Member


    Honestly, as I always have a Facebook page and Twitter page and Google+ page for all my sites, I have it set up so that every time I post a new post it automatically gets shared on my pages. And those pages generally have a few thousand followers.

    Now, the first step as far as I'm concerned is to post to relevant blogs. Yes, comment spamming. You publish a post related to Dogs, then go to various Dogs-related articles online, and post Relevant and Thoughtful comments. Also leave your post's link with each comment.

    And forums too. Although, to do good on forums it's best to build some reputation first by posting some comments and stuff and getting to know a few people by exchanging a few comments with them on the forum. So then when you do post your blog post on the forum, people are more likely to check it out.

  5. rabst New Member


    I'm a little-bit "Old School," because I see how it worked 'in the old days': when you weren't writing 'to get people to see you,' but rather 'to be one of the writers for the thing that people are going to see.' For instance, you write for a big magazine or -newspaper and lots of people enjoy it. If they see- and start to look for-your by-line, that's an added bonus!

    On the `Net, the 'magazine or newspaper' is replaced by "the topic" or "the store-category." If you write about 'something people want to know about' or sell something 'people want to buy,' you write the article or offer and either hope the search-engine spiders pick it up or do some SEO to help them find you faster!

    Seems like there are always new 'places' to link-to your articles/offers from. Just call out to your audience with your posts, and aim your call to the place from whence the audience members come!

  6. chinomoreno New Member


    Look for high authority blog sites relevant to yours.
    You are most likely to get not just traffic but targeted ones.
    Look for at least 2-3 blog communities, and build your reputation there.

  7. safiy New Member


    Post on social medias regularly. You will get a good amount of traffic. If we generate fake visitors using some websites it will affect the bounce rate of website which in turn affect the search engine ranking.


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