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TV Commerical

Discussion in 'Website Marketing' started by toradrake, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. toradrake Member


    I don't know what I did not think about this! I took Cinema Production for crying out loud. What do you guys think about advertising your website on television?

  2. SimplySidy Member


    Imagine this - Angelina Jolie sipping her morning coffee in a mug made/designed by you!!! Whoa!!! Idea is great.... and expensive too;)

    In Indian context and am sure, globally too, this is quite an expensive idea given the small returns we get from our websites. If you have a city based channel (quite likely so in US, UK and other parts of the West), it might be affordable if -
    0. You have local city based channels
    1. Your website caters to what your local people need
    2. Your viewers do realize the importance and hard-work that gets into doing what your website sells.

    In Indian scenario, there are multi-million corporates e-stores to be specific that have an entire range of adverts with quite high paid stars, celebs doing the adverts for them on national, regional and international TV channels.

    Unfortunately, all I do is website development and that too on a much smaller scale (I mentioned earlier, my earnings rarely cross 2000 USD a year - whatever be the reasons and my limitations). Again, it is not a niche that I can think to advertise on large scale - and even if I could, I will not - as I have had my share of bad experiences with Indian clients in India, and do not want to get into those again.

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  3. Converse Active Member


    I'd think that might be sort of expensive. When I ran a local forum that was mostly political, members of our town council complained about the forum frequently during council meetings, which were aired on our local public access channel. Plus their complaints occasionally made it into regular television and newspaper reports on issues that were going on. Since I required real names for this forum and had people from all sides of pretty much every issue participating, the newspapers often used it to get quotes from people around town. That was some good advertising.

    I used to run an online newspaper in conjunction with the forum, and I logged in one day to find that my newspaper had more than 100,000 new visitors one day, and learned that Rush Limbaugh had mentioned an article that I had written on his radio show, linking to it from his site. From time to time, other radio show hosts would mention different articles since, although it was a local newspaper, we published articles on national topics sometimes.

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  4. toradrake Member


    Not if you know how to do it. I took film and being a poor student I had to be inventive when it came to film making. I made an entire short film for only $60.00. It's all in what you know and what you can do. First off, a fully animated commercial can be created by two people... the creator and the actor. If you can build a site, you can create an animated commercial... trust me, it is as easy as slicing bread. Then you either use your own voice or you ask (or pay a unknown actor) to do the voice. It is that simple. If I can create a 30 minute film for $60, I know anyone can make a commercial for less.

    I am SO not gay, but the thought of that even turned me on! Your short but sweet description caught my attention for a second and I was expecting it to continue and the image did pop into my head. LMAO your good!

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  5. xTinx New Member


    It's costly. That's all I can say. It's effective only if you're company has reached economies of scale proportions and needs to constantly fine-tune its reputation, but this isn't a recommended strategy for start-up firms with no reputation to uphold yet. Online platforms like social media, SEO tools and web directories are perfect for small-medium enterprises wishing to create a name for themselves.

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  6. SimplySidy Member


    That definitely sounds good and affordable. But that is not the entire costs that will be involved - you also have to consider the costs required to put that advert on the Television - and that makes it pricey. But if you have no preference to go live on Tele, you can always use that advert on YouTube and other video sites (but that again will call for action to advertise this advert and get viewers to it).

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  7. toradrake Member


    There is also public TV which can be free or very low cost as a start. Once you begin to gain the revenue from your site then you can get into the more expensive stuff.

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  8. Rainman New Member


    For Converse, getting the attention of the media without trying worked to his advantage. I've heard it said that guerrilla marketers can also get some free advertising on TV, radio, etc if they do something which is newsworthy. It needn't be something which will cost you money. For those interested you'd need to figure that out for yourself, I'm sorry.

    Nonetheless if you can manage it, sponsoring an event would be a great way to get yourself on TV. Think of all the interviews and you are donning a T-shirt displaying the URL of your site . . . the sort of traffic you'd get to your site.

  9. toradrake Member


    That would be me. LMAO Here is what you do. Go to the nearest local Public Broadcasting Station in your area. Time Warner is especially good on this. Check out what short talk shows they have available. Talk to them about interviewing you or a representative of your choosing about your site/company. Most of them are dieing for people to talk to. You may not get a whole lot of takers, but you will find one or two.

    Two other friends of mine and I were working on a short film project and we needed funding to get it going. We went to Time Warner, offered to be interviewed about the movie and us (we were film students at the time) and we plugged for donations during the interview... we got the money we needed. Did not cost us a dime and we got good advertising.

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  10. danielle davidson New Member

    danielle davidson

    I think that would be cool, but that people would also hate it. I honestly hate seeing all the ads they have on TV for apps. I don't understand why you would need that. I get that they want more people to download the app, but they have them on websites everywhere. I see ads for Clash of Clans all the time. It's starting to get annoying because it's not going to make me want to buy the game, anymore than the next person I'm guessing. I just think that they should stick to their online ads. Just as websites and blogs should do the same.

  11. Jason76 Member


    I assume with TV ads, as with other ad sources, you would want an ad on a TV show with a lot of viewers. The biggest problem would be the cost. However, that's the uphill battle with any advertising campaign. As for myself, I would probably try online advertising first, as I am more familiar with it.


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